Vax 6131T Review: The Multivax 3 in 1 Carpet Cleaner

The Vax 6131t Multivax 3 in 1 Cleaner  or simply the Vax 6131 is one of the top rated best selling carpet cleaners in UK the market today. It also quite cheap compared to many other best carpet cleaners UK 2017.

Vax 6131t Multivax 3 in 1 Cleaner Key Features/Pros

Vax 6131T Review: The Multivax 3 in 1 Carpet Cleaner

  • The Vax 6131 is a three in one multifunctional carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner and upholstery washer.
  • As a carpet cleaner; the Vax 6131 features 2 water tanks: one for clean water that has 4litres capacity and another one is for dirty water with 8 litres capacity. This means less hassle of refilling and emptying it between cleaning.
  • As a vacuum cleaner; it features a ‘bagged system’ in which you are supplied with 3 big dust bags, 10litres each for easy emptying it on demand. This allows you to do more cleaning before emptying the bag.
  • Comes with car upholstery cleaning attachment for cleaning baby and car seats plus sofas.
  • It is powered by 1300watts motor and features a 10m long power cord.
  • Comes with a 1 litre Vax carpet shampoo and a number of tools including floor cleaning tool and a specialised tool for hard to reach spaces.
  • Comes with a dusting brush for cleaning blinds, curtain rails and skirting boards
  • It rolls on wheels
  • It features a long 2.5m hose for cleaning stairs.
  • it is lightweight, weighing 8kg
  • comes with a 2 year guarantee
  • It features a fibre flow washing head that enables it to clean almost any kind of carpet including wool.
  • Can use it on carpets, hard floors and rugs Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 1300 W – Orange.


Some of the complaints by some clients that negatively reviewed Vax 6131t multivax 3 in 1 cleaner say:

  • You have to wait for some time for carpets to dry completely.
  • It takes a bit time for the 4 litre water to heat up.


Vax 6131 Review

The Vax 3 in 1 has received an average customer star rating of 88% which indicates that it offers high customer satisfaction. 88% of the people who have bought it are quite happy with their purchase.

  • Not only that, the 6131 multivax ranked #3 in the Amazon best seller ranks – among the best carpet washers. It is one of the most versatile carpet cleaners out there.
  • Has a great suction power that can deal with the most challenging spills and carpet stains that other vacuums may leave behind.
  • It is equipped with two large canisters that can hold up to 4 litres of water each. One of the canisters contains clean water while the other holds dirty water collected after cleaning.
  • It has a detachable head fitted at the end of the 2.5-meter hose that you can use to access tight spaces without moving much of your home furniture.
  • It effortlessly handles stubborn stains found in the house. For example, pet fur, washing machine overflow play dough or even sticky juices.
  • It can take even the most hardened or dated dirt particles that are rubbed right into the weave of your carpets.
  • Is well designed to work with car mats and also carpets.
  • It offers you a less messy option to clean your carpet. You can get replacement bags from Amazon for pocket change.
  • Has a fibre flow washing tool that is specially designed to go into the root of your carpet fabric to take out the grime that is usually hard to reach by normal vacuuming.
  • The Vax 6131 offers an ideal solution for vacuuming all the dirt, pet hair and crumbs from your carpet surfaces. You can easily switch from vacuum to washing mode which allows you to remove dirt that is embedded deep in your carpet.