Vax S3S Hardfloor Advance Steam Mop Reviews

The Vax s3s hardfloor advance steam mop is one in the best multi-purpose steam mops UK . It is an improved version of the Vax s2 steam mop. The best thing is that this cleaner is that it comes with a sure 2 year warrantee which you can secure by registering your gadget at Vax.

Key Features/Pros of the Vax S3S

The Vax s3s is white in color, weighs 3.4kg and of 21 x 28 x 110 cm size.
It has variable control settings that you can customise to work with different floor types.
It is powered by a 1600 watt motor and a 0.5 litre tank that heat up in 15 seconds to provide you with 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
It weighs only 3.4 Kgs and has an 8 meter power cord length. Enough to enable you cover wide areas without the need t plug and unplug your power cables.
Features 100 degree swivel head steer technology that makes it easy to reach tight and awkward spaces.
It has an adjustable handle height for ease of use. You don’t have to stoop to clean.
The floor head is triangular shaped which makes it possible to clean tight and awkward spaces like around table legs or under furniture.
It is fitted with an intuitive floor selector that will intelligently vary the amount of jetting vapour on different floor surfaces
The S3S can be used on the following flooring types: Tiles,- Lino,- Sealed laminate,- Wood, Refreshing carpets & rugs

Vax S2S-1 Bare FLoor Pro Steam Mop Reviews

The Vax s2s-1 bare floor pro steam mop is white/grey in color, weighs 3.3kg and of 22 x 29 x 120 cm size. It is characterised by an ‘angular floor head’ to help you clean even those hard to reach corners.
Key Features/ Pros of the Vax S2S-1 Bare FLoor Pro
The Vax s2s-1 features a 500ml water tank that heats up in 15 seconds to give you 25 minutes cleaning time.
It is powered by 1600w motor with a generous 8 metres long electric cable length to help you clean a large room without the need to keep on plugging and unplugging the cable..
It has a variable control settings to enable you adjust for different flooring surfaces.
You can use the Vax s2s on all wood flooring and on any hard sealed flooring like tiles, and laminate floors.
The s2s-1 can also be used to freshen your carpets
Comes with 2 year warranty.

Vax S86-SF-P Fresh Pet Steam Mop Review

The Vax s86-sf-p fresh pet steam mop is one of the best steam mops for pets. It comes with a special designed pad for removing pet hair from all your surfaces. It is  is white/purple in color, weighs 3.5kg and of 28 x 30 x 112 cm size.

Key Features/Pros

The Vax s86 sf p features 800ml water tank that heats up in 20 seconds to give you 30 minutes cleaning time. Its 800ml water is bigger than that of Vax steam fresh combi of 500ml.
The s86 sf p is powered by 1600watts motor.
Has long power cord (9m) to enable you clean most of your floors without plugging and unplugging sockets
It has variable floor setting that is suitable for most floor types
It has a twin tank technology and uses patented Vax detergent. The detergent neutralises odours and cleans 37% better than when using hot vapour only.

Vax VRS29M 10 In 1 Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Vax VRS29M is both a floor steam mop and a handheld steamer

It is powered by a 1500 watts that heats up in only 30 seconds and can give you up to 12 minutes of continuous cleaning
The VRS29M has a reliable handheld cleaner that detaches with ease.
It can clean grout, kitchen worktops and white goods (hob, oven, microwave etc) and upholstery. You can also refresh carpets, clean windows, grout and shower cubicle with it. It is quite efficiency in cleaning.
It provides extra maneuverability due to its swivel head steering and long 6m power cord.
It has a handy storage case for hassle free storage.
When cleaning high places the pressure jet flow of the hot vapour is not great as you have to position the cleaner vertically.

Vax Steam Mop Pads

If you are looking for the Vax steam mop pads for Vax steam cleaners , then we have you covered. Here below we have assembled a number of the most highly rated top 5 best microfiber cleaning pads that are compatible with all Vax Mops and many others.
• They can be recycled several times by washing them in a washing machine at below 40 temperature. For further information, check the user manual.
• They clean grouting really well and leave them looking like new. They seem to have a way of getting into the grouted spaces quite well.
• They clean a treat especially on high traffic floors. They work better that the microfibre pads supplied when you buy a new cleaner.
• They do not shrink even with frequent washing.