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Morphy Richards Steam MopThe most popular Morphy Richards steam mop is the Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner. The 9 in 1 has consistently been a best seller in Amazon for the last three years. It became quite popular because it was among the first versatile multifunctional steam mop to hit the UK market. Others include the:

  •  Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner and the latest
  • Morphy Richards supersteam pro, 15 in 1 steam cleaner.

The brand offers a two year warranty for all their steam mops. The warranty will be provided as long as you have registered your product online after purchase

You are recommended to use distilled or de-ionized water to make your steamer last long. This will help your gadget not to clog.

Find Morphy Richards Steam Mop Reviews 2018: See how the best selling Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner compares to the latest Morphy Richards 15 in 1 steam supersteam.

Top 5 Best Morphy Richards Steam Mop Reviews 2018

#1: Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro Steam Cleaner Reviews

Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro Steam CleanerThe Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro steam cleaner is one of the best steam mops that is lightweight and effortless to manoeuvre around your home. It has a flexible and rotating handle for ultimate convenience.

Key Features / Pros

  • The Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro has a specially designed back saving handle included to help you clean those hard-to-reach places. It effortlessly cleans beneath heavy furniture thanks to its fold-able handle.
  • It is more like the popular Vax Steam Fresh Combi but with more practical and functional features like the folding and flexible handle and ability to clean in 15 places in your house just as the Vax Fresh Combi.
  • It has dual tank capability which total up to 600 ml water tank capacity. The upright floor mop has a 400ml water capacity while the handheld cleaner has 200 ml water tank capacity which makes it lighter than most cleaners in the market.
  • The dual water tank gives you 30 minutes of continuous cleaning.
  • It has lightweight handheld cleaner unlike other hand held devices by other manufacturers like the Vax Fresh Combi..
  • You can use it as a mop or a handheld cleaner.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories to customize your cleaning to cater for all your domestic cleaning tasks. It can clean up to 15 different places in your domestic space.
  • It has variable floor control that enables you to clean different floor types.
  • It comes with a carpet glider that you can use to refresh your carpets.
  • It has ergonomic and versatile handle. Never again will you complain of the cleaner being cumbersome and bulky.

You can use the Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro to clean a multitude of surfaces from hard floors, rugs carpets, windows and shower cubicles, laminate flooring, grouting, tiles, bathrooms to upholstery and even mattresses.

The 720520 Supersteam Pro has an adjustable steam output. This means you can set the right steam especially for cleaning sensitive flooring that can be damaged if cleaned in super high temperatures.

For peace of mind, this gadget comes with a two year guarantee.

Morphy Richards 720520 Review

The Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro has a massive tank (600ml) that will give you 30 minutes of cleaning time.

  • It dries really quick leaving your surfaces spectacularly clean.
  • It kills 99.9% germs and bacteria on your surfaces without using detergents.
  • It is normally readily assembled when delivered.
  • It heats up in just seconds. The instantaneous boiler jets out vapour to clean your surfaces really quickly and with ease. This supersteam really brings the fun back into domestic cleaning chores.
  • Its immense 850 ml tank can be refilled on the go without the need to wait the Morphy supersteam to cool.
  • You would have thought that with such tank capacity the Morphy Richards supersteam would be heavy and cumbersome. Due to its twin tank, you can choose to detach the handheld when cleaning your floors, this makes it quite light. In actual sense, the combined weight of the mop and handheld cleaner is actually lightweight at just 3.6 Kgs and easy to man oeuvre as you work through all your rooms.
  • It features a cutting edge specially designed handle that makes accessing hard to reach places no problem at all. The handle folds at 90 degrees to effortlessly clean tight spaces and beneath furniture without the need to bend.
  • The cable can easily be folded around the 7205220 handle for easy storage.

Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro Accessories

  • A water filling funnel.
  • Detachable carpet glider.
  • Carpet and hard floor cloths.
  • A squeegee nozzle tiles and window cleaning.
  • Upholstery and furniture utility nozzle.
  • An elastic utility cloth for dusting off upholstery and furniture that helps to combat stains.
  • A hard brush for battling hard stains; grouting; hard surfaces and tiles.
  • For general overall maintenance of your cleaner, a pro nozzle pin and brush are included in the accessories box.
  • A deflector nozzle.

The Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro

The Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro steam cleaner is effortless to navigate around your home, with a specially designed back saving handle to help you clean those hard-to-reach places.

