Best Steam Mop Reviews UK 2016

Best Steam Mop or Best Steam Cleaner reviews UK 2016?

Best Steam Mop

In this site; we have reviewed more than 44 best steam mops and steam cleaners from top brands:

Top 10 Best Steam Mops Reviews & Comparison 2016 UK

No.ProductProduct Name & Detailed ReviewsSteam Time (mins) Heat Up Time(Sec) Cord Length (m) Customers Ratings Best Price
No.ProductProduct Name & Detailed ReviewsSteam Time (mins) Heat Up Time(Sec) Cord Length (m) Customers Ratings Best Price
1Vax Steam Fresh Combi 15 in 1 S86-SF-C Steam Cleaner20 30 8 4.3
2Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner17 305 4.5
3H2O HD High Definition 5 in 1 Steam Cleaner1525 6.0 4.4
4H2O X5 Mop 5 in 1 Steam Mop Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner153064.4
5Morphy Richards 15 in 1 Steam Cleaner 720507 Luna Plus173054.8
6Vileda Steam Mop1564.3
7Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3901153074.1
8Morphy Richards 720020 9-in-1 Steam Cleaner - White153054.0
9Vax Steam Mop S7 - 2 in 1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner123084.1
10Dirt Devil 11-in-1 Steam Cleaner153054.3

Which is the Best Steam Mop UK 2016?

The best steam mop UK 2016 based on research, ratings and experts opinions is the Vax Steam Fresh Combi 15 in 1 S86-SF-C Steam Cleaner. It is the best steam mop for all floors types: laminate floors, wood, tiles, stone and all kinds of sealed hard floors. Best for refreshing carpets and rugs too

The Vax steam fresh combi was crowned as the best steam mop 2014 by the leading consumer research giant “Which” after extensive research and analysis and since then it has been one of the best sellers steam mops and steam cleaners  in the UK Market.

This 15 in 1 steam cleaner is an improved version of the former best selling Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic 10-in-1 Handheld and Steam Mop.

Vax fresh combi s86-sf-c is packed with exciting features that will make your cleaning tasks effortless and fun.

  • Vax Fresh Combi is a 2 in 1 gadget that comes with a 10 piece accessory tool kit. The kit gives the S86-SF-C added functionality. It has two tanks, one for detergent and the other for water. It uses specially designed patented Vax detergent that is blended with different welcoming scents (citrus burst, Lime zest and spring fresh).
  • This Vax 15 in 1 is fitted with a nifty variable floor setting. This setting enables you to choose the amount of hot vapour to release on your floors. This makes it suitable for most floor types including sensitive flooring like laminate floors. It also has an in-built floor scrubber for you to spot clean any ingrained stains and caked in dirt.
  • This multifunction steam cleaner can complete 15 different cleaning tasks in your house which means you can accomplish all your cleaning tasks with just one gadget. You can clean your windows; steam your upholstery, mattress, kitchen worktops, tile grouting, shower cubicle, refresh carpets and spruce up your car alloy wheels.
  • It kills 99% of all germs on your surfaces and comes with a Vax detergent that cleans far much better and kills 37% more bacteria on your floors than most floor mops in the market. This alone will provide healthy spaces for your family and pets. It also battles dirt and grime on your surfaces and not only leaves them stunningly clean but also gives them a welcoming fresh citrus scent. The scent can last up to seven days.
  • The S86-SF-C has a 8m long cord (the longest of all the floor cleaners in the UK market). With such a long cable you can to cover wide areas in your domestic spaces without the need to plug and unplug when changing sockets. The long cord makes the s86-sf easy to manoeuvre and a joy to use. It also has swivel head steering for easy navigation around tight spaces like table legs and under sofa seats.
  • The Vax combi steam mop is durable and effective. It comes with an iron-clad two year manufacturer guarantee. All you have to do is to register your electric mop at the manufacturer’s website to activate the guarantee. This gives you peace of mind with the knowledge that you can use your s86 for at least 2 years and in case it breaks down you are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Most customer feedbacks indicate that the customer service desk at Vax is quite helpful.

Check the 15 in 1 fresh combi in Amazon.


