Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner Reviews

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner Reviews UK 2017

Here is the detailed Morphy Richards steam cleaner and steam mops reviews, comparison chart  and a buying guide- to help you choose which is the best steam mop to buy 2017:

Top 5 Morphy Richards Steam Cleaners Reviews & Comparison UK 2017

Product Name & Detailed ReviewsSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)RatingsPrice
Product Name & Detailed ReviewsSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)RatingsPrice
Morphy Richards 15 In 1 Steam Cleaner 720507 Luna Plus Morphy Richards 720507 Luna Plus Steam Cleaner173054.8
Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner 143054.1
Morphy Richards  9 In 1 Steam Cleaner Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner 143054.0
Morphy Richards 13 in 1 Total Clean Steam Cleaner fresh-720027- White/Orange Morphy Richards Total Clean Steam Mop143054.3

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaners Buying Guide

Morphy Richards has been making electric domestic gadgets for the UK since the 1930s. They have invested time and money to bring customers cutting edge technology in the cleaning industry.

You can tell that they have listened to customer feedback by looking at the improvements they have made to new cleaning gadgets like Luna 12 in 1 and 15 in 1 which have shoulder straps for the handheld device following customer feedback.

Their most popular hot vapour cleaner is the Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner. The 9 in 1 has consistently been a best seller in Amazon for the last three years. It became quite popular because it was among the first versatile multifunctional hot vapour mop to hit the UK market.
Similar early multifunctional cleaners like the Vax steam mop S7 have also topped the best seller ranks.

  • Some of the 9 in 1 endearing features are a versatile hand held cleaner that can be used for 9 cleaning functions.
  • Continuous cleaning (you can top up the tank without waiting for the gadget to cool down). This is both convenient especially when you have gathered momentum and will certainly save you time.

Things to Know Before Buying the Morphy Richards Steam Mop!


The Morphy Richards steam mops come with several accessories such as 2x micro-fibre floor clothes, a carpet glider, an extension nozzle, a worktop surface attachment which has micro-fibre cloth. Others include; a window cleaning attachment, upholstery attachment, an angled jet nozzle and a round brush for some steam mops.

Replacement Pads

It is recommended to acquire replacement cleaning pads from the manufacture because it then means they will come in the correct sizes depending on the model of your mop.

There are two kinds of replacement pad that you might need. These are the microfiber and the scrubbing pads.

The microfiber pads are designed to be absorbent. They come as a pair because on the pads is coarser in texture and heavy duty. You can clean this using the washing machine once you are done using it.

For your scrubbing pad, you will need to remove dirt and stains. Therefore, you will have to glide the steam cleaner along the floor, pads designed to mob the floor are made of microfiber and some steam mops come with a scrubbing brush as an additional attachment.

One can purchase replacement pads from Amazon, eBay etc; they sell a pack of 2 steam mops pads. These are of superior quality and facilitate the collection of dirt which has been melted by steam.


On Amazon, you may get a 30-day return policy, however the brand offers a two year warranty for all their steam mops. The warranty will be provided as long as you have registered your product online after purchase. If for some reasons you end up not registering your steamer then you will have to be contended by the 12 months warranty they offer.


Like any other electronic man made gadget; the Morphy Richards steam cleaners are not devoid of problems. You might end up cursing and swearing while using it for some reasons.

Some users have complained that while using some models, water seems to come out at the bottom of the mop. Faults with electricity in the house while using it such as power tripping.

To add to these several other complaints have been aired such as the following.

Some steam mops (old versions) do not come with a switch to control the amount of steam needed. Pumping out too much vapour may also be experienced which eventually leaves most surfaces wet, or the steam cleaner does not dry out the surface they clean.

You are recommended to use distilled or de-ionized water whereas most users have access to tap water and find distilling water for cleaning tiles quite tiresome.

Besides all these you will find that the power cords come in short sizes requiring you to move and reposition your steam mop severally.

How to Use Your Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner?

After purchasing the Morphy Richards steam cleaner , then you will be required to fill the tank with one litre of cold water. You may also use hot water to save on time during heat up. You will also find that the boxes have some instructions on the water to use, which is de-ionized or distilled water. You may choose to use either the higher or lower settings provided.

When removing stains and hard to clean areas, the higher settings are more useful. You can use the lower setting when cleaning floorboards.

Due to the steam being able to clean up most severe and hard stains, some models will not require you also to use chemicals or detergents.

Spare Parts

One can obtain a range of spare parts online. The following are some of the many spare parts available.

  • Jet nozzle
  • Water tank filler cap
  • Top handle section
  • Carpet glider
  • Deflector Nozzle
  • Flow head securing screw
  • O ring
  • Handle
  • Screws for handle which come 2 in pack
  • Filler jug

There are several other spare parts, but these are the most common ones that you might come to need when using one of the steam mops.

You are advised to make an online spare parts purchase from their online website. The interesting thing about making an online purchase I that after registering your product it will make it easy for the company to provide you with a spare part specifically for your cleaner.

Best Price

The different retailer sells steam cleaners at their prices some even offering a discount. On Amazon, for instance, you could get a model of this steam mop from £ 24.00 to £ 66.99 depending on the size and features of your mode.

You can directly order your desired model from Amazon at discounted price, and you will probably get what your money is worth once you start using the steam cleaner. Their prices range from £ 44 to £ 70 for more complex models.

You can always use your Morphy Richards steam mop and or cleaner on laminate floors as long the settings are the recommended ones, mainly at low setting steam.