  • The hand held has two handle options that are ergonomic and make cleaning task a breeze. This is because you can use both hands to clean, one holding the cleaner while the other does the wiping and dusting.
  • There is also no waiting time with this cleaner because once you switch it on, the 1230 Watt motor heats up the water in 30 seconds to produce hot vapour to power your cleaning.
  • When you’re ready to store it away until the next time, the cable can be neatly wrapped around the handle.
  • This supersteam has a number of practical features that will make your cleaning tasks easy and effortless. In my opinion it is better than the other best selling 15 in 1 steam cleaners.

#2: Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner

The Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner , 720022 with illuminated and collapsible handle has an upholstery attachment to clean upholstery furniture and remove creases from your garments.

Key Features

The Morphy Richards 12 in 1 is white in color, weighing 3.0kg, powered by 1600 watts, 240 volts

  • Just like the Morphy Richards 15 in 1 ; The 12 in 1 cleaner comes with a floor-head that has beaming light.
  • The floor-head of the mop is illuminated. It beams out a powerful rays of light as you mop to enable you see any hidden stains or dirt and to also give you an idea on how well you are cleaning.
  • It also has a handy detachable handheld device that can be customized with the wide array of accessories to clean 12 different parts of your house.
  • It employs swivel steer technology that makes it quite easy to access hard to reach areas and tight areas like around table legs or under furniture fittings.
  • The 720022 kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your floor surfaces.
  • The controls are conveniently placed right near the palm of your hand on the front of the mop which makes it easy to use. All the functions can easily be controlled by flipping buttons.
  • It can perform up to 12 cleaning functions on your domestic spaces.
  • It can mop floors, windows, upholstery, grouting, kitchen worktops and drawers,taps and sinks, toilet, bath and shower cubicle, tiles, blinds and even mattresses. You can basically use it to tidy up every part of your house to not only give you a gleaming finish but highly sanitized surfaces that are spectacularly tidy.
  • It also has a carpet glider that you can use to refresh your carpets.


  • The cord length is relatively short compared to other top of the range steam mops like the Vax Fresh Combi that has 8 meter power code.
  • Manufacturer recommends that you use iodised water for the durability of the gadget. With time the cost of iodised water could add up. However a good number of customer reviews indicate that many people use ordinary tap water on the cleaner without any problems at all. If you live in a hard water area, then it is recommended that you actually use iodised water for the long life of your mop.


If you are looking for a device that will transform your floor surfaces and make them look like new, then keep reading because the Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner combines practical features that increase efficiency, reliability and effectiveness into one compelling machine.

The 12 in 1 is powered by a 1600 watt motor that produces hot jetting vapour in 30 seconds to give you 14 minutes of continuous cleaning. The tank size is 430 ml and has a “see-through” glass such that you can easily monitor the water levels as you mop . It is lightweight (3.0 kgs) and has a 5 meter power cable. It has 2 hooks to wrap the cord and keep it safe when you are not using it.

This Morphy Richards 720022 has variable floor control setting that enables you to mop all types of floor surfaces as compared the older best selling version, the Morphy Richards 9 in 1.All you have to do is adjust the jetting heat released to your floors to vary the temperature for different floor types.

Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Accessories

Accessories include the following:

  1. Two machine washable microfibre pads.
  2. Carpet glider to freshen your carpets.
  3. A jet nozzle that is angled to enable you access all crooks and cranny
  4. Two circular shaped nylon brushes.
  5. An upholstery nozzle with cloth.
  6. An extension hose to enable to spruce up tight places
  7. A smaller floor head that be used to clean windows.

Where to buy replacement heads? It is advisable to check with the manufacturers because customers have noted that a number of third party vendors do not have the right dimensions that fit with the Morphy 12 in 1.

Overall Verdict

Without a doubt what you are getting here is a quality gadget that is unrivalled by many of its peers. 86% of the 60 customers who have reviewed the Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner are quite happy with their purchase.