The few negative things about the S86-SF-C steam fresh combi are:

  • It is relatively heavier than other lightweight cleaners. It weighs 3.5 kgs.
  • The Vax detergent though cheap can add up in cost overtime and make it expensive. However you can use the Vax S86-SF-C cleaner without detergent and yet achieve spectacular results.
  • The steam fresh combi hand-held cleaner does not use Vax detergent. The Vax detergent is only used on the floor mop. However, the idea behind hot vapour mops is to use only hot vapour to kill 99% of all germs and bacteria on your floors without the use of detergents. So even without the Vax detergent you can still kill all germs and bacteria on your surfaces using steam only and leave your floors gleaming.

The Best Steam Mop Cleaner/Best Multi Purpose Steam Mop/Best Steam Mop and Handheld Steamer

H2O X5 Mop 5 in 1 Steam Mop Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner Review

The H2O X5 Mop 5 in 1 Steam Mop Multi Purpose Steam cleaner has sold over 10 million units in the last few years. It is quite popular because it is versatile and effective. Here is why the Thane H20 X5 cleaner is selling so well:

H20 X5: Benefits of buying it:

  • The h2ox5 is a multifunctional 5 in 1 cleaner that can clean windows, upholstery, worktops, curtains and floors.
  • It runs on a 1500 watt motor that heats up in 30 seconds to give you up to 20-25 minutes cleaning time.
  • With this Thane x5 you can clean an entire standard room without need to refill the tanks. This will help you build on the momentum you generate as you clean.
  • The thane TV x5 is fitted with 4 levels of variable floor setting (low, medium, high, very high). This is ideal for deep cleaning. It means you can tackle anything with this cleaner.
  • For greasy surfaces like oven/grills, just whip the high setting and all the grease gives way to leave your appliances looking like new again.
  • It is quite light, it weighs only 2.5 kgs
  • It kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces.
  • It currently has high customer star star rating (4.3 star). 88%of the people who have purchased this cleaner are very happy with its performance.

X5 steam mop: What You May Want to Know

  1. Previous makes of the x5 steam mop were quite fiddly but the manufacturer has since improved the h20 x5 and now have a robust and sturdy steam cleaner- the red X5 Mop.
  2. The power cord of the x5 is not as long (5m) as that of Vax fresh combi (8m).
  3. You will have to occasionally de-scale it to stop limescale from building up. Built-up limescale will reduce the shelf life of the h20 steam mop.

Check the x5 Steam Mop at Amazon to see why we consider it one of the best.

2: Thane H2O HD Steam Mop Reviews

The Thane H2O HD Steam Mop just hit the market in April 2015 and has since generated a lot of excitement. It looks sleek and has cool features that will enhance your cleaning chores. It runs on a 1500 watt which is adequate for quick heat up and time:

H20 HD Steam Mop Reviews: Cons

This cleaner has so far received glowing reviews. It has 4.4 star rating out of the maximum 5 stars.

  • The only snag is that it is relatively costly than most cleaners in the market but it produces excellent results on both floors and even glass surfaces like windows and bathroom cubicles.

H20 HD Steam Mop Reviews: Benefits:

  • The Thane H2O HD Steam Mop has a wide floor head sufficient enough for you to cover large spaces with just a few strokes (that means less work for you).
  • It is fitted with an inbuilt filter this helps your cleaner last long. You can use ordinary tap water even if you live in a hard water area when using the h20x5 HD without clogging up your cleaner with built-up limescale.
  • It has an adjustable handle and a 360 degrees swivel steer floor head to help you effortlessly access hard to reach areas.
  • It has a removable water tank that is 50 ml bigger than the average floor cleaner. This gives you more cleaning time, enough to cover a standard room without need to refill the tank.

3: Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews

The Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner is one of the very few floor mops that has illuminated lighting on the floor head. Its latest version is the Morphy Richards 15 in 1 Steam Cleaner 720507 Luna Plus with Vibrated Floorhead.

The vibrated floorhead provides a ray of beamed light on your cleaning path to give you an indication of how well you are cleaning.

The Morphy Richards 720506 floor head also has pulsating vibrations that agitate caked in dirt. This will help you effortlessly clean up smudges and stains by letting the floor head to vibrate on the stain/smudge to dismantle the dirt. It is quite convenient for spot cleaning too.

check the 12 in 1 steamer on Amazon.

