Pifco 6 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews

This Pifco 6 in 1 steam cleaner is a nifty gadget that you can afford even on a tight budget.

It is powered by a 1300 watt motor that heats up in 20-30 seconds.
It has a 5 meter power cord and a 400 ml water tank that can give you between 15-17 minutes of proper cleaning without any interruption.
The 6 in one is multifunctional and can clean a number of places in your house. It can clean sealed hard floors, windows, refresh carpets, clean upholstery, garments and even blinds.
It has variable control settings. Indeed it has 4 levels of control to cater for different flooring types (hot spray, high, medium and low).
It comes with a detachable handheld cleaner which improves the versatility of this gadget. You can use it to dust and clean work tops, ovens, hobs, taps, kitchen sinks and grouting.

Pifco 10 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews

The Pifco 10 in 1 steam mop is an improved version of the Pifco 6 in 1 steam mop . It is a step above the rest in many ways. First, the  10 in 1 comes as both a floor steam mop and a handheld cleaner.

 It is not limited to cleaning the floor, but also other surfaces such as upholstery, sinks, toilets, ovens, blinds, and any other thing a handheld cleaner can clean. Basically, you can clean your entire house with this thing in one run–pretty convenient .
Secondly, a lot of other cleaning machines are usually heavy and bothersome to maneuver because of their weight. This is not a problem with the ten in one because it weights a mere 2.27 kg. Moving the mop around will certainly not be a problem.
Features a generous 5m of cable length to allow further reaching.
Comes with many useful attachments that come with the package ie: carpet nozzle, carpet glider, round brush nylon, one cloth pad, window cleaning tool, etc. These tools are to enable you to clean more surfaces thoroughly.