Bissell Steam Mop Reviews UK 2017

Bissell Steam Mop Reviews UK 2017There are many reasons why you should choose Bissell Steam Mop for cleaning and sanitizing your floors, worktops, garments, tiles, windows, ovens, and kids’ toys.

One of these reasons is that they don’t use harsh chemicals.

Most of the Bissell steamers use ordinary tap water because they are fitted with water filters. This means no hidden expense of buying iodized water when compared to other best steam mops UK.

With all that in mind, below are the best Bissell steam mops & cleaners of 2017. (See the comparison table )

Top 5 Best Bissell Steam Mops & Cleaners UK 2017

#1: Bissell Vac and Steam Reviews

The Bissell vac & steam, model number 11327 is the first of its kind with the ability to vacuum and steam simultaneously, thereby cutting the time for cleaning by half; or do each of the tasks independently.

  • It is considerably easy to use, and
  • It cleans and disinfects hard floors in a short time.
  • Using its foot-release tray, you can easily change between the scrubby and the gentle microfiber pads.
  • The Vac & Steam has also got an adjustable handle which includes an ergonomically designed grip.
  • Its handle brings the controls straight to your fingerprints such that it is easy for you to choose high or low steam
  • You only have to fill the tank with water, plug the cleaner into power, and within 30 seconds you will be good to go.
  • The cyclonic action of the vacuum can capture even the finest dust. Avoid touching the dirt’s easy-to-empty dirt collection tank.

Other features and Specifications of Bissell steam and vac include: Washable filter, an 8.5m cord, Weight of 4.6kg, 1500W power rating and water tank capacity of 380ml.


  • The vacuum cleaner functionality is for hardfloors only not to be used on carpets
  • A bit heavy to push around
  • Click to read more about what Amazon Customers say about the Bissell steam vac.

#2: Bissell Steam and Sweep Reviews

The Bissell Steam and Sweep Steam Mop comes in 2 colors: white and titanium/blue with the white version being the cheapest.

  • Its head is able to sweep and mop the floor all at once, thereby reducing the cleaning time by half.
  • The debris and dirt is swept into the easy-to-empty dust bin by the rotating soft bristle sweeper.
  • When the Steam-on-Demand Trigger is pressed, powerful vapour is released by to loosen the grime as it is being wiped away by the washable microfiber pad.

Since this whole cleaning process can be completed at one go, you only need to go over the floors one time.

However, if you want to perform only one task at a particular time, you can switch off either the sweeper or steam cleaner, basing on your needs, thus making it a really multipurpose 3-in-1 cleaning machine.

Other Features and Specifications of the Sweep and Steam include: 2 deluxe microfiber pads, a replaceable calcium filter which lets you use tap water, Item Weight: 3.1 Kg, Dimensions: 21 x 30 x 116 cm, and power rating: 1600 watts.

The Steam & Sweep Mop can be used on sealed hard floor surfaces such as linoleum, tile as well as vinyl. Almost all steam and sweep reviews point out that the 57F4E is ideal in domestic spaces where there are pets.

#3: Bissell 23B6E Lift Off Steam Mop Reviews

Bissell Lift Off Steam Mop has a pod that can be used to tackle any desired surface. It includes a variety of tools that can be used to clean different surfaces as well as hard to reach areas.

  • The Lift Off is integrated with a water purification system which removes harsh minerals, ions and limescale from tap water so as to prolong its (the product) life.
  • It takes only 15 seconds to warm-up and has a steam-on-demand trigger which lets you use steam only when you want it, thereby conserving energy.
  • Other features include two circular brushes, a built-in hose, 2 micro fibres for cleaning hard-to-remove sticky stains, a grout cleaning brush, a flat pad and a squeegee for cleaning windows.
  • The Bissell 23B6E weighs 6kg, Product Dimensions: 18 x 30 x 111.8cm, • Power-rating: 1600W.
  • You can clean the glass surfaces using the window squeegee or get rid of stubborn stains using the different cleaning brushes that come with the product.

Click to read what Amazon Customers say about the Bissell lift off.

#4: Bissell 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop Reviews

The Bissell 1940 Powerfresh Steam Mop is exceptionally slim & lightweight and it can perfectly be used on all kinds of hard floors.

  • Weight: 2.8kg.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 33 x 116 cm.
  • Capacity: 0.44 litres.
  • Power rating: 1600 watts
  • Operating Radius: 5.5 metres
  • It delivers great manoeuvrability for spot-on edge-to-edge cleaning.
  • It has a large mop head that enables you to clean faster, as the washable pads are picking up the dirt. These washable pads can last for several washes.
  • The powerfresh is easy to use offered with two scent disks and 2- micro covers.
  • Comes with 2 steam mop pads: One of the cleaning pads is for scrubbing while the other is for general cleaning. Both of these cleaning pads are machine washable.

The two scent disks help to freshen up the air. The built-in scrubber of Bissell powerfresh steam mop can remove even the most stubborn stains.

Its 15-ounce /440ml water tank can last up to 30 minutes.

#5: Bissell Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop Reviews

You can now clean a hard floor in one easy step. With the Bissell Symphony, cut the time you spend cleaning your floor by vacuuming & steaming all at once (It is currently unavailable on Amazon UK; the is another one called Bissell Inc Vacuum & Steam Mop Symphony 11326).

  • The Symphony is one of the steamers that can vacuum and steam simultaneously. At the end of the cleaning process, you end up with a well sanitised hard floor without the use of harsh chemicals, but with only water. It has a powerful cyclonic-action vacuum capable of picking up dry debris.
  • The vapour produced by the steamer can eliminate about 99.9% of bacteria and germs and it handles tough and sticky messes.
  • The steam mop has edge bristles for sweeping the debris away from the edges. The easy touch controls on this cleaner allow you to switch between tasks when cleaning; therefore, you can vacuum & steam simultaneously or separately depending on your needs in a particular situation.

When you have finished cleaning, an adjustable handle & Quick-Release Symphony Pads Tray makes it stress-free to store and revert to enjoying the much loved fresh and barefoot-ready-clean floor.

Once you plug into power, your Bissell steam mop can be ready for use (doing the tasks) in only 30 seconds, thereby presenting you with an appropriate way of handling everyday messes whilst killing countless invisible bacteria and germs in just 15-seconds of continuous cleaning.

Top 3 Best Bissell Steam Mops Reviews & Comparison UK 2017

No.ImageProduct Name & Detailed ReviewsSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)Customers RatingsBest Price
No.ImageProduct Name & Detailed ReviewsSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)Customers RatingsBest Price
1BISSELL Vac and Steam 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner15307.64.4
2BISSELL Steam and Sweep Steam Mop20357.63.7
3BISSELL 23V8E Steam Mop Select15307.64.3

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