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Steam Mop Instructions Manual User Guide 2017 UK

Steam Mop Instructions Manual

Steam Mop Instructions Manual User Guide 2016 UK. Click to download the Vax Steam Fresh Combi, Vax S7, Vax S2S, Morphy Richards 9 In 1, Hoover SSN1700

Steam Cleaner Uses :What Can You Clean with a Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner Uses

Steam Cleaner Uses : Have you ever asked yourself, what can i use a steam cleaner for, or what can you clean with a steam cleaner…

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review

The or simply the Karcher K2 pressure washer is a small, lightweight and compact machine utilized for cleaning outside things including yards and decking, cars,nursery furniture, bikes and patio. Related: Karcher steam cleaners. Karcher K2 Compact :Key Features /Pros Here are some of the key features of the Karcher k2 compact: An upright plan, wheels and a long handle makes the Karcher k2 home pressure washer simple to utilize and to move and the on-board storage makes it easy to store all accessories securely.This product comes with a two year guarantee for peace of mind. Vario Lance :Utilized to accomplish variable weight control from low-weight to high-weight stream by just curving the shower spear. It is joined onto the end of the trigger weapon with its pike plan. Dirtblaster: An effective revolving spout outlined with a pivoting pencil plane which can give up to half more prominent cleaning force than a standard high weight spear. This come in handy when uprooting willful earth on greenery secured or weathered surfaces. T50 Patio more clean :Utilized for the sprinkle free cleaning of even surfaces, for example, porches & decking, it gives expanded cleaning power. It features two pivoting level plane spouts. Yard & Deck cleanser pocket : it has 500ml of cleanser focus. Basically add water to the cleanser to make up 5 liters of porch & deck cleanser. The k2 karcher is portable, lightweight & Powerful :The upright configuration is intended to make it easy to handle. It has wheels for portability. It is powered by an Air-cooled 1400 motor watt engine which makes it effective for its size. It has a cleanser suction tube :The cleanser suction tube of this specific model permits you to draw the cleanser from a holder. It has programmed engine and water bay components: All Kärcher weight washers have a programmed stop/begin engine for ease of control. A weight switch control ignites the engine on and off when the trigger firearm is squeezed and discharged. This pressure washer has a number of nifty features that will make blasting out dirt on your outdoors fun and effective. Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review: Final Verdict The comes with a two year guarantee for peace of mind. You can use detergents by aid of the detergent suction. The karcher pressure washer k2 comes fitted with a filter that will in the long run make your washer more durable. Above all it is lightweight and easy to to use. It features a variable lance for controlled cleaning. The dirtblaster rotary nozzle is good at dismantling seated stains and blasting out dirt. Be careful with the dirtblaster because if you exert it so much in could damage/peel off the painting on your surfaces. It is that powerful. It is better not to use the Karcher pressure washer k2 continuously because it is air cooled. the pressure hose is of decent length to blast dirt away. The patio attachment has oscillating lances that have a wide berth that make for easy cleaning. Whichever way […]