  • The 12 in 1 cleaner has a high customer satisfaction rate and practical features like the foldable handle and illuminated floor head that make it a compelling choice for your domestic cleaning chores.
  • It has continuous control setting to cater for all types of floors and anti scale feature protects your cleaner from clogging up.
  • It is quite multifunctional and versatile: you can literally use it to tidy up anything in your house.
  • It is lightweight, easy to set up and store.
  • It has swivel steering that makes cleaning effortless.
  • It has decent water tank that will give you 20 minutes of continuous heating and yeah, it heats up in record time.
  • You can use it to mop any hard floors and to refresh carpets.
  • This Morphy 720022 kills 99% of all germs and bacteria to leave your floors shining.
  • It has continuous cleaning without the hustles of pushing a button or holding down a button the entire time like is the case with some other mops.
  • It has reliable brush attachment that will get the job done.

I approve the 720022, Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner. Buy with confidence.

#3: Morphy Richards 15 in 1 Luna Plus Steam Cleaner Reviews

The 720507 Morphy Richards 15 in 1 luna plus steam cleaner is among the latest entry into the elite league of innovative idea of steam cleaning. It has all the tantalizing features that the Luna 12 in 1 has like ability to strap the handheld on your back to free your two hands to do any dusting or brushing.

Key Features / Pros

The Morphy Richards steam cleaner 720507 luna plus runs on a 1600 watts motor that heats up the 430 ml water tank in 30 seconds to give between 17-20 minutes of continuous cleaning.

  • It has a five meter power length and it only weights 3.1 Kgs.
  • The 15 in 1 is fitted with a micro-pulse vibration setting on the floor head that dislodges deep seated dirt and grime by agitating them.
  • It has the illuminated floor-head that makes your cleaning a breeze. A beam of light is shone on your cleaning path to give you an indication of how well you have cleaned.
  • It has a water tank that is illuminated by some neon light to give you a hint on the level of water in the tank so that you can top-up if the water is running low.
  • it has a carpet glider that will enable you to glide across your pile and refresh it.
  • The luna plusis quite multi functional – it can clean up to 15 places n your house. It can clean all types of sealed hard floors, carpets, windows, upholstery and blinds, kitchen worktops and cupboards, ovens and hob, grills and BBQ, wall tiles and shower cubicles, tap and kitchen sink, car alloy wheels,etc


  • The power cable is relatively shorter than other comparable cleaners like the Vax steam fresh combi 15 in 1
  • The manufacturer recommends use of iodised water to reduce chances of corrosion. The cost of using iodised water could add up over time.


The Morphy Richards 15 in 1 luna plus steam cleaner promises to clean up to 15 different parts in your house.

The digital control panel is conveniently placed on the front of the cleaner for easy usability. Of course the Luna Plus has a multi-functional handheld cleaner.


A brand new boxed luna plus comes with the following accessories that truly transform this cleaner into a real machine. Here they are:

  • An angled jet nozzle
  • Two round nylon brushes (black in color)
  • Two round nylon brushes (green in color)
  • Two brass brushes
  • One upholstery nozzle and a washable clothe
  • A shoulder strap for slinging your handheld on your shoulders or back.
  • A window squeegee
  • An extension hose
  • A storage bag
  • One swivel steer maneuverable floor head and one variable floor head illumination.
  • A carpet glider and two washable clothes.

Morphy Richards 720507 : Overall Verdict

Make no mistake, the 720507 Morphy Richards 15 in 1 luna plus steam cleaner is a top quality cleaner by a reputable manufacturer. It is practical and functional due to its ability to perform multiple tasks effortlessly.

  • Basing on the success of the luna 12 in 1 which at time of writing had a rating of 4.5 star our of 5 , a total of 86% customer satisfaction, you can not go wrong with this luna plus 15 in 1 steam cleaner.
  • It has variable floor control setting with three main settings: high, medium and low.
  • It is quite multi functional – it can clean up to 15 places n your house
  • It is lightweight (weighs only 3.1 kgs).
  • It has variable floor control and can clean all types of floors and carpets
  • It has illuminated floor-head for easy deep cleaning
  • It has a vibration setting that agitates stubborn dirt
  • It kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces.
  • It has an easy to fill tank.

#4:Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner

The Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner, 720020 is also one of the top rated 2 in 1 steam mops UK. It is an old version of the now best selling Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner.