Benefits of the Luna 12 in 1:

  •  The Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner has variable floor setting which allows you to select the appropriate hot vapour to release on your floors. It is quite suitable for all floor types.
  • It has a detachable handheld cleaner that comes with a sling that you can hang on your shoulders for maximum flexibility when cleaning. With the help of the sling, you free your two hands for quick dusting and wiping of your surfaces.
  • It is multifunctional and can clean up to 12 different parts in your house; from windows to kitchen worktops.
  • The Morphy Richards 12 in 1 has swivel steer floor head for convenient manoeuvring around your furniture.

The Best Budget Steam Mop/Best Buy Steam Mop Reviews

In case you are looking for the best budget steam mop; then have a look at these top 3 cheapest steam mops UK. You can get one of these even if you are on a tight budget.

Take for instance the German engineered Efbe Schott 6 in 1 that comes complete with a versatile handheld cleaner.

Vax s7 is currently topping the Amazon bestseller list because it is affordable and reliable.

You also get two years manufacturers guarantee when you register your Vax S7 2-in-1 in the Vax website. Check out detailed reviews of these gadgets by clicking the links below.

  1. Vax Steam Mop S7 – 2 in 1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner
  2. Efbe Schott Steam Cleaner
  3. Babz 10 in 1 Steam Mop

Among low and medium priced cleaners the Vax Steam Mop S7 – 2 in 1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner is the most popular. It is the #1 Best Buy Steam Mop UK. It is very cheap but effective in cleaning floors and other surfaces.

It has been a bestselling cleaner in Amazon for the last two years. The S7 is a 2-in-1 cleaner that performs as well as most pricy cleaners. The key difference is that it does not have variable floor control setting.

  • It is a 2 in 1 steam mop : a floor steam mop and a handheld steamer with 16 accessories
  • It features ‘angular floor head ’ that makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas
  • It is powered by 1600watts motor with 7 metre power cord
  • It quite lightweight, weighing 2.7kg only
  • It is of 29 x 122 x 23 cm size
  • It features 400ml water tank that heat up in 20 minutes to give you 12 minutes cleaning time.
  • It comes with a shoulder strap that helps to keep one hand free while using handheld steamer
  • The Vax S7 2 in 1 steam cleaner comes with 2 years warranty for peace of mind similar to all Vax steam mops.

The Best Steam Mop and Vacuum Combo Reviews

The Bissell Vac and Steam is considered one of the best steam mop and vacuum combo UK.

As you already know before steaming with any steamer; you have to hover your floor first but with Bissell Vac and Steam no need for vacuuming first.

The Bissell vac and steam will cut down the time you use in cleaning your floor surfaces as it is a nifty fully fledged vacuum and steam mop with ability to simultaneously vacuum and steam. This will save you time.

Here is what you get with the Bissell Vac and Steam:

  • Ability to vacuum and steam separately if you want to.
  • I liked the adjustable handle
  • Variable floor control and control for overheating
  • It comes fitted with scented disks that leave your floors smelling fresh

This Bissell Vac and steam a nifty steam mop however it is mainly good for hard floors and not carpets. The suction of the vacuum though ok is not the most powerful. You may find that you still need your good old Henry vacuum for deep vacuuming of carpets.

The Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors UK

Laminate floors are delicate and should be cleaned with gentle hot vapour. Ideally the microfibre pad should feel like a damp cloth when cleaning laminate floors.

There are floor steam cleaners that are factory set to work perfectly on laminate flooring. Here are the 2 best steam mops for laminate floors uk:

  1. Black and Decker 7 in 1 steam mop (reviews below)
  2. Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop – S3901(reviews below)

With due care, any good electric floor mop with variable setting should be fine. Here are a few you should consider buying:

These floor steamers have consistently received positive feedback by customers who use them day in day out. Click on the links above to find detailed analysis of these gadgets by our reviewers.

The key really to having success when cleaning laminate floors with a floor steamer is to clean on very low pressure.

High pressure means that when the vapour condenses, the floor will be left wet. You don’t want wetness on laminate floor; the water will affect the laminate flooring. The high hot vapour pressure can make the floor to bulk and damage your floors.