Shark Steam Mop Repair : How To Fix & Repair A Broken Shark Steam Mop

steam mop repair

Shark Steam Mop Repair : How To Fix & Repair A Broken Shark Steam Mop. If you are looking for a way to repair your clogged Shark S3901 or the Shark S2901? then we can walk you through a home made guide using a broken Shark steam mop. Have you ever filled your shark with clean water then plug it in and after waiting for a few minutes for it to heat up, it fails to produce steam? Most people out there never use distilled water with their shark mops. The solution of using only tap water may work for most people for several years. However, this is a time bomb that could make your mop malfunction any time and plunge you into repair mode. This is because tap water leads to the build-up of mineral residue that may clog in your gadget. A lot of solutions have been posted on the internet on how you can fix your Shark mop in the event that it breaks down. We will look into a few ways to get your gadget working again. However first check the video below to get a hint on what needs get done. How to Fix a Broken Shark Steam Cleaner What happens in the event that your steam mop clogs? One well-known solution involves unclogging your mop. This is achieved by soaking the internals of the mop with CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust). This is exactly what unclogs most nozzles. Fill the tank with a mixture of half solution of the Calcium, Lime and Rust to water and allow it to marinate for hours. In some cases, you have to marinate for at least a day in the event that your mop is clogged. This will clear the residue that is clogging your gadget. How will you fix the Shark mop if it wouldn’t release any steam? If your steam mop malfunctions, it is advisable that you stop using the mop and try to find out what is wrong with it. Mostly, if your steam mop is not able to let out steam, then chances are that it may be clogged with mineral residue or that its tank is empty. Many are times that steam mops run out of water during cleaning. This is because, depending on the area that you are cleaning, the shark tank may not be able to hold enough water to clean the whole area. Mineral residue occurs if you use hard water in the machine to clean. It is recommended to use distilled water at all times to do cleaning in order to avoid steam mop repair issues. If this happens, just follow the steps below to solve the problem: Here is how to fix a steam mop to turn your gadget around. Turn off the steam mop and unplug it from the power source. Turn the cap located on the tank counterclockwise to remove it. Fill its filling flask with distilled water then pour it in the tank. Repeat this step […]

Power Steam Mop Reviews : Bissell Powerfresh Vs Morphy Richards Pro

Power Steam Mop Reviews? Here is a comparison between the Bissell Powerfresh steam mop vs Morphy Richards power pro pulsonic. For the purposes of this review, we will first examine their key features first before we explore their similarities and differences. Power Steam Mop Reviews Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop Reviews Here is what you might want to know about the Bissell Steam Mop: The Bissell powerfresh operates on a 1600 watts that heats up the 440 ml tank in only 15 seconds to give you 14 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time. Its water tank is removable which means you can dislodge it from its position for easy refilling. It features a 5.5m long power cord which is decent enough to cover a room without unplugging and plugging your sockets. It comes with an embedded scrubber to muscle out any hidden dirt in crevices and in your grouting. The floor steam cleaner comes with a smartset variable floor control which means you can adjust the amount of steam released to your surfaces. The variable control has three buttons, low, medium and high. For delicate floors like laminate,use the low button for best results. It is lightweight at only 2.8 kgs and easy to manoeuvre. The floor head is shaped in such a way that it easily accesses corners and areas close to the skirting. It is fitted with lovely spring fragrance discs in the mop head that leave your floors smelling fresh. The steam mop kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces. Morphy Richards Power Steam Pro Pulsonic Steam Mop Review The is a perfect solution for achieving a hygienic, profound clean all around your home. It is a pulsating floor-head that switches on at the touch of a button. It agitates to upset ground in dust and grime on your floors to leave you with spectacularly clean surfaces. Key Features An Easy-select, variable steam setting for all your floor types. Pick lower settings for clothing, upholstery and sensitive things and high steam for tough stains. It has a detachable water tank for easy refilling. This Morphy Richards Steam Mop features a vibrating floor-head that easily agitates any seated dirt. It comes with a large 500 ml, easy-fill water tank for longer steaming time It features replaceable water filters that extend the life of your gadget. Similarities -Both have variable steam setting and a sizable tank . -Both have removable water tanks thus can be easily filled at the tap. -Both have a smart set of controls for all floor types. Differences -The Bissell powerfresh steam mop has fragrance discs fitted in the mop head that leave your floors with a fresh scent. The pulsonic has no such thing. The Bissell power mop runs on a higher motor wattage than the Morphy Richards Pro Pulsonic. The Morphy Richards power steam pro pulsonic steam mop has a vibrating floor head that agitates any stubborn dirt and grime unlike the Bissell power fresh. You can get a better price for all […]