Our Picks for the Best 5 Morphy Richards Steam Mops

Here is our top 5 Morphy Richards steam mops cleaners we found of 2017:

#1: Morphy Richards 720507 Luna Plus Steam Cleaner

Morphy Richards 15 In 1 Steam Cleaner 720507 Luna PlusThe #1 Morphy Richards steam mop based on customer reviews and experts opinions is the Morphy Richards 720507 Luna Plus Steam Cleaner.

  • This Morphy Richards 15 in 1 steam cleaner is an improved version of the 12 steam cleaner that has added functionality like an illuminated floor-head. A pulsating feature that agitates seated dirt, a sling for the handheld device for easy handling and much more.
  • The Luna 15 in 1 tops all these functionality to give you a complete cleaning system for your surfaces.
  • It stands tall alongside other popular 15 in 1 mops like the Vax Steam Mop 15 in 1. This explains why it is our best pick despite the fact that it has not yet accrued enough star rating at Amazon.
  • Easy to setup and use it
  • While you can use it on any sealed floor; customers claimed it to be very good at tiled floors
  • Has a shoulder strap that helps freeing your hand when using a handheld cleaner.
  • Features floor control setting that is handy when changing from one floor type to another.
  • The floor head light up your path as you clean to help you see clearly the output of your hard work.


  • Compared to Vax steam cleaners; customer claimed the Luna 15 in 1 leaves the floors a bit damp
  • You have to use de-ionized water for it to last long

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#2: Morphy Richards 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner 

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner 12 in 1 The Morphy Richards 12 in 1 steam cleaner comes with all the feature of cutting edge technology like variable control setting and the intuitive smart control easy select system.

  • It also has an illuminated water tank.
  • It runs on a 1500 watt motor that heats up in 30 seconds to give you 17-20 minutes continuous cleaning time.
  • This is the previous model of the Luna Plus 15 in 1.
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Features the light-up floor head that is useful while cleaning under tables, chairs, cupboards etc.
  • It is light weight, compact and powerful.
  • Very good at cleaning floors


  • Its cord is a bit short
  • Lacks the window cleaning attachment as compared to the Luna 15 in 1 that has.
  • Like Luna 15 in 1, the Morphy Richards 12 in 1 is also claimed to leave floors a bit wet

#3: Morphy Richards 9 in 1 Steam Cleaner 

Morphy Richards 9 In 1 Steam CleanerThe Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner is currently a best seller and one of the cheapest Morphy Richards steam mops.

This has not come as a surprise and here is why this 9 in 1 steam cleaner is the definitive cleaning machine for you. It accomplishes nine cleaning tasks on demand.

The 9 in 1 steam cleaner Morphy Richards is padded with a number of accessories which can be customized to clean different parts of the house including:

  1. Cleaning hard floors and carpets; the carpet accessory infiltrates deep into your carpet giving you a deeper clean than a standard vacuum that leaves your carpets looking spectacularly clean- almost like new .
  2. It also cleans worktops and hard to reach places by the use of an angled nozzle.
  3. It cleans windows with a squeegee and a specialized attachment nozzle that does a brilliant job on windows.
  4. It battles grime in grouting and tiles to give them new look.
  5. It cleans ovens, BBQ and hobs with an attachment brush that scrubs ingrained stains.
  6. Dirt and mould that clog taps and showers are easily blasted away by the 9-in-1.
  7. It freshen upholstery and curtains.
  8. It removes grime that accumulates on taps and sinks.
  9. It can be used to clean your clothes- no need to wait for clothes to dry up.
  10. Easy to setup and use
  11. It is very cheap
  12. Very good at cleaning floors too


  • You have to vacuum your floor before mopping
  • The Morphy Richards 9 in 1 handheld cleaner is a bit heavy

Click to read what Amazon customers say about this Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steamer.

Morphy Richards 720506 Luna 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner vs. Morphy Richards 720507 Luna Plus Steam Cleaner

The main difference between the Luna Plus 15 in 1 and the Luna 12 in 1 is the number of places the Luna plus can clean up to 15 different. While the Luna 12 in 1 can only accomplish 12 cleaning tasks. To be honest, unless you are a power user of hot vapour mops, the difference between these two cleaners is negligible. The Luna 12 in 1 has sold more units than the 15 in 1 because it is relatively cheaper than the Luna plus.

Morphy Richards 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner 720023 vs. Morphy Richards 12-in-1 Cleaner 720022

The Morphy Richards 12-in-1 cleaner 720022 and the Morphy Richards 12-in-1 cleaner 720023 have more or less similar functionalities: they are powered by a 1600 watt that heats up water to produce hot jetting vapour in 30 seconds. They both have a 400ml tank size and have a bunch of accessories that can be customized to clean 12 different parts of your house.

The main difference is that the 12-in-1 cleaner 720023 has variable control that can enable you to adjust the temperature of the hot vapour to suit your floor type. The Morphy Richards 720022 has no variable control.

The 720023 comes with a fitted anti-scale to prevent your cleaner from corroding with lime-scale and it can give you up to 20 minutes continuous cleaning while the 720022 can only muster 14 minutes of continuous cleaning and has no ant-scale fitted.

Other cleaners by this manufacturer are:

#4: Morphy Richards Total Clean Steam Mop

The Morphy Richards 720027 Total Clean Pets Steam Cleaner is a standard steam mop with a detachable handheld cleaner. It comes with high absorbent clothes to clean after pet spillages.

  • It is lightweight,
  • Has variable steam control
  • Has carpet glider for refreshing carpets.
  • The Morphy Richards 720025 has a triangular head for easy reach.

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