Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

There are quite a good number of best steam mop for laminate floors UK 2017 that are factory set to work perfectly on laminate flooring. Here are the 5 top rated, best steam mops for laminate floors UK 2017 however, note that:

Laminate floors are delicate and should be cleaned with gentle steam. Ideally the microfibre pad should feel like a damp cloth when cleaning laminate floors; hence you should always adjust the steam mob variable control setting to low settings when cleaning laminate floors.

Top 5 Best Steam Mops For Laminate Floors 2017 UK

#1:Vax Steam Fresh Combi

Vax Steam Fresh Combi 15 In 1 S86- SF- C Steam CleanerThe Vax steam fresh combi clinches the crown not only because it has won prestigious awards like the 2014 Which best buy award but also because it is reliable efficient and durable. It is our #1 best steam mop uk.

It is quite sturdy and can be detached into a nifty handheld cleaner that literally turns it into a cleaning system. It feature steam control setting that allow you to adjust the amount of steam released depending on the floor type. For cleaning laminate flooring always adjust the steam cleaner to low setting.

#2:  H20 HD Steam Mop

Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner HD DefinitionThe Thane H20 hd steam mop is the new exciting entry into the steam mop market in the UK. It is not only sleek and stylish but also tackles all dirt and grime effortlessly. It has been made with the customer in mind. This cleaner will sure bring fun back into your cleaning chores. Here are some of the tantalising features of the H20 HD.

360 degrees swivel head steering floor head that is wide enough to cover an entire room in a few strokes. The swivel head will navigate tight spaces like under furniture effortlessly.
H20 HD Sleek Multipurpose Cleaner.

  • It has a sturdy foldable handle for easy storage.
  • It is fitted with an in-built water filter to enable you use ordinary tap water without risking your cleaner clogging/damage.
  • A quick release removal water tank (450ml) for easy refilling.
  • Smart variable steam control to enable you clean all floor types including linoleum, ceramic, marble, parquet and sealed hardwood.
  • Ability to deodorise and freshen your carpets with the carpet glider.
  • High motor power for quick heat up time that helps you complete your cleaning task in less time.
  • Its fully accessorised to clean all parts of of the house including windows, grouting, crevices and car alloy wheels.

This cleaner is a sure revelation that has generated quite some buzz in the steam cleaning industry.

#3: Morphy Richards 15 in 1 Steam Cleaner

Morphy Richards 720507 Luna Plus Steam Cleaner (15 in 1) ReviewsThe Morphy Richards Steam Mop Luna Plus is a 15 in 1 cleaner just like the Vax steam fresh combi. Here are some of its key features that make it stand above the rest.

  • An illuminated floorhead that beams light to your surfaces to show you how well you have cleaned. This is crucial especially in tight spaces like under sofas or beds.
  • A vibrating floorhead that agitates embedded caked in dirt.
  • Ability to effortless clean fifteen parts/ places in your houses including a steam window washer, a carpet glider and upholstery. It is fully accessorised and customizable.
  • A slinged easily detachable handheld cleaner for ease of use.
  • Two years guarantee when you register your Morphy Richards steam cleaner Luna Plus With the manufacturer’s’ website.
  • Illuminated water tank.This cleaner not only has bells and rings but also cleans a treat. It will surely keep your domestic spaces spectacularly clean.

The Morphy Richards Luna also comes close to the Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner in its build and feel.


#4: Bissell Vac and Steam

#5: Shark Lift Away

Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3901The Shark lift away is also a multifunctional steam mop. There is a reason why this manufacturer has sold over 15 million pieces of cleaning products. The Shark Lift away is an award winning cleaner that has been crowned by big consumer research bodies like Which? and GoodHousekeeping. Here are some compelling features of the Shark Lift Away:

  • Dual sided floorhead so that you can steam clean for longer without changing the microfiber pads. This will also remove any chance of your floors streaking. Streaking is mostly cause by steaming using a dirty floor or without vacuuming. If you use one microfibre pad, chance of it being dirty even while steam cleaning are high. If is gets dirty then it compromises the kind of finish you get.
  • Fully kitted accessory that includes a carpet glider and a window cleaner.
  • Smart variable floor control and
  • A versatile handheld cleaner.