Best Gifts for Mom UK 2017 :Be It Christmas, Easter or Mothers Day

Here are some of the Best Gifts for Mom UK 2017 . When buying a gift it is so fulfilling to buy something that will be useful to the person you are buying the gift for. All the gifts will be picked from this page; just incase you want to check-up for  lighting deals. A Mum will love if you get her something that will last for years like a steam mop or even a carpet cleaner .  These 2 gadgets will save her a lot time and stress. You can also check other options by visiting the Amazon UK Gift Buying Guide Best Gifts for Mom UK 2017 -Be It Christmas, Easter or Mothers Day : Steam Mops Steam mops and cleaners are some the items that top most mum’s wish list. You may also want to consider buying a carpet cleaner  as the best alternative to a steam mop. Steam cleaners kill up to 99% of all germs on your surfaces. They are also a delight to use because they will leave your floors and worktops spectacularly clean. Below are some of the  best steam mops you can buy as the best presents for Mom: #1: Vax Steam Fresh Combi – Best Mothers Day Gift The Vax steam fresh combi tops our top gifts for Mom shopping list because it is simply an outstanding steam cleaner. Based on Scientific tests the Vax 15 in 1 S86- SF-C when used with the custom made Vax detergent (this is usually included in your new Vax steam fresh combi accessories) removes stains 4 times better on vinyl floors. The Vax s86-sf-c steam fresh combi is sturdy and durable. It comes with a solid 2 year warranty such that when you buy it as a Mothers day gift it will last for the long while. This makes it a solid must have gift for your loved ones. #2:Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner The Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner: The 12 in 1 is a cleaning revelation. It has a pulsating function that will agitate any deep seated dirt. It also has floor head illumination that lights up the path of your cleaning. This steam cleaner is versatile, robust and reliable. It is just the perfect birthday gift for mom. #3:Shark S2901 Multifunction Steam Mop The Shark s2901 multifunction 2 in 1 steam mop is a quality all round steam mop. It is not only classy but quite effective on the job. It comes with a double sided floor head that is wide enough to cover a standard room with just a few strokes. This should be on your mothers day presents ideas for her shopping list. #4: Vax Steam Mop S7 The Vax S7; this top quality steam mop has been on a massive discount for a while . It comes with a Vax UK two year guarantee. At the present price it provides good value for money and should definitely make it to your Mum shopping list. #5:X5 steam mop range: Over the years the x5 mop […]

Tips on How to Clean: Concrete, Granite, Wood, Terracotta, Tile, and Laminate Floors

Modern households have different floor types for different areas of the house. It is not uncommon to have both laminated flooring, carpeted floor, tiled floors and even granite and granite flooring in respective different parts of the house (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, laundry room etc). All these floors take different specific cleaning tasks.  Lets go over the different methods of cleaning different floor types. How to clean Tiled floors First tackle the grouting. Brush thoroughly and in detail all the grout lines with a stiff bristles brush. Remove all loose dirt by sweeping them away. Mix warm/cold water with a floor cleaning detergent Using a clean mop, mop the entire floor to remove smudges and dust. You can also use a multifunctional steam mop. Use homemade solutions like vinegar, lemon, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and dedicated grout cleaners to carefully clean grout lines. Here is how to prepare the home made cleaning solution: (add ¼ of cup vinegar, lemon, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to 1 cup of water and mix with liquid detergent). Use an old toothbrush with stiff bristles and dab it into the home made mixture. Clean the grouting with the toothbrush/ hard bristles brush and wipe away the dirt with a warm damp cloth. Alternatively you can user a hand held steam cleaner with a rotating nozzle. Affix the hard bristle brush at the end of the nozzle and comprehensively clean the grout joints by using the hard bristles brush and steam. Wipe with a clean cloth to leave your grout line looking clean. You can also use bleach and commercial grout cleaners to clean the grout line Finally wipe the whole floor with a clean soft dry clothe to leave your tiles gleaming. The key to having your tiled floor looking spec and span is to regularly clean your grout line. They can easily get quite grubby if not regularly cleaned. However with the easy steps listed above, you can keep your tiled floors sparkling clean. Related: Best steam mop for tiles How to Clean Concrete Floors Concrete floors are commonly used because they are affordable. They are also durable and reliant. They are mostly used in garages and back garden. Here is how to clean to concrete floors. Always start by vacuuming your floors. Mix warm water with a detergent and stir evenly. Systematically wash your concrete floors. It is always a good idea to start from corners. Use a dry mop to remove all the water or allow drying by air. Occasionally buff your floors to give them a shiny finish.   How to Clean Granite Floors Granite floors give your floors a classy look. Hower if not well maintained the glossy granite finish might pale out. The steps below will enhance on how you clean granite floors.   Get a dedicated cleaner from a hardware or store outlet. Use the granite cleaner to gently wipe your granite floors with a soft cloth. Wipe in  circular movements. You can also use […]

