Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner Red Reviews

The Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner Red is an old version of the new sleek design; the h20 hd steam cleaner. The h20 steam cleaner does three things; It sanitizes, cleans and deodorise without the use of detergents or chemicals.

Key Features/Pros of the Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner Red

  • The h2o steam mop red is a 5 in 1: carpet refresher,floor steam cleaner, garment fabric cleaner, window cleaner and a handheld steamer.
  • It has 4 variable control settings and so it can be used on a variety of floor types by adjusting the steam amount including, marble, hardwood, granite, slate, laminate, linoleum or vinyl.
  • It has a clever head that has been designed to fit tight spaces and navigate corners with its 180 degrees manoeuvre.
  • Owing to its 1500 watt motor, the cleaner heats within 30 seconds to give you between 20-25 minutes of continuous steaming. With such decent time, you can cover a large floor area within a short duration.
  • With its 400ml water tank, you only need a minimal number of refills.
  • This h2o mop comes with thick fabric pads that do not wear easily, this guarantees a longer duration of service
  • Comes with a carpet glider for refreshing carpets.

The H20 X5 Steam Mop has won numerous award and it has a seal of approval from the consumer research powerhouse “Good Housekeeping”. No doubt it has sold over 8000000 (8m) over the last few years.


There are a few instances where customers have complained about their purchase. Most of the issues fall under the following:

  1. It worked for a bit then started spitting out water
  2. Streaks were left on the surface/window
  3. It only comes with one pad, so you have buy more when they wear out
  4. Ours stopped working after 18 months; we tried descaling with vinegar in vain…said one customer.

Well these are valid criticism of the x5 mop however, as most reviews will note:

  • Streaks will usually appear irrespective how wonderful your gadget is if the microfiber pads you use on the floor head are not clean.
  • It is just like using a dirty clothe or dirty water to clean your windows and floors. It will be no surprise if your surfaces have streaks all over the place if you use a dirty clothe or water.
  • As for the gadget spitting out water, that is certainly a case of having a faulty item. Just call the manufacturer and report the fault, you will be given another one.
  • As for not washing carpets, well most steam cleaners only refresh carpets. This means that they will seep hot pressured vapour deep into your carpet to kill all bacteria and refresh them. Normally when you refresh the carpet, with steam, you will see a marked improvement in terms of cleanliness. The pile will look fresh, like new. That is all this gadget is meant to do. It is unrealistic to expect to get the same results as a carpet washer.

The key to getting the best out of this Thane steamer is to follow the h2o mop x5 instructions as closely as you can. For instance the customer who complained that their x5 mop stopped working after 18 months.

Most likely they live in a hard water area and their machine tanked after 18 months of accumulated scaling.

Probably had they used iodised water as is recommended in the instructions for those who live in hard water areas, their cleaner could have lasted more than 18 months.

All in all in spite of all the niggling issues, the h2o mop stands shoulder to shoulder with the very best steam mops in the cleaning industry.

Click here to download instruction manual.

Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner Red Reviews

H2O Mop X5 5-In-1 Steam Mop Reviews (red)The only difference between the Thane H20 X5 Steam Cleaner Red and the green h20 mop x5 is that: the red mop is sturdier and long lasting than the first release of green mop. I explain this later in this review.

Thane H20 X5 Steam Mop Any Good?

Overall, the Thane H2O x5 steam mop red in terms of effectiveness and efficiency is good value for money. It has received numerous commendations from customers owing to its versatility, ease of use, effectiveness and portability.

Here are some of its key benefits:

  • It kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your floors. Super hot vapour kills 99% bacteria including E.coli and Salmonella.
  • Does not use chemicals, only tap water, hence no risk of allergic reactions to chemicals or expenses on buying them.
  • A great value for your cash! It is easy to use hence does not require expertise to operate.
  • The x5 steam cleaner is light; weighing 2.5kgs only, hence this is not your typical cumbersome machine. This means you can carry it around and work for long without exhaustion.
  • It comes with a 6m long cord that makes it portable and makes it easier for you to move from one room to the next without necessarily unplugging it.

Three years ago, the green version of x5 mop received quite mixed reviews. This prompted thane, the manufacturers of h20 x5 to come up with improved products than the green x5 steam cleaner.

The improved versions are the red and white x5 steam mops. They are sturdier and more versatile than the green h2o steam cleaner.

With these improved versions we are seeing quite positive feedback. The red X5 steamer review ratings for instance has 4.3 star rating out of the maximum 5 stars from 315 genuine reviews. That is pretty decent. As good as the highly rated Vax Steam Fresh Combi.

H2O Mop X5 5-In-1 Steam Mop Reviews: Overall Verdict

The red h2o mop x5 5-in-1 steam mop is a great machine to have. It is a great buy hence it is recommendable for every household.

  • This h2o steam mop is very efficient, requires minimal costs to operate.
  • It is a great value for your money with the view that it is a 5 in 1 machine.
  • It is one of the easiest, most comfortable steam cleaners to operate owing to its portability, small size and light weight.
  • In addition, it is a high rated best steam cleaner on Amazon with 4.3 stars out of 5 that is, 86% of the customers give it a thumbs up.