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Karcher Steam Cleaner & Steam Mop Reviews

Karcher Steam CleanerThere are a number of best Karcher steam cleaners in the market today ranging from Karcher sc5 to Karcher sc1. While Karcher sc5 steam cleaner is the latest steamer from this brand; the Karcher sc3 is the most popular in the industry today. Of course the sc3 is cheaper than the sc5 and have more less the same functionalities apart from the pressure power.

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Note: The Karcher steam cleaner same as the Vax steam cleaners come as both a floor steam mop and a handheld steamer. This implies that you can use your Karcher not only for cleaning floors but also for cleaning worktops, taps, sinks, tiles, kids’ toys and more.

Top 5 Best Karcher Steam Cleaners Reviews & Comparison 2017 UK

NoDetailed ReviewsHeat Up TimeWater Capacity (L)Customers RatingsBest Price
NoDetailed ReviewsHeat Up TimeWater Capacity (L)Customers RatingsBest Price
1Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner30seconds14.3
2Karcher SC5 steam cleaner Karcher SC5 Steam Cleaner3minutes24.1
3Karcher SC4 Steam Cleaner Karcher SC4 Steam Cleaner4minutes1.34
4Karcher SC2 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner, 1500 W, 3 Bar Karcher SC2 Steam Cleaner6.5minutes14.2
5Karcher SC1 Steam Cleaner Karcher SC1 Steam Cleaner3 minutes0.2L4

Karcher SC1 vs SC2

  1. Though the Karcher SC1 and SC2 are multifunctional cleaners, there is a fundamental difference between them. The SC1 is basically a hand-held cleaner that has been modelled into a 2-in-1 cleaner by adding a floor head and hose.
  1. As a result the SC1 has a far smaller water tank of 0.2 litres that gives you between 7-8 minutes of continuous cleaning compared to the SC2 that has a sizeable 1 liter water tank that can give you up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning.
  1. The SC1 is powered by 1200 watt motor that heats up in 3 minutes while the Karcher SC2 is a proper cylinder hot vapour mop that is powered by a 1600 watt that heats up in 6 minutes to give you 3.2 bar hot jetting vapour .
  1. The SC1 is quite lightweight (it weighs only 1.5kgs) while the SC2 weighs 3.2 kgs and rolls on wheels.
  2. The two are quite portable since the SC2 rolls on wheels While the SC1 is light on the hand and can be quite handy for spot for detail cleaning.
  1. The SC1 has a shorter power cord compared (3.8 m) compared to the Karcher SC2 that has a 5 m power cord.

Karcher SC2 vs SC3

  • The Karcher SC3 is powered by a 1900 watt motor that produces 3.5 bar pressure while the SC2 has a 1600 watt that prudes 2 bar hot vapour pressure (0.3 bar pressure) less than the SC3.
  • Due to the high watt motor (1900), the SC3 heats up in 30 seconds compared to the SC2 heats up in 6 minutes
  • The SC3 has a refillable tank unlike the SC2
  • The SC3 comes with an inbuilt descaling cartridge while the SC2 doesn’t have.
  • Unlike the SC2, the Karcher SC3 has dual (two) controls for the variable steam setting one on the handle and the other on the cylinder cleaner.
  • The SC3 has LED light that alerts you when the water is ready for steaming and also when the water tank is running out. The SC2 does not have this function.

Karcher Steam Cleaners and Mops Reviews

Karcher SC1.020 Steam Cleaner Reviews

If you are seeking for the most hygienic & environmentally friendly way of cleaning taps, surfaces, tiles, work surfaces and floors without the use of cleaning agents, the Karcher Sc1.020 is among the options that you can choose from.

Being light and compact, it’s presented as a standard with an inventive cleaning kit for floors. This Karcher Sc1.020 Cylinder Steam Cleaner has an adjustable control setting that can be used to regulate the flow of jetting pressure depending on the surface.


  • Refilling the Karcher Sc1.020 when it is still hot is problematic.
  • Some consumers say that the mop cloths don’t fit well to the mop head while other say that it just fit nicely.


  • This Karcher Sc1.020 Steam Cleaner – Yellow is safe for use in households with kids.
  • Like most cleaners, it kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces. With this cleaner you can be assured that your surfaces are clean enough for your family.
  • It heats up fast, so you don’t have to wait for long to begin cleaning.
  • It is easy to store and saves space due to its compact build.
  • It is quite portable because it effortlessly rolls on wheels.
  • It is an all round cleaner that can be used to clean most parts of your house.
  • With its childproof safety lock, the steam can’t be released by accident.
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Karcher SC 2500 Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Karcher sc 2500 steam cleaner harnesses the power of hot vapour pressure cleaning using only tap-water. It gets rid of hard-to-remove stains from hard floors, oven hobs, upholstery, carpets, tiles as well as taps.

With its floor control setting, you can regulate the volume of vapour depending on the amount of dirt and surface that is being cleaned. Other features include: Detachable 0.8L Water Tank, Two 0.5m Extension Tubes, Round Nylon Bristle Brush, and others.