Key Features/Pros

  • The Morphy Richards steam cleaner 9 in 1 is quite lightweight weighing 3 Kgs only.
  • Has a 400 ml tank that heats up in 30 seconds by 1500watts motor to give you 15 minutes cleaning time.
  • It is a standing device with a detachable hand held steamer that comes with a fully kitted piece of accessory to perform 9 tasks..
  • In the standing mode, the 9 in 1 Morphy Richards is suited to clean most sealed hard surfaces and can also used to refresh carpets.
  • The handheld steamer is quite versatile; it can be used for cleaning work tops, ovens, kitchen hood, cooker and other kitchen appliances.
  • It can also straighten your clothes and leave them streak free, freshen your upholstery and even do your car alloy wheels.
  • The machine has a zero cool-down time, which is a great safety feature, so anyone standing near the machine won’t get harmed by any heat coming from the machine.
  • Has a sizable cord (5m) for ease of use.
  • It is versatile and easy to move about/store.
  • Dries surfaces quickly and heats up quickly (well 30 seconds). It does not leave the floors wet.
  • Cleans sofas, carpets, windows, bathrooms and worktops. Removes creases from your garments.
  • It is easy to set-up.
  • Kills germs without using detergents.
  • Has a powerful jetting pressure and leaves floors streak free.
  • Refreshes/sanitises carpets.
  • Comes with machine washable cleaning clothes.
  • Has a big head that cleans with few swipes and saves time.
    It is quite sturdy.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty for peace of mind.


The Morphy Ri chards 9 in 1 uses iodized water which are sold in major shopping stores. The distilled water is relatively low priced to buy but if you add up the cost down the line, you may find that the cost may add up over the years. This is one aspect that is a niggling point so far. However, having said that iodized water keeps your gadget in tip top condition away from corrosion that may shorten its durability. You will need to use distilled iodised water for the tank, this can be a hassle to some people.

The detachable handheld cleaner needs you to use two hands which can be limiting if you need your other hand to be free to get through the cleaning chore quicker. However this is not a problem if you are not the multi-tasking type; the detachable handheld cleaner is made this way for safety reasons.


The Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner is used for all the difficult to reach as well as the open places in your home such as tiling, carpeting, wooden floors, garages, and even work spaces.

This device is remarkable in its flexibility and durability, so let’s go over some of the major features of this gadget.

This Morphy Richards 720020 is sturdy. This is a welcome quality because you certainly do not want to have your Morphy break down from heavy use, as you just want to be able to count on it all of the time.

Another feature that everyone loves, is the detachable handheld device which is ultra handy for you to get into the very hard to reach areas. Dirt has a funny way of getting into all of the corners and cracks, and this feature makes it extremely easy to get the dirt out of these.

Being able to convert it into handheld steamer on the fly is quite convenient. You don’t have to stop the machine. This is a great time saver.

How easy is it to set up the Morphy Richards 720020?

Setting the Morphy Richards 720020 is a breeze, once you have unboxed the package, you will be set in about 10 minutes. The instructions are simple and clear to follow.

The handheld device is easy to detach and attach. It’s all a matter of pushing a button and you are ready to go. The removable handheld cleaner enables you to manoeuvre into those hard to reach places where the standing device cannot reach.

This Steamer also has heating time of 30 second so you almost have an instant boiling time, with very little time to wait until you can get to work.

The continuous jetting pressure feature makes sure that the machine will always be “on” and you will have no waiting periods in which you might have to stop and wait on the machine.


The Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner is such that it can be used as a mop for your floors and also as a handheld cleaner.

The handheld can clean worktops, bathroom cubicles, grout and many parts of the house.

It comes with a carpet glider that enables it to refresh carpets. However there are mixed reviews on its ability as a carpet cleaner. Some say it is ok while others think otherwise. At least it gives you that added capability of using it for your carpets.

All said and done, you cannot take away the versatility this gadget offers you. Once the Morphy 9 in 1 is on, you can choose how much jetting pressure to release using the trigger. This is a great feature that gives you control of your gadget.

The Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Accessories

For added functionality the Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner comes with a number of accessories including:

  • Two clothes for dusting.
  • Attachments for the handheld cleaner.
  • It also comes equipped with 13 different nozzles and hoses for custom work in tight places and surfaces.

The Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner

The problem with most cleaning equipment is the fact that most devices are cumbersome, heavy and difficult to move from place to place.

The ease of use and the ability of the user to move the Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner is one of the main attractions of having it.

