Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner Reviews

Find the 3 Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner that are suitable not only for cleaning floors but also worktops, kids toys, windows, ovens, kitchen sinks and taps, tiles and refreshing curtains.  These steam cleaners includes a floor steam mop and a handheld steamer.

3 Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

#1: H20 HD X5 Steam Cleaner

Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner New Sleek HD X5 MOPIn line with the feedback from customers, the manufacturer produced a new steam cleaner that is sleek, powerful and reliable: the H20 HD X5 Steam Cleaner. To counter the key complain that the x5 mop easily packed up after clogging up with lime-scale, the H20 HD has:

  • an integrated filter to weed out any lime scale and ensure that it does not clog up. This has made it quite reliable. Other new additions include:
  • a wide floor head for quick cleaning,
  • more power (1500watts up from 1300watts)
  • a foldable handle and
  • a see-though high definition water tank to monitor your water tank level.


The manufacturers of X5 mop only give one year guarantee unlike other popular brand like Vax and Karcher that give two years manufacturer guarantee.

The H20 steam mop is quite swanky but not very expensive (less than £100). It is one of the best multi purpose steamer that has been very well received by UK customers.

#2: Hoover SNN1700 Steamjet

Hoover SSN1700 Steamjet Steam MopThe Hoover Steamjet, SNN1700 steam mop that has a nifty detachable handheld cleaner and a7 metre electricity cable cord. Enough length to reach most standard rooms.

It has both rectangular and triangular floor head (double head technology). The triangular head makes you to easily access hard to reach areas like corners, table legs and tight spaces beneath furniture.

  • It also has a scrubber on the floor head to aid you tackle tough and ingrained dirt.
  • It has a versatile variable control that can be adjusted to regulate the steam released to your floors. It is suitable for all sealed hardwood floors.

#3: Black and Decker  FSMH1621, 7 in 1 Steam Mop 

Black and Decker FSMH1621 ReviewThe Black and Decker fsmh1621 , 7 in 1 steam mop has a smart select feature with factory calibrated steam threshold for most floor types. All you have to do is dial the variable floor control knob to your floor type.

  • It has a steam burst technology that releases steam on demand to tackle tough stains and dirt.
  • It has 5 metres cable length and 180 degrees.

Decent cord length of at least 5 meters radius. This ensures that you can reach all your floor spaces without the need to plug/unplug.

Triangular floor head that will aid you access hard to reach areas. Mops with dual floor head are the most preferable because they give you more scope. You can clean wide areas with few strokes and also easily access tight spaces like table leg angles and corners.

Steam burst or scrubber functionality to agitate tough and caked in dirt on your floors. The scrubber will loosen the dirt and make it easy to clean.

Swivel steering for easy manoeuvrability and flexibility. At least 1800 swivel. This enables you to effortlessly navigate the Black and Decker steamer floor head up to 180 degrees without using elbow grease or twisting your arm.