Easy Way to Clean Grout on Floors, Showers, Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Tiles are lovely to say the least. They transform kitchens, showers and floors by giving them a glossy and fine looking finish that is appealing to the eye. Tiles also protect your surfaces from dumbness because they do not absorb water. Tiles are easily cleaned by a swipe using an absorbent clothe. However cleaning floor grout- the white substance between tiles can be tricky. You have to find an easy way to clean grout on floors, showers, bathroom and kitchen tiles to keep your surfaces looking sparkling and lovely. Grouts has a habit of trapping grime, all kinds of dirt, mildew and even mould which end up disfiguring the beautiful and finish tiles give your house. Cleaning grout and staying ahead of the game requires skills and tools. There are different ways of cleaning grout, some using homemade ingredients while others involve using gadgets.  Let us now different ways of cleaning all types of grout from ceramic tile grout to shower grout. Tile floors, showers, and back-splashes give your home a warm, natural appearance. In general, tiles are fairly easy to keep clean and maintain, however, the grout in between can be a challenge. The grout seems to be a magnet for dirt, grime, and mildew, but with the right techniques and the right supplies, you can have grout that looks great for years. Types of Cleaning Methods for Grout: There are numerous methods you can use for cleaning grout. From gentle cleaning with water alone to intense cleaning methods using harsh chemicals, grout cleaning runs the full gamut of methods. Let us explore the different ways of how to clean tile grout . Home-Made Tile Grout Cleaning Remedies Tile grout can be cleaned with just a brush, in most cases an old toothbrush and a bit of elbow-grease. You can take this a notch up and prepare a paste of baking soda and use it to clean grout. This method is usually effective with mild grout grime. With a good scrub, the baking soda will rejuvenate the grouting. You can also use lemon, bleach, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide which are effective to some level but involve a lot of elbow grease. In most cases, not all the residue comes off which can give unsatisfactory results. Using Tile and Grout Cleaners There are a bunch of best  grout cleaners in the market that are packages as sprays. Some of these commercial grout cleaners are effective at removing grout but you have to be thorough in your cleaning regime. You start by brushing the grout with a brush with stiff bristles then dust off the grout to remove any loose dirt. You then spray the commercial grout cleaner you have selected. Spray repeatedly because the spray is soaked by the grout. Once you have evenly sprayed the grout, leave it for some time, at least 30 minutes to loosen the grime and any other seated dirt and grime. When all grime is loose, wash the grouting area and dry with a dry […]