  • It has a sizeable 400ml capacity water tank, which enables the user to cover large cleaning spaces without the inconvenience of refilling the water ever so often.
  • It literally cleans any surface, whether it is your tile or your carpet, or even wooden floors. It will also clean your windows, which is a great advantage right there.
  • One thing as already noted above, Morphy Richards recommends using distilled iodised water.
  • Some people say that they have used it on laminate flooring, cleaning moulding on walls, doing fixtures, bathroom fittings and windows.

It is good value for money. Buy it with full confidence that it is worth it.

Morphy Richards 720506 Luna 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner vs. 720507 Luna Plus

The main difference between the Luna Plus 15 in 1 and the Luna 12 in 1 is the number of places the Luna plus can clean up to 15 different. While the Luna 12 in 1 can only accomplish 12 cleaning tasks. To be honest, unless you are a power user of hot vapour mops, the difference between these two cleaners is negligible. The Luna 12 in 1 has sold more units than the 15 in 1 because it is relatively cheaper than the Luna plus.

Morphy Richards 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner 720023 vs. 720022

The Morphy Richards 12-in-1 cleaner 720022 and the 720023 have more or less similar functionalities: they are powered by a 1600 watt that heats up water to produce hot jetting vapour in 30 seconds. They both have a 400ml tank size and have a bunch of accessories that can be customized to clean 12 different parts of your house.

The main difference is that the 12-in-1 cleaner 720023 has variable control that can enable you to adjust the temperature of the hot vapour to suit your floor type. The Morphy Richards 720022 has no variable control.

The 720023 comes with a fitted anti-scale to prevent your cleaner from corroding with lime-scale and it can give you up to 20 minutes continuous cleaning while the 720022 can only muster 14 minutes of continuous cleaning and has no ant-scale fitted.

Other cleaners by this manufacturer are:

#5: Morphy Richards 720027 Total Clean 13 in 1 Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Morphy Richards 720027 Total Clean 13 in 1 Steam Cleaner is one of its kinds. It has an illuminated flooring head so that you can see the path of your cleaning especially in dark spaces like under furniture same as the Morphy Richards 12 in 1.

Key Features and Design

The Morphy Richards steam cleaner 720027, total clean has an anti-scale cartridge that protects your steam mop from damage, reduce clogging and prolong your gadget.

  • It also has a fold-able handle for easy storage and the ability to spray your favorite detergent from the 720027.
  • It is powered by a 1200 Watts motor that heats up the 300 ml tank in 30 seconds to give you between 10-15 continuous cleaning time.
  • Has a floor head “tank” that has a spray where you can fill in a detergent of your choice. You can use the spray functionality in the floor head to spray your floors with your favorite cleaning agent to give them a nice scent.
  • Has a large floor head which helps you to cover wider spaces in a short time.
  • Comes with a wide array of accessories that you can use to clean up to 13 places in your house.
  • It is made in a way that you can refill the “see-through” tank on the go without waiting for it to cool down.
  • Has a variable floor control settings to allow you to select appropriate (recommended) floor setting for different floor surfaces.
  • It also has a detachable hand held device that has added functionality to enable you can clean most parts of the house including hard to reach places.
  • Can be used to clean: Sealed Hard floors, Laminate flooring, tiled floors, carpets and rugs, windows, Kitchens, bathrooms, work surfaces shower doors and Cubicles, upholstery and curtains.
  • Comes with two years guarantee.


  • The cord length is a bit short (5m long) .
  • The manufacturer advises that you use distilled water which though cheap can add up in cost over time.

Irrespective of the few shortcomings, the 720027 is a quality sturdy device. Indeed to be honest the cord length of 5 m is decent enough to cover any standard room, you can live with it. As with most cleaners using the jetting vapour ensures quick and hygienic cleaning.


The Morphy Richards 720027 employs the ball bearing technology . This to ensure that you can clean both upwards, sideways and any angle you want but still receive a steady jetting vapour pressure. Morphy still recommends using distilled iodised water.

  • It has a wider floor head.
  • You can use it both in an upright, sideways or downward position.

The water tank is detachable for easy filling and has a window where you can view the water level.

  • It produces continuous steam at the push of the on/off button
  • It is fitted with a round ball-like bearing that is submerged by water. This bearing technique ensures that you get a steady continuous supply of jetting vapour at the level that you have set .


Accessories that come with this Morphy Richards 13 in 1 include a replaceable anti-scale cartridge, two Cleaning Pads, an extension nozzle, carpet glider, upholstery attachment with an elastic cloth, work surface attachment with micro-fibre cloth, angled jet nozzle, a brush for crevices, round brush, a scraper made of plastic and a bag for storing the accessories.

