Best Floor Steam Cleaner Reviews

Floor Steam Cleaner On Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are delicate and should be cleaned with gentle hot vapour. Ideally the microfibre pad should feel like a damp cloth when cleaning laminate floors.There are quite a good number of best floor steam cleaners that are factory set to work perfectly on laminate flooring. Here are the 2 top rated Best Floor Steam Cleaners For Laminate Floors UK 2017.

1: Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Mop

The Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3901 is a top quality cleaner that has received a number of awards for its overall versatility, effectiveness and reliability.

The lift away runs on a three step variable setting (mop, scrub and dust). This enables you to set the right hot vapour setting for your floor. It is suitable for all floor types.

Shark Lift Away Cons

  • The few concerns about this Shark steam mop is that it is relatively expensive . However the Shark Lift Away is a quality and prestigious cleaner. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
  • Though the detail brush is excellent in cleaning caked in dirt, you are only supplied with one brush. You may have to buy an extra one in case the one supplied wears out.

Shark 5 in 1 Key Benefits:

  • You get two years manufacturer guarantee when you buy. This is an indication that the manufacturer trusts the durability of their product. The two year guarantee gives you peace of mind; you can return it in case anything happens to it and get back your money or get a suitable replacement.
  • It has a wide floorhead that can clean on both sides. This helps you clean wide spaces with just one microfibre pad (cleaning cloth). As a result, you will spend less on buying microfibre pads for your cleaner.
  • This Shark lift away has 180 degrees swivel steer head for easy maneuver of the cleaner. Clean around table legs and difficult to clean spaces with ease.

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Black and Decker 7 in 1 Steam Mop

TheBlack and Decker 7 in 1 Steam Mop is a solid multifunctional cleaner. It has intuitive smart control setting that is factory fitted for most delicate flooring like laminate flooring.

  • It has a steam burst function for spot cleaning tough stains
  • It comes with an easy detachable versatile handheld cleaner for your overall cleaning.
  • Variable nozzle that allows you to adjust the amount of steam even on your handheld cleaner. If you are cleaning oily surfaces, blast high hot vapour to break down the greasy dirt.
  • It comes with a flexible hose so that you don’t have to bend when mopping.
  • An illuminated water tank to allow you to monitor the water level for refilling
  • The 7 in 1 Black and Decker steam mop comes with a steam window cleaner

The Black & Decker FSMH1621-GB Auto select Multi-Floor 7-in-1 is a sure good investment. It is reliable and quite effective when used properly. There have been instances of the mop not producing steam. If this happens especially when quite knew. You should conclude straight up that you received a faulty mop. This does happen with many products. If this happens to you be sure to call the manufacturer or even Amazon who will happily give you a replacement.

Basically, with due care, any good electric floor mop with variable setting and hot vapour trigger should be fine for laminate flooring.You may want to stay away from hot vapour mops that have a conituous “on” button because you can easily release too much water vapour that can leave your floors wet.Wet floors are not good for laminate surfaces. Here are a few more quality gadgets you should consider buying for your laminate floors:

These best floor steam cleaners have consistently received positive feedback by customers who use them day in day out. Click on the links above to find detailed analysis of these gadgets by our reviewers.

The key really to having success when cleaning laminate floors with a floor steamer is to clean on very low pressure.

High pressure means that when the vapour condenses, the floor will be left wet. You don’t want wetness on laminate floor; the water will affect the laminate flooring. The high hot vapour pressure can make the floor to bulk and damage your floors.

Best Floor Steam Cleaner For Tile

You will find that different floor steamers are better suited to different floor types (vinyl plank floors, slate, wooden, tile, laminate, limestone, porcelain tiles/ quarry tiles, marble floors).They also come in different shapes, size, feel and look. Some of the top end floor mops are factory calibrated to work efficiently with almost all types of floor types. Below are our recommended best steam mop for tiles UK 2017:

Vileda Steam Mop Reviews

Vileda is a trusted brand in the cleaning industry. The Vileda steam mop has a 1550 watt engine to give you quick heat up time that will provide sufficient jetting vapour to clean your floors. It has a 400 ml tank that can give you between 15-20 minutes cleaning time.

  • It  has variable floor setting that is suitable for most floor types.
  • It is quite lightweight (2.5 kgs) for easy and effortless cleaning. It also has a swivel steer floor head for convenient manoeuvrability.
  • It has multiple attachments that can be customised to clean different parts of the house.
  • You buy from a trusted brand in the cleaning industry.
  • It has angled floorhead that easily reaches hard to access areas like corners.
  • It kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces
  • You get 2 years guarantee when you buy Vileda mop. This is a signal that it is durable and that the manufacture has confidence in its product. Spending less than £50 for two years service is good value for money.