Black and Decker 7 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews

The Black and Decker 7 in 1 Steam Mop is a solid multifunctional cleaner. It has intuitive smart control setting that is factory fitted for most delicate flooring like laminate flooring

  • It has a steam burst function for spot cleaning tough stains
  • It comes with an easy detachable versatile handheld cleaner for your overall cleaning.
  • Variable nozzle that allows you to adjust the amount of steam even on your handheld cleaner. If you are cleaning oily surface blast high hot vapour to break down greasy dirt.
  • It comes with a flexible hose so that you don’t have to bend when mopping.
  • An illuminated water tank to allow you to monitor the water level for refilling
  • It comes with a steam window cleaner

This Black & Decker FSMH1621-GB Auto select Multi-Floor 7-in-1 Steam Mop is a sure good investment. It is reliable and quite effective when used properly. There have been instances of the mop not producing steam. If this happens especially when quite knew. You should conclude straight up that you received a faulty mop. This does happen with many products. If this happens to you be sure to call the manufacturer or even Amazon who will happily give you a replacement.

Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Mop Reviews

The Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3901 is a top quality 5 in 1 cleaner that has received a number of awards for its overall versatility effectiveness and reliability. It runs on a three step variable setting (mop, scrub and dust). This enables to set the right hot vapour setting for your floor. It is suitable for all floor types.

Shark Lift Away Pocket Review: Cons

  • The few snags about this cleaner is that it is relatively expensive than most steam cleaners in the market. However Shark Lift Away 5 in 1 is a quality and prestigious cleaner. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
  • Though the detail brush is excellent in cleaning caked in dirt, you are only supplied with one one. You may have to buy an extra one in case the one supplied wears out.

Shark 5 in 1 Key Benefits:

  • You get two years manufacturer guarantee when you buy. This is an indication that the manufacturer trust the durability of their product. The two year guarantee gives you peace of mind; you can return it in case anything happens to it and get back your money or get a suitable replacement.
  • It has a wide floorhead that can clean on both sides. This helps you clean wide spaces with just one microfibre pad (cleaning cloth). As a result, you will spend less on buying microfibre pads for your cleaner.
  • This Shark Steam Mop S3901 has 180 degrees swivel steer head for easy maneuver of the cleaner. Clean around table legs and difficult to clean spaces with ease.

In general the Shark s3901 is a prestigious cleaner that has high customer rating.

The Best Steam Mop under £100

All most all of the best steam mops we have reviewed in this site are under 100 pounds. Here is a detailed review of some of them.

1:Vileda Steam Mop Reviews

Steam Mop ReviewsVileda is a trusted brand in the cleaning industry. Vileda steam mop has a 1550 watt engine to give you quick heat up time that will provide sufficient jetting vapour to clean your floors. It has a 400 ml tank that can give you between 15-20 minutes cleaning time. Why do we consider Vileda steam mop to be one of the best?


It has no see through/illuminated water tank and so it is not easy to know whether the water tank is about to be empty. However when the tank runs out an indicator light comes on.

All in the entire Vileda steam mop has received some good reviews at Amazon and could be a good fit for you.

Benefits of the Vileda Steam Mop

Well you get 2 years guarantee when you buy Vileda steam cleaner. This is a signal that it is durable and that the manufacture has confidence in its product. Spending less than £50 for two years service is good value for money.

  • The Vileda steam mop has variable floor setting that is suitable for most floor types.
  • It is quite lightweight (2.5 kgs) for easy and effortless cleaning. It also has a swivel steer floor head for convenient maneuverability.
  • It has multiple attachments that can be customised to clean different parts of the house.
  • You buy from a trusted brand in the cleaning industry.
  • It has angled floorhead that easily reaches hard to access areas like corners.
  • The Vileda kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces.

2: Vax Steam Fresh Pet Steam Cleaner S86-SF-P

This Steam Fresh Pet Steam Cleaner S86-SF-P features a pet pad that removes all pet hair from your surfaces. It also has a considerably longer cleaning time (30 minutes). The defining feature of this cleaner is the pet pad that is specially designed to remove even the tiniest pet fur from your surfaces. However it does not have a handheld cleaner. It has a scrubber and steam burst functionality for caked in dirt and tough stains.

The Best Steam Mop for Tiled, Hardwood, Ceramic and Grout Floors

You will find that different Floor steamers are better suited to different floor types (vinyl plank floors, slate, wooden, tile, laminate, limestone, porcelain tiles/ quarry tiles, marble floors).

They also come in different shapes, size, feel and look. Some of the top end steam floor mops are factory calibrated to work efficiently with almost all types of floor types. The cleaners below work well on ceramic tiles because of their variable floor setting.