Overall Verdict

The Morphy Richards 720027 total clean is one of those things that you buy and be rest assured that you have a reliable gadget in your possession that will not let you down. Year in year in you can count on this device. It also comes with a two years guarantee for peace of mind.

With the 13 in 1 you can clean your sofas, curtains, windows, rug, kids’ toys, worktops, sinks and many more parts of your house.

  • You can literally clean 13 parts of your house.
  • 83% of the people who bought it at Amazon are happy with their purchase.
  • Buy with confidence because the manufacturer is a trusted brand.
  • Besides this, you can hardly go wrong with two years guarantee. That is long enough to take your Morphy through all paces you can think of without risking too much.

#6: Morphy Richards 70495 2-in-1 Steam Mop Reviews

The Morphy Richards 70495 2-in-1 steam mop is one of the best 2 in 1 steam mops that can be used both as a mop and a handheld cleaner.

Key Features / Pros

Same as the Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Mop; the Morphy Richards 70495 has a 400 ml litre tank that is powered by a 1500 watt motor which heats up in 30 seconds to give you 15 minutes cleaning time .

  • It has different settings suitable for different floor surfaces from wooden floors to laminate flooring.
  • Inside the package is also a handy bag for storage.
  • It has functional 5 meter cord, enough to clean and manoeuvre one standard room.
  • The manufacturer recommends distilled water. You can also use hot water; this will reduce the heating up time.
  • The Water tank is easy to fill because it quickly detaches and so does the hand held cleaner which comes out at the push of a button.
  • Has a wide range of tools and attachments to be used on walls, work tops, windows, grouting, crevices, upholstery and even refreshing garments.
  • The Morphy Richards steam mop 70495 comes with a 2 year guarantee; to claim this you have to register it though at Morphy Richards.


The Morphy Richards 70495 has a short electric cord (only 5 metres). Therefore, as you are cleaning around the house, you have to keep switching plugs.

  • Only distilled water is supposed to be used to fill the tank for cleaning.
  • There isn’t any heat proof pad for standing the unit on as it cools. Also, there isn’t a hanging hook attached to the mop, so when you’re not using the mop it has to be stood up on the floor but it comes with a handy storage bag where you can place it safely once it has cooled.


Well I have scoured through over 300 reviews, comments from buyers in Amazon and other sellers and here is what I found out.

The Morphy Richards 70495 2-in-1 just like other best steam mops has ability to kill almost all the germs without using detergents.

The jetting pressure is quite hot that it denatures all the germs that it comes into contact with.

The 70495 has different settings suitable for different floor surfaces from wooden floors to laminate flooring. It is designed to deep clean all parts of your house, hence the 16 part kit.

Some of its key benefits include:

  • Clear instructions and easy to operate; attachments are easy attach/detach.
  • A wide variety of different attachments come with it that can be used on various surfaces.
  • It has a detachable hand held unit that is quite versatile; it has numerous attachments that enable it to reach into all “nooks and crannies”.
  • It is quite slim and easy to store,
  • It only weights 3 Kgs; a bit heavy though as compared to the Morphy Richards Pulsonic of 2.1kg or even the Morphy Richards 9 in 1 of 2.4kg.
  • It is environmental friendly, you don’t need any chemicals.
  • Kills 99.9% of the germs on your surfaces.
  • It is sturdy and quite good on most surface floors.
  • It dries floors quickly and is not messy. Does not spill water if you follow instructions well. Tip (do not hold the steam button continuously). The instructions warn that your floors may over-wet if you keep the button constantly pressed.
  • Provides a decent jetting pressure to break grease and grime.

The Morphy 2 in 1 mop comes with a carpet cleaning spray that can be quite helpful to remove stains and marks but I hope by now you get the point. This is a decent cleaner. At the price it is currently being sold at, this is a worthy investment.


The Morphy Richards 70495 2-in-1 is quite long and slim. This allows you to stretch into tricky corners. For places that cannot be reached by the standing mop, the hand held cleaner comes in handy.

It has so many brushes and accessories that can allow you to clean practically any hard to reach places.

It comes packaged with a 16 part kit to help you clean almost everything in the house, from your floors, your upholstery, your windows, sofa, kitchen cupboards, grouting, and kitchen appliances like the oven.