It has a short power cable.


  • The Karcher steam cleaner sc 2500 can be used by people with allergies.
  • Short heating time.
  • Has a comfortable carry-handle.

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Karcher Sc1020 Steam Cleaner Reviews

This cheapest Karcher Sc1020 Steam Cleaner is very hygienic and an environmentally friendly equipment for cleaning tiles, taps, work surfaces, etc. Accessories include:

  1. a floor cleaning kit,
  2. detail nozzle,
  3. round brush as well as a hand tool.

Other accessories that come with this Karcher steam cleaner sc1020 include: Integrated funnel, Parking position, Descaler Sticks, and others.


  • Makes the floor too wet when the hot vapour output isn’t kept on a lower setting.
  • According to some consumers, the mopping cloths are pretty expensive for what they are.

Pros of the Karcher SC1020

  • It’s compact and light.
  • Doesn’t use cleaning agents.
  • Has a safety value as well as a childproof safety lock.
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Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2600 Reviews

The Karcher Sc2600 Steam Cleaner heats up in only 4 minutes when just starting to mop. It also has a floor control setting for regulating the volume of hot vapour depending on the amount of dirt and the surface that is being cleaned.

Since it can be refilled while being used, it will save you a lot of time and effort. Some of the accessories that come with it include: floor cloth, hand tool, floor tool, round brush, a detail nozzle and an iron connection facility.


  • The equipment is somewhat expensive.
  • The power cable is short for use in a large room.
  • Need to remove all accessories before emptying the water tank.

Pros of the Karcher 2600

  • Can be used to clean a number of areas, i.e., tiles, floors, mirrors, shower screens, and many more.
  • Has an on-board accessory storage.
  • It’s offered with a 2-year guarantee.
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Karcher Window Vac Reviews

This Karcher Window Vac is 10% lighter and shorter than the previous model, its battery has a run time of 25-minutes.

With this run time, you can clean an area of up to 75 square-meters for every charge. You can use it to remove liquids from shower screens, mirrors & tiles; condensation from the windows; as well as spills from worktops and floors.

Some of the accessories that come with this Karcher Window Vac includes: a narrow suction head, a wide suction head, spray bottle, WV2 Window Vac, charger, microfiber cleaning head, instruction manual, and others.


  • The battery life may not be able to do all the windows of the house.
  • The manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution is quite expensive.

Pros of the Karcher Window Vac

  • It’s fast & efficient.
  • Cleans and dries windows.
  • Its battery maintains charge for some good time.
  • Produces drip-free, streak-free cleaning results.
  • Easy to assemble

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Why go for Karcher Steam Mops

Karcher, the leading brand for best steam cleaners, has revolutionized the way we clean our homes by its innovative steam cleaners and window vacuums. These gadgets battle caked in dirt and grime to give your living spaces a fresh clean and gleaming finish.
The Karcher steam mops use the so called ‘slat technology’ that help save you 25% more energy that other counterpart steam mops.
Whether you are looking to steam clean your floors, removing tough grease and stains, cleaning bathrooms, moulds or those hard to reach areas; the Karcher steam cleaner is worth it.

Karcher Steam Cleaners in Summary

Basically there are 5 best Karcher steam cleaners trending in the market right now: Karcher SC5, SC4, SC3, SC2, and SC1 replacing the previous models- Karcher sc1.020 and sc2.500 .

  • Apart from the SC1 which is essentially a handheld cleaner with a floor extension, their cleaners are mostly cylinder cleaners that roll on wheels for increased portability and flexibility.
  • The most popular Karcher steam cleaner is the medium priced all-in-one SC3. It is called all in one because its old version the Karcher SC1030 was sold with an iron attachment. The SC3 has iron functionality but the iron is sold separately.
  • Although there are more advanced models like the SC4 and SC5, the Karcher SC3 gives you more or less the same power and functionality of the SC4 and SC5 for a budget friendly price.
  • The thing that sets the SC4 and the SC5 apart from the SC3 is a slightly higher pressure bar. The SC4 and SC5 have a 4.1 and 4.2 pressure bar respectively while the Karcher SC3 has a 3.5 pressure bar which is decent enough to blast off caked in dirt.
  • Like Vax steam cleaners, most Karcher steam cleaners come with a two year guarantee.
  • The Karcher steamers use tap water and power of steam to clean and kills 99.99% of bacteria hence make them more superior to the traditional mop and bucket cleaning. No detergent required.
  • To make cleaning easier; you are supplied with a number of cleaning accessories such as nozzles, brushes, floor accessory and cleaning pads.
  • You can use the Karcher floor steam cleaner attachment to clean laminate, tiles, stones and any other sealed hard floors.
  • For removing tough grease, stains, lime scale and moulds; Karcher steam cleaner is worth it.
  • The key feature about Karcher is that their gadgets produce relatively higher pressure than other mops in the hot vapour cleaning industry. The bar average bar pressure ranges between 3-4.2 pressure bar which is sufficient to break down any deep seated dirt.
  • The steam cleaners are 90% recyclable just like any other Karcher devices.
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