  • Typically the variable setting ranges from low mid-range to high. High setting releases high pressure steam which is ideal for deep cleaning while low is good for wiping and mopping.
  • For tiles you will need mid-range variable setting for the best results. High setting will leave you tiles wettish and may take slightly longer to dry. Meanwhile for grouting, you need a gadget with hard, compact/metal brush to scrub any built up dirt away from your grout.

Below are our recommended steam mops for all floor types from laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile floors to tile grout.

  1. Vax Steam Fresh Combi 15 in 1 S86-SF-C Steam Cleaner
  2. Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner
  3. Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop – S3901

These floor cleaners are suitable for most tiled floors (stone tile, saltillo, shiny, unglazed, ceramic, textured, vinyl, slate, porcelain, gloss, and bathroom and quarry tile floors).

They are good for grout because the compact brush is quite sturdy while the hot vapour loosens up dirt on grouting. For sealed hardwood floors use the variable control setting to select the appropriate pressure for your wooden floor.

Best Steam Mop Consumer Reports

Consumer reports like Good Housekeeping and Which? vouch for the Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop – S3901 . This is a 2 in 1 gadget that employs a lot of cutting edge technology to make you clean your laminate and wooden flooring with ease. This product is rated as one of the top steam cleaner to buy by the leading consumer review and analysis firm “good housekeeping”.

  • It dries floors super quick.
  • It has a swivel head steering, variable floor setting.
  • It has one of the best quality floor head in the cleaning industry and a long cord.
  • It is also long lasting according to thousands of customer reviews we have surveyed.

The Best Steam Mop with Carpet Attachment

Steam mops with carpet glider/carpet attachment functionality can be used to refresh carpets.

By refresh here we mean that they can actually bring up the pile and rejuvenate it by loosening surface dirt and killing germs on your carpets. This is good enough to get rid of smudges and stains on your carpets.

The carpets actually look newer after refreshing them with hot vapour. Many people are turning to floor cleaning mops that clean with hot vapour as a quick fix to cleaning carpets.

The good thing with steam mops with a carpet glider is that you can clean on the go. All of the steam mops covered in this article have a carpet glider for refreshing carpet. You can either choose the best multi-purpose steam fresh combi, Morphy Richards 15 in 1, X5 Mop, Shark or even the Vileda mop.

However for deep carpet cleaning you still need a dedicated carpet cleaner. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaner/carpet washer; check one of these top rated carpet cleaners.

  1. Vax V-124A Dual V Upright Carpet and Upholstery Washer
  2. Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer
  3. Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra 2 Pre-Treatment Upright Carpet and Upholstery Washer
  4. Vax V-125A All Terrain Upright Carpet Washer
  5. Vax W87-DV-R Dual V Advance Reach Upright Carpet Cleaner
  6. Vax w87-dv-b dual v advance upright carpet
  7. Bissell cleanview deep clean carpet cleaner
  8. Bissell CleanView ProHeat Carpet Washer and or the
  9. Vax W90-RU-B Rapide Ultra Upright Carpet and Upholstery Washer

Best Steam Mop Buying Guide

When choosing which is the best steam mop to buy UK 2016, check out for those that are easy to assemble. If it is too complicated to fit together, move over to the next one because it takes away the delight of buying it.

Read through the product description to be sure that you can assemble the gadget you buy with relative ease.

If you are like most people, you always want immediate gratification from what you buy, do not let assembling the product you buy stand in the way.

Fortunately all the best products we have reviewed can be assembled effortlessly.

Streaks Free

When you use clean microfibre pads, your floors will never leave streaks that steal the gloss a good run of cleaning is supposed to give you.

I see in forums and reviews people venting their frustrations by complaining that their products leave streaks on their floors.

Truth be told, no best cleaner is designed to leave streaks.

In most cases when a cleaner leaves streaks, it is normally due to the fact that the floor head cloths/microfibre pads are not quite clean. So always remember to toss the microfibre pads in the washing machine or give them a hand wash with ordinary washing powder.

Fast Drying Time

When shopping for the best mop, check out for those that guarantee you fast drying time. Efficient cleaners should leave your surfaces dry in at least five minutes after cleaning.

When using high hot vapour pressure especially if using high pressure bar cleaners like the 4.5 pressure bar Polti Vaporetto eco pro, you need to dry your floor with a dry cloth after cleaning with hot vapour.