What exactly is in the 16 part kit? Well, inside the kit is a round brush; Grouting brush/Q Crevice; Worktop surface attachment, Angled jet nozzle, Freezer scraper/oven/plastic hob; Window cleaning attachment, Upholstery attachment in addition to the following.

  • Extension nozzle;
  • Detachable 400ml reservoir;
  • A bag for keeping all extra tools and
  • Cloth attachments for cleaning surfaces.
    With all these accessories, how long does it take to assemble the 2 in 1?

The different attachments assist you to tackle all those awkward spaces you cannot reach with the standing mop. It can also be used to refresh carpets; you can also use it to removes creases from your clothes and can even use it to clean the alloy wheel of your car. As you can see, when it comes to versatility, this is a very flexible cleaner.

Can you use tap water with the Morphy Richards 2 in 1 steam mop?

According to the instructions, the tank should never be filled with anything except distilled, de-mineralised or deionised water. However from the many customers’ reviews I have read, many people report that though they have disregarded this advice to use ordinary tap water, theirs steam cleaners have not failed. Although it sounds safe to use ordinary tap water, if the experiences of customers are anything to go by, you should only disregard manufacturer’s advice at your own risk because by doing so you may lose your guarantee.

Settings It Up

The Morphy Richards 70495 comes with two steam settings. The high setting is handy for using in hard to clean areas and for removing stains. The low setting works well on floorboards. It is advisable to use low setting on wooden and laminate flooring because these surfaces are known to be delicate .


The 2 in 1 steam cleaner comes with a 2 year guarantee from Morphy Richards. If you buy from Amazon, you will need to register online at the Morphy Richards website or alternatively call them up first before you secure the 2 year warranty.

Without registering with manufacturer, you will only get the standard Amazon one year guarantee. In case something happens to your Morphy steam mop will either refund your money or make an exchange.

The Morphy Richards 70495 2-in-1 Steam Mop

What is my verdict on the Morphy Richards 70495 2-in-1 steam mop? Overall for me, it scores more ticks than its draw backs. Some of its shortcomings though annoying for example the short electric code can be overcome by getting an extension code.

Many of us already have extension codes anyway, so you can live with that. Basing on all its strengths and the affordable price it is currently going for, this is a product worth having.

  • The 2 in 1 steam mop is a high quality cleaner that ticks the boxes of durability, reliability and effectiveness.
  • You can buy with confidence that you have two years guarantee as a fallback plan. However the thing is, you will hardly get any problems with this gadget.
  • In case of any issues, reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service; they are quite friendly and patient. They will not keep you waiting but will attend to you.
  • 74% of customers who bought the Morphy Richards 70495 give glowing accounts of its capabilities. This is without a doubt a quality product.

Morphy Richards Multi Floors Steam Mop

The Morphy Richards multi floors steam mop is quite light weight, it weighs only 2.1 Kgs, can be moved out and about in the house.The multi-floor steam mop can be used on sealed hard floors, tiles, laminates, rugs and carpets.

It has a quick access on/off button that will provide you steady steam without the need to keep pressing on the n button. This makes breaking between cleaning a breeze, all you need is to push the on or off button.

  • It has a 270 ml water tank that can be filled at anytime without having to wait for this mop to cool down.
  • Its water tank is easy to fill and it heats up in 40 seconds to give you ten minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time
  • It runs on a 1500 watt motor and has a powerful jetting pressure that blasts grime and dirt away.
  • It produces steam continuously without the need to keep pressing a button which makes house cleaning fun and quick.
  • It has easy to access control centre on the face of the mop head.
  • It has an easily extendable handle to enable you navigate to those hidden places like tight places under furniture.
  • Easy to fill and refill tank that can be filled while the gadget is still in use.
  • It has a window at the back where you can view the water level.
  • The multi-floors does not use detergent to clean but it is ultra hot that it kills at least 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your floors.


It does not have a variable floor setting nor anti-scale features.


The Morphy Richards multi floor steam mop water tank is easy to fill and it heats up in 40 seconds to give you ten minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.


You are advised to use de-iodised mineral water to reduce clogging by lime scale. Especially if you live in places where there is hard water. Though the manufacturer does not recommend using tap water to fill the 720501 tank, most customer report using tap water without any problems. However using de-iodised water will make extend its lifespan.

