Shark Lift Away Steam Mop Reviews

The Shark lift away steam mop also referred to as the Shark professional steam mop s3901is one of the top rated, best selling Shark Steam Mops UK. The other one is the Shark s2901 multifunction 2 in 1 steam mop.

The Shark Steam Mop S3901 Key Features/Pros

  • The Shark professional steam mop s3901 is a 2 in 1 steam mop: a floor steam cleaner and a detachable handheld steamer.
  • This Shark lift away steam mop 5 in 1 is white in color, weighing 2.7kg and of 30.5 x 15 x 130 cm size.
  • Has two sided base pad that in effect cleans your surfaces twice as much with just one swipe.
  • The 300 milliliter (0.3l) water tank heats up in just 30 seconds to give you approximately 15-20 minutes of use depending on the settings you have applied.
  • The steam mop has a sizable rectangular head that will enable you to cover large areas and make light work of your cleaning chores.
  • The Shark s3901 can clean windows, floors, freshen carpets and steam garments to remove any creases. This is also great for curtains and revitalizing your upholstery.
  • It has ten hand-held attachments that give you the ultimate functionality that enables you to clean Shelves,Cupboards,Cooker tops,Taps, sinks and literally all surfaces in your house to give you that spectacular clean.
  • It comes with a carpet glider that enables you to refresh your carpets
  • The winner for me is the long electric code, 7 metres long. There is nothing good as fixing your plug on a socket and work your way around the house without shifting and moving the socket cables across the house to access your room. With 7 meters you can comfortably work through two of your rooms.
  • Comes with an accessory bag for storing the attachments
  • It features an On/off switch buttons no need to hold a button while steaming
  • It also features 3 steam setting: dusting, mopping and scrubbing.


  • The Shark lift away steam mop 5 in 1 water reservoir is relatively small; it needs constant refilling if you are working on large areas. On high settings, the water clears out quickly.
  • The detail brush is quite handy in cleaning hidden places but you are only supplied with one. This means that the brush will give way soon and you will be forced to order new ones from Amazon or Shark site.
  • To clear out grout will need some good old elbow grease, so it’s not as hands off as some would want it: to have to occasionally do some hand wiping/ scrubbing to get all the exceptional results especially with grout.

The Shark Lift Away Steam Mop Reviews

Shark Lift Away Steam Mop ReviewsThe Shark lift away steam mop is highly talked about especially for its ability to save you time in completing domestic cleaning jobs.

The lift away has three settings to accommodate most types of floors even delicate ones. For delicate flooring like laminate and wood you can set the gadget to low levels of the dusting setting and your floors will be done. For other types of floor surfaces, you can all the setting

Many steam mop reviews will point out that it has a flip in the base that swings the cleaner 180 degrees which somehow directs the gadget to where you want it to face. This means that you don’t have to twist your hand when working through table legs or other awkward places that are hard to reach.

With the Shark lift away, there is no need of sanitising chemical detergents because the vapour jet has the ability to destroy 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The Shark professional steam mop s3901 comes with a carpet glider that enables you to refresh your carpets, place your cleaner head on the glider and the gadget starts gliding over the carpet to freshen it. However the

This Shark steam mop s3901 is not a carpet cleaner. It only freshens carpets but does not actually clean them, it cleans the carpet to release any smells but the difference is hard to miss. The carpet glider enables you to freshen your carpets.

Assembling the Shark professional steam mop s3901

For starters, the shark professional steam mop s3901 is easy to assemble. Just follow the straight forward instructions on the manual and you will be ready to go. Once you have assembled the gadget, you realise that the detachable handheld cleaner comes out easily at the touch of a button.

Shark Lift Away Steam Mop Accessories

The Shark lift away steam mop accessories include:

  • a scrubber head,
  • a normal head,
  • an extension for the horse,
  • a nozzle tool to tackle grouse and hidden crevices,
  • a refilling jug,
  • double sided pockets,
  • a brush for detailed scrubbing, and a window cleaning squeegee.
  • A carpet glider and the attachment carrying bag.

The flat microfibre pads are machine washable. You can therefore re-use them until they are worn out. A new steam mop normally comes with 2 extra pads for your use. When the microfibre pads run out, place an order with JML, the manufacture of the Shark 2 in 1 for replacements.


Although the shark professional steam mop s3901 comes is a heavy 8 kilogram box, the steam mop is a handy 3.1 kgs and therefore easy to store, it has a bar pressure of 2 bar.

This Shark steam cleaner is a real fighter when it comes to tackling dust and grime even in hard to reach areas especially for hard flooring. For good results, select more steam in hard surfaces and light dusting for delicate flooring like laminate.

For the water tank, it is recommended to use filtered water, however a number of people report using tap water without any problems. I guess it is down to where you live, if you live in places where there is hard water, it will be wise to stick with the recommended filtered water and stay away from tap water. Hard water tends to clog things up. By the way in case you do not have filtered water, you can use a calgon solvent with your tap water to soften your steam mop.

Overall Verdict

As you might have probably realised, there is a lot going for this gadget. No doubt it is considered a high end product. This Shark lift away steam mop has consistently been approved by prominent consumer research based companies like Good Housekeeping.

  • It is sturdy and well built cleaner.
  • It comes with clothes that fit nicely at the base of the gadget. These microfibre covers are very effective because they can be used with most of the settings.
  • In addition to the long microfibre filaments the 5 in one steam mop has two sided head to aid your cleaning.
  • It dries surfaces super fast.
  • Variable setting that give you flexibility depending on what you want to do (scrub, swab or dust).
  • Intelligent attachment swivels that flow smoothly as you swipe along without the need to turn your wrist.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs on your surfaces without the need for chemicals.
  • It is less messy; the floor dries up in a minute or less. It is also a great time saver.
  • Buyers who have purchased the Shark professional steam mop s3901 recommend it to friends and relatives. You can buy with assurance because according to our research, this is a quality product that is reliable, versatile and effective.