For best results clean in small sections preferably 2 metre square then dry it with a soft dry cloth before you progress. If you work through your floors like this, the floors will be left gleaming.

You will find that a number of multi-purpose steam mops have this capability of leaving your floors really dry after cleaning. This is because they are fitted with the best microfiber cloths that sap up the condensation as they trap all the dirt in the cloth.

Of course you don’t want your floors wet after cleaning especially with children and even dogs walking up and down the house. This could be hazardous. Go for cleaners that come with a wiping cloth accessory.

Decent Cord Length

Check out how long the electric cord is. As always you want a long electric cord to save you the task of unplugging from one socket to the other as you work through the surfaces of your house.

You don’t want to be burdened with the inconvenience of buying a number of electric socket extension cords once you have already purchased your cleaning equipment just because the cord attached to your cleaner is short. It is therefore crucial that you consider this factor (length of cord) when shopping.

Replacement Jugs and Micro-Fibre Pads

In identifying a quality gadget, you should look out for models that come with a top up jug in their accessory kit. This will spare you the task of having to remove the water tank once the water runs out of the reservoir for refilling. A replacement jug also reduces the chance of water spilling in the process of refilling the tank.

High Quality Microfiber Pads

Hot vapour mops are normally fitted with a cloth or microfibre pads beneath them. These clothes/microfiber are quite important in cleaning your surfaces because through them dirt from your surface is trapped on the floor head leaving your surfaces clean and fresh.

If you are likely to be using your cleaner on floors, it will be advisable to buy those fitted with microfiber pads as opposed to cloths.  A microfiber pad fitting helps your floor to dry up quicker. They are also washable and reusable. They last longer than clothes and are easy to clean when compared to clothes.

How to Maintain Microfibre Pads

When shopping, check for pads that are easier to maintain. Though the cleaner comes with a supply of replacement pads, these pads eventually run out and you have to buy replacement. However, if you take good care of the pads by regularly cleaning them after use, the pads will last long and spare you the cost of replacing them regularly.

The microfiber fitting is easier to maintain. Here is why: Microfibre pads are made of synthetic material which is easier to wash than clothes. It is advisable to let your gadget cool down before storing it. This will protect the surface floor of your storage room.

Of cause depending on how much storage space you have, you should choose a cleaner that will not be awkward and bulky to store.

Best Storage and Safety Aspects of Your Cleaner

Consider the storage and safety aspects of your gadget. Depending on your budget, it is advisable to buy a cleaner that has its own safety mat to hold the gadget after cleaning.

This saves you time you could have spent waiting for the cleaner to cool down before you store it. Alternatively shop for those that have continuous cleaning setting embedded in them.


Read reviews to find out which cleaner enables you to clean both hard and soft areas. This is convenient and efficient since you end up with a “one stop machine” to cater for all your surfaces.

However do not use it as a vacuum

This will wear your gadget down. Always vacuum before cleaning to enable the cleaner do the heavy lifting job of deep cleaning your floors. Hot vapour mops kill 99% germs on your surfaces and can sift even the tiniest of dust particles.

Fresh Scent

Though most cleaners reviewed here will not only clean in a super fast fashion and leave your surfaces spotless, some of us actually prefer fresh scented smell to crown everything up.

If adding a freshener to your gadget appeals to you, then you need to shop for the one that has a component that allows you to add a freshener in your water tank.

Most Vax cleaning products for example come with a specially designed scented detergent. However, adding chemicals and fresheners without due regard to manufacturer’s specification might damage your gadget.

That is why you should think about whether you really want to use a mop that allows you to add a freshener and buy one that has this capability.

Continuous Floor Setting

Most ordinary cleaners normally need some cooling off period/time before you can refill the water tank. However most quality cleaners use cutting edge technology that enables them to be refilled on demand without the need for the gadget to cool down. This of course has an overall effect of not only saving you time (no waiting for the gadget to cool down while cleaning) but could extend the life of your cleaner (the risk of overheating is reduced).


Most cleaning products come with an assortment of attachment such as : an adjustable nozzle, hard and soft brushes, squeegee, carpet glider, and Velcro microfibre pads that could be customized to clean different parts of the house. Most 2 in 1 mops normally give you value for money.