Microfibre Pads

The Morphy Richards multi floors uses microfibre pad suitable for hard floors.The microfibre pads are machine washable.

  • It also comes with a washable carpet cloth made of microfibre and a carpet glider. The carpet glider helps the carpet microfibre cloth to fit squarely on the mop head when refreshing carpets.
  • It has a significant 4.3 rating at Amazon out of the 5 maximum points.
  • 91% of the 223 customers who have reviewed the multi floors say they are quite happy with their purchase.

Morphy Richards Pulsonic Steam Mop

The Morphy Richards Pulsonic Steam Mop, 720504, is one of the cheapest steam mops. It is fitted with an anti-scale cartridge to reduce lime-scale clogging and damaging your gadget. However, It does not include a handheld cleaner attachment.

  • It features a vibrating floor head that agitates deep seated and ingrained dirt.
  • Has a decent 500ml tank that provides you with twenty five minutes of continuous uninterrupted cleaning.
  • It has a five meter power cord which is not so bad and is powered by a 1500 watt motor that heats in a matter of seconds, well in thirty seconds.
  • It also has variable floor control setting which means you can use it on all kinds of floor types including laminate.


  1. One of the shortfalls of the pulsonic is that the anti-scale needs to be replaced every three months at the price of eight pounds. That means an extra thirty pounds every year for merely maintaining the pulsonic. Thirty pound is enough to buy an Ok cleaner.
  2. You also have to use iodised water which though cheap to buy will add up over the years.
  3. The power cord though ok for a small room is likely to be short when used in a big room. You will have to keep unplugging and switching sockets to cover the whole room. Of-course no one like such inconvenience.


The Morphy Richards pulsonic steam mop, 720504 gives you ultimate control of the jetting pressure. For delicate items like garments and upholstery or even laminate flooring choose low steam settings while for those stubborn stains and for a proper deep clean choose high settings.

  • The carpet glider enables you to refresh your carpets, allowing the hot jetting vapour to seep deep into your carpets to kill all germs and bacteria from your surfaces.
  • The pulsonic is built with the comfort and convenience of the user in mind. There is no need to keep refilling the tank because of the large size of the tank. In case you need to refill the tank you just do that on demand. It heats up on just 30 seconds.
  • It is lightweight weighing only 2.1 kgs
  • It has a detachable 500ml tank
  • It is also fitted with an anti-scale filter to scale back any build up limescale that is known to reduce the lifespan of most electronic gadgets.
  • It is easy to store.
  • The different settings of the 720504 mop are nestled in an easy central control located on the head of the mop for effortless manoeuvre.

This is no doubt the pulsonic steamer is good product

  • It has a big tank that heats up quickly to give you 25 minutes of continuous cleaning.
  • It has an anti-scale that elongates the life of your mop.
  • However when you factor in all the cost that is associated with maintaining it, this product does not provide good value for money.

However, you are better off going for the Morphy Richards Luna plus which not only has more functions but is also easy to maintain.

Morphy Richards Steam Mop Pads

There are two kinds of replacement pads that you might need. These are the microfiber and the scrubbing pads.

The microfiber pads are designed to be absorbent. They come as a pair because on the pads is coarser in texture and heavy duty. You can clean this using the washing machine once you are done using it.

For your scrubbing pad, you will need to remove dirt and stains. Therefore, you will have to glide the steam cleaner along the floor, pads designed to mob the floor are made of microfiber and some steam mops come with a scrubbing brush as an additional attachment.

One can purchase replacement pads from Amazon, eBay etc; they sell a pack of 2 steam mops pads. These are of superior quality and facilitate the collection of dirt which has been melted by steam.

It is recommended to acquire replacement cleaning pads from the manufacture because it then means they will come in the correct sizes depending on the model of your mop.

Spare Parts

One can obtain a range of spare parts online. The following are some of the many spare parts available: Jet nozzle, Water tank filler cap, Top handle section, Carpet glider, Deflector Nozzle, Flow head securing screw, O ring, Handle, Screws for handle which come 2 in pack and a Filler jug

There are several other spare parts, but these are the most common ones that you might come to need when using one of the steam mops.

You are advised to make an online spare parts purchase from their online website. The interesting thing about making an online purchase is that after registering your product it will make it easy for the company to provide you with a spare part specifically for your cleaner.

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