It has no see through/illuminated water tank and so it is not easy to know whether the water tank is about to be empty. However when the tank runs out an indicator light comes on.

All in the entire Vileda has received some good reviews at Amazon and could be a good fit for you.

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The above best steam mop for tiled floors work well on ceramic tiles because of their variable floor setting.

  • Typically the variable setting ranges from low mid-range to high. High setting releases high pressure steam which is ideal for deep cleaning while low is good for wiping and mopping.
  • For tiles you will need mid-range variable setting for the best results. High setting will leave you tiles wettish and may take slightly longer to dry. Meanwhile for grouting, you need a gadget with hard, compact/metal brush to scrub any built up dirt away from your grout.

Best Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner  2017

The following two gadgets are best suited for hardwood floors UK 2017:

1: Hoover SNN1700 Steamjet

The Hoover SNN1700 Steamjet a multifunctional mop that has a nifty detachable handheld cleaner and a7 metre electricity cable cord. Enough length to reach most standard rooms.

It has both rectangular and triangular floor head (double head technology). The triangular head makes you to easily access hard to reach areas like corners, table legs and tight spaces beneath furniture.

  • It also has a scrubber on the floor head to aid you tackle tough and ingrained dirt.
  • It has a versatile variable control that can be adjusted to regulate the hot vapour released to your floors. It is suitable for all sealed hardwood floors.
  • Click here to read whatAmazon Customers say about the Hoover SNN1700 Steamjet.

2: Black and Decker 7 in 1 Steam Mop

The Black and Decker 7 in 1 steam mop has a smart select feature with factory calibrated hot vapour threshold for most floor types. All you have to do is dial the variable floor control knob to your floor type.

  • It has a steam burst technology that releases jetting hot vapour on demand to tackle tough stains and dirt.
  • It has 5 metres cable length and 180 degrees. It is perfect for hardwood floors.

To clean hardwood floors with a hot vapour mop cleaner, you need a gadget that has variable steam control to regulate the amount of steam released to your floors.

Different hardwood surfaces have different moisture threshold. You want to release hot vapour that will not leave too much water residue that can stretch the moisture levels of your floors.

Cleaners with variable control regulate the amount of hot water vapour released to your floors. Other considerations are:

Decent cord length of at least 5 meters radius. This ensures that you can reach all your floor spaces without the need to plug/unplug.

Triangular floor head that will aid you access hard to reach areas. Mops with dual floor head are the most preferable because they give you more scope. You can clean wide areas with few strokes and also easily access tight spaces like table leg angles and corners.

Steam burst or scrubber functionality to agitate tough and caked in dirt on your floors. The scrubber will loosen the dirt and make it easy to clean.

Swivel steering for easy manoeuvrability and flexibility. At least 1800 swivel. This enables you to effortlessly navigate the floor head up to 180 degrees without using elbow grease or twisting your arm.

Best Steam Cleaner for Wooden Floors UK 2017

If you are looking for the best steam mop for wooden floors; you need one with variable steam control setting, decent cord length and a sizeable tank that can give you at least 15 minutes continuous cleaning is a good fit.

Wooden floors can be damaged by excessive water residue. That is why you need a mop with variable steam control.

You also want a cleaner that has a hot vapour trigger so that when cleaning, you will manage the release of hot vapour to your floors by pressing the trigger. For best results, clean using short bursts of steam followed by dry passes. This way, your floors dry quicker, in less than 3 minutes and there are no water residues or wet floors.

The following four best floor steamers are in our expert opinion the best steam mops for wooden floors UK 2017.

1: Vax Steam Fresh Combi 15 in 1 S86-SF-C Steam Cleaner

This is a 15 in 1 cleaner that has 360 degrees swivel steering, variable steam control and 8 meter cord length. It has a 16 piece accessory kits that can be used to clean 15 different parts of your house. It comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee and is quite sturdy. It weighs 3.5 kgs. This cleaner has consistently topped the best selling cleaners’ charts in all shopping portals in the UK.

2: H2O X5 Mop 5 in 1 Steam Mop Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner.

The X 5 Mop is a versatile cleaner that can clean both floors, windows, upholstery, kitchen worktops and carpets. It is powered by a 1300 motor watt that heats up in 30 seconds to give you between 15-20 minutes of continuous cleaning.

3: Shark Lift Away

The Shark Lift Away with a dual head floor mop. It has a hot vapour trigger and a 3 step variable control system. It is a top rated cleaner that has received awards by consumer research giants like Good Housekeeping.

Black and Decker 7 in 1 steam mop

The Black and Decker has a factory configured variable control system for different hardwood floors. It has a hot vapour release trigger you can use to manage the flow of steam. It is quite suitable for wooden floors.