How to Remove Stains From Carpet: Coffee, Red Wine, Rust & Nail Polish

How to Remove Tough Carpet Stains: From Coffee, Rust to Red Wine. There is no doubt that carpet give a house a cosy and warm look that is simply beautiful. We all try our best to keep our carpets clean and stain free. However accidents occur and in no time your lovely carpet can be ruined by an ugly stain. Stains can ruin your stunning looking carpet. It is essential that you deal with stains swiftly.  Stains caused by rust or spillage of ink and wine are challenging to deal with. In this article we go over time tested ways to deal with tough stains on your carpets. It is always good to be forearmed with a workable strategy. How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpets The key thing is to get organised and have a clear plan of action. Here is an action plan that always works. Take the first initiative to deal with the stain as quickly as you can. The more time you waste the harder it will be to remove the stain. Use a soft cloth that is clean to blot out the stain. You can also use a paper towel. Mix white vinegar, wash up liquid and water. Put one quarter of a cup of vinegar, two spoonful wash up liquid and two cups of water in a spray bottle.  Spray the stain until it is soaked.  Take the dry towel and blot the stain until it is removed. You can try a mixture of white vinegar, Dawn dish soap, and water in a spray bottle. Use 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1 tbsp. of Dawn dish soap, and fill with water. Spray area liberally and let soak for 5-10 minutes and then proceed with blotting the spot with a clean, dry towel until stain is removed. Use your preferable stain remover. Popular stain removers in the UK are ,   Vanish gold stain remover, BISSELL Pet Stain and Odour Pre-treat 1137E. Repeat the vinegar solution treatment until the stain is removed completely. Always test on a small space to ensure the vinegar mixture does not affect your carpet in any way. In place of vinegar, you can also use baking soda as illustrated here. Note that different carpets have different fibres which may affect the effectiveness of this stain removal strategy. Be sure to check the instructions given by your carpet manufacturer for the best results. How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpets Coffee stains can easily discolor your carpets. The brownish smudge left by coffee stains destroys the beauty of a carpet, so you really want to get rid of coffee stains as soon as you can. Here are battle tested steps to help you remove coffee stains from carpets. Place a paper towel on the spilled coffee to dry the spot. If there is too much coffee spilled, take caution not to spread the coffee on unaffected areas. Mix water, a gentle washing detergent (non-bleach) and vinegar and sprinkle the mixture on […]

Best Way To Clean Laminate Floors

Best way to clean laminate floors? One question that most people who have laminate flooring in their houses always ask is: What is the best way to clean laminate floors? Can use steam mops to clean them? Without a doubt laminate flooring looks beautiful and a perfect choice for floor surfaces. Laminate flooring is a great choice for flooring. The key question then is how to clean laminate flooring? What is the Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors? The key thing to caring for laminate flooring rests on avoiding water residues or extremely hot temperatures because the wood fibre underneath is sensitive to moisture. Here is why. It turns out that the glossy finish on laminate surfaces is a picture of finely textured wood cushioned by segments of wood fibreboards, a seal coat and a moisture barrier beneath it. At least you get a sense on how delicate this floor type is. To formulate the best way to clean laminate flooring, you have to bear in mind that laminate flooring is composed of natural organic material (wood fibreboard) that is responsive to humidity and high temperatures. The only issue with laminate flooring is that they are delicate and susceptible to very high temperatures and wetness . This is why a few year back steam mops were not suited for laminate flooring because many of them produced standard high steam on floor surfaces. How to Clean Laminate Flooring For general daily care of your laminate floor,you need to sweep/vacuum first just like with most other flooring. You will need soft brushes even when you are vacuuming. Your floor needs tender loving care to continue giving that glossy finish that you adore. So stay away from hard brushes because they may scratch your shiny laminate and stick with soft brushes. Once you have vacuumed, you can now whip out your steam mop with variable steam control specifically designed for laminate flooring with microfibre pads to remove all stains and dirt. For spot cleaning Laminate Floors Laminate flooring comes with a laminate cleaner. For spot cleaning of stains and marks use a laminate cleaner rather than water. Using a microfiber mop, spray the laminate cleaner on the floor head with the cleaner and mop your floor to remove all dirt and stains. It is not advisable to use wax; polish or varnish on your laminate. A good wipe with the steam mop will usually bring up the gloss that tends to be hidden when durst starts pilling up. Do not use soap either because it dulls the gloss of the laminate flooring finish. In cases of heavy stains use a laminate cleaner. For general maintenance wipe of spills immediately- do not let any water residue to hang around the floor. You don’t want any spills to seep under the floor because they will cause your floor to buckle or crack if not dealt with in a speedy fashion. Use approved floor mats on high traffic entry points to reduce the chance of particles […]