They can be detached to clean hard to reach places. With the right accessories, you can customise the handheld cleaner that are embedded in most highly top rated steam mops UK to spruce up most of your surfaces.

You will find that most of the multi-purpose best cleaners give you more capability and flexibility. You can use them to clean Grout, Cookers, Upholstery, Windows, Carpets Hard floors and Tiles. These are the products that fit the bill of a quality hot vapour gadget in the UK.

With such multiple accessories to use on your hand held cleaner device you get flexibility of use that turns your gadget into a complete cleaning system.

Powerful Motor Engine

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best is the size of the motor engine. The motor is the one that powers your cleaner.

Of course you want a powerful machine that will make your cleaning task quick, fun and easy. To achieve this, you need a motor with considerably high wattage because the more the wattage the more powerful and effective the cleaning will be.

The water will be heated up in record time and you get longer time to use the cleaner. The wattage can go as high as 1800 watts. However with 1200 Watts and above, you should be treading on quality grounds.

The search for more power however comes at a price. The more the wattage the device has the heavier it will be, so you need to factor that into your plan. There are cleaners that have wheels on the base though, in which case weight of the cleaner is no issue because you won’t have to push it around.

The cleaner you end up buying depends really on your individual needs. Before you set out in search of the cleaner you desire, you should first decide what you would really want to use it for. Consider the size of your house and the kind of surfaces that you are going to it on.

  • Do you have different surfaces across the house?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have children who crawl about your floors?
  • Are your surfaces tiled, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, all carpeted, a mix of carpet and hard surfaces?
  • Are the surfaces sealed? Are there insurance clauses regarding cleaners?

These factors will enable you to choose the steam mop that is tailored to your needs.

What are the Best Functionalities to look for?

Once you figure out what you plan to use your cleaner for, you need to decide the size and weight of the gadget that will closely fit your preferred way of working. Most floor mops come in different shapes, weights and capabilities.

Here are the basics. You want to go for a gadget that is easy and convenient to use on all your floor surfaces. Ideally it should have a carpet glider that can be locked into place when in use.

The best product should heat up really quick to avoid any waiting moments but still give you extended cleaning time. It should be easy to handle and store, it should ideally have an extension cord that is suited to the size of your house, one that could enable you to be creative and add a freshener to it.

The list is longer than this but I hope you see that choosing a best quality cleaner UK takes some meticulous considerations. Now let’s break these points down:

Considering Your Floor Type

What is the best gadget for your floor type is a crucial consideration. Like we all know, most modern houses have different floor types in different parts of the house with a fair mix of carpeted floors and hard floors. You therefore need a cleaner that will glide through all your the different surfaces without any trouble.

The key tip here is to look for cleaners that work well in most hard floors and also have carpet glider functionality.

Different floor texture have different temperature threshold. For instance porcelain tiles that are unglazed and porous are not suitable for high temperature vapour pressure because glazed material is water resistant and leaves a wet finish. With such floors you need a cleaner that dries floors superfast like the Vax S86-SF-C that dries floors in only 3 minutes after cleaning.

You also need a product that has variable settings. This functionality employs smart settings to regulate the hot water vapour pressure and temperature suitable for your floors.

What Tank Size

One thing you should definitely watch out for when choosing the best product is the tank size. The bigger the water tank, the more cleaning time you get from the cleaner. This is especially important if you have large areas of surface to cover. The best tank size should give you at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted output. If you have a big house and many rooms, you should look out for a good cleaner that can cope with active use for considerable lengths of time like the Polti Eco Pro Vaporetto. The Polti Vaporetto cleaner has a 2 litre tank that can give you 40 -45 minutes continuous cleaning time.

Are Lightweight Mops Really the Best?

While shopping, keep in mind that very light models are normally designed for lightweight duty or for one particular use, for example, floor cleaning only as opposed to being used for a variety of cleaning tasks.

If for example you need your newly acquired cleaning gadget to clean your upholstery and other parts in your house then probably the lightweight models are not exactly for you. However you can get a fully functioning best multi-purpose mop that weighs only 2.5 Kgs like the Hoover SNN1700.

Whichever way you look at it getting the best product will give you peace of mind and of course spectacularly clean surfaces that increase the quality of life you live. Our steam mops reviews 2016 UK offer you the best prices in the market today. Most of our recommended steam mops are for online retail stores because they tend to have very competitive prices.