Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro steam cleaner is one of the best steam mops that is lightweight and effortless to manoeuvre around your home. It has a flexible and rotating handle for ultimate convenience.

Key Features / Pros

  • The Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro has a specially designed back saving handle included to help you clean those hard-to-reach places. It effortlessly cleans beneath heavy furniture thanks to its fold-able handle.
  • It is more like the popular Vax Steam Fresh Combi but with more practical and functional features like the folding and flexible handle and ability to clean in 15 places in your house just as the Vax Fresh Combi.
  • It has dual tank capability which total up to 600 ml water tank capacity. The upright floor mop has a 400ml water capacity while the handheld cleaner has 200 ml water tank capacity which makes it lighter than most cleaners in the market.
  • The dual water tank gives you 30 minutes of continuous cleaning.
  • It has lightweight handheld cleaner unlike other hand held devices by other manufacturers like the Vax Fresh Combi..
  • You can use it as a mop or a handheld cleaner.
  • It comes with a variety of accessories to customize your cleaning to cater for all your domestic cleaning tasks. It can clean up to 15 different places in your domestic space.
  • It has variable floor control that enables you to clean different floor types.
  • It comes with a carpet glider that you can use to refresh your carpets.
  • It has ergonomic and versatile handle. Never again will you complain of the cleaner being cumbersome and bulky.

You can use the Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro  to clean a multitude of surfaces from hard floors, rugs carpets, windows and shower cubicles, laminate flooring, grouting, tiles, bathrooms to upholstery and even mattresses.

The 720520 Supersteam Pro has an adjustable steam output. This means you can set the right steam especially for cleaning sensitive flooring that can be damaged if cleaned in super high temperatures.

For peace of mind, this gadget comes with a two year guarantee.

Morphy Richards 720520 Review

Morphy Richards 720520 ReviewThe Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro  has a massive tank (600ml) that will give you 30 minutes of cleaning time.

  • It dries really quick leaving your surfaces spectacularly clean.
  • It kills 99.9% germs and bacteria on your surfaces without using detergents.
  • It is normally readily assembled when delivered.
  • It heats up in just seconds. The instantaneous boiler jets out vapour to clean your surfaces really quickly and with ease. This supersteam really brings the fun back into domestic cleaning chores.
  • Its immense 850 ml tank can be refilled on the go without the need to wait the Morphy supersteam to cool.
  • You would have thought that with such tank capacity the Morphy Richards supersteam would be heavy and cumbersome. Due to its twin tank, you can choose to detach the handheld when cleaning your floors, this makes it quite light. In actual sense, the combined weight of the mop and handheld cleaner  is actually lightweight at just 3.6 Kgs and easy to man oeuvre as you work through all your rooms.
  • It features a cutting edge specially designed handle that makes accessing hard to reach places no problem at all. The handle folds at 90 degrees to effortlessly clean tight spaces and beneath furniture without the need to bend.
  • The cable can easily be folded around the 7205220 handle for easy storage.

Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro Accessories

  • A water filling funnel.
  • Detachable carpet glider.
  • Carpet and hard floor cloths.
  • A squeegee nozzle tiles and window cleaning.
  • Upholstery and furniture utility nozzle.
  • An elastic utility cloth for dusting off upholstery and furniture that helps to combat stains.
  • A hard brush for battling hard stains; grouting; hard surfaces and tiles.
  • For general overall maintenance of your cleaner, a pro nozzle pin and brush are included in the accessories box.
  • A deflector nozzle.

The Morphy Richards 720520 Supersteam Pro

The Morphy Richards 720520 supersteam pro steam cleaner is  effortless to navigate around your home, with a specially designed back saving  handle to help you clean those hard-to-reach places.

  • The hand held has two handle options that are ergonomic and make cleaning task a breeze. This is because you can use both hands to clean, one holding the cleaner while the other does the wiping and dusting.
  • There is also no waiting time with this cleaner because once you switch it on, the 1230 Watt motor heats up the water in 30 seconds to produce hot vapour to power your cleaning.
  • When you’re ready to store it away until the next time, the cable can be neatly wrapped around the handle.
  • This supersteam has a number of practical features that will make your cleaning tasks easy and effortless. In my opinion it is better than the other best selling 15 in 1 steam cleaners.