Vax All Terrain Carpet Cleaner Reviews

The Vax v 125a all terrain upright carpet cleaner is both a carpet washer and a hard floor cleaner, hence the name Vax all terrain carpet cleaner.

  • Compared with the Vax 6131t multivax 3-in-1 cleaner; The Vax v 125a comes with an iron clad 6 years guarantee
  • Comes with tantalising features like the heated cleaning spinscrub technology that dismantles all caked in dirt and automix system that evenly mixes Vax carpet cleaning solution and water for best results.
  • Has ability to spot clean and deep clean while removing all odours, allergens and deep seated dirt, this carpet washer is ideal for family with kids and pets.
  • Has an auto-rinse feature such that whenever you push the cleaner backwards in a reverse direction, all the water residues is rinsed out of the carpet.
  • Comes with a spinscrub hand tool that can be used to spot clean. You can also use the Vax all terrain hand tool to do your upholstery and stairs.
  • The Vax v125a has a twin tank for clean and dirty water. This voids any chance of cross-contamination.
  • The Vax all terrain carpet cleaner v 125a features cutting edge Vax dual v technology that makes carpets touch dry immediately after washing.
  • It has the trademark spinscrub brushes for both carpets and hard floors. The spin-scrub feature deep cleans carpets to remove stubborn stains, odours and allergens that are embedded at the root of the carpet. Carpet vacuum cleaners are inadequate in cleaning deeply etched dirt and allergens, this carpet washer will take care of that. These allergens are not visible to the eye.
  • Has a sturdy built and a wide breadth with heating for quicker drying.
  • Comes with a solid 6 year guarantee for peace of mind.
  • The dirty water tank is quite easy to clean unlike most carpet cleaning machines. Just run the inlet that sucks dirty water in a running tap and swoosh it about. All dirt and debris is removed.
  • Well, you can see why this Vax carpet washer is considered a Which best buy. It ticks the boxes of efficiency (heats and dries carpets quickly), reliability (the six years guarantee is an indication that this washer is build to last) and versatility (cleans both hard floors and carpet surfaces).


  • The Vax all terrain carpet cleaner v 125a is relatively heavy at 12 kgs. However according to numerous customer feedbacks this is not an issue because the machine rolls on wheels when in use. It is more like when using a vacuum to clean.
  • Also it is quite big and might cause issues with storage if you have limited space.
  • It has a relatively short hose.
  • The comprehensive manual has to be downloaded from Vax website


Vax All Terrain Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Vax All Terrain Carpet Cleaner ReviewsThe Vax v 125a all terrain upright carpet washer is powered by a 1350 watt motor and a 3.7 litre clean water tank and a 3 litre dirty water tank.

It features the patented dual V technology that not only provides powerful suction but also dries carpets quicker.

  • Has an 11.5 metre long power cord, enough to manoeuvre around your house. There is no need to plug and unplug here. The cable length is enough to do a standard room.
  • Weighs 12 kgs and comes in the colours of grey/green. It comes kitted with the oscillating spinscrub 6 brushes that gently agitate deep seated dirt and lifts away all allergens.
  • Comes with a flexible hose that is 2.3 metres long.
  • It is equipped with an Automix technology which is a smart way of mixing the correct ratio of cleaning solution and water for the best results on your hard floors and carpets.

As you already figured out the v 125a features heated cleaning. This effectively means that as you clean, the heat from the motor flows down to your cleaned carpets to make them touch dry immediately after cleaning. Other main features to look out for are:

  1. It features smart hand control system, a wide floor head that will cover large areas and save you time an ability to suck up spills as they occur. No preparation required for this.
  2. When you buy Vax all terrain carpet washer, you also get 1.42 litres of Vax ultra cleaning solution for carpets and upholstery and a floor to floor cleaning solution from the manufacturer of this washer.


When you unbox your Vax carpet cleaner here is what you get:

  • One flexible hose
  • A spinscrub hand tool
  • An upholstery tool for washing
  • One squeegee for hard floors
  • One hard floor spinscrub brush block
  • One cleaning solution each for both the carpet and hard floors.
  • User manual
  • A six year guarantee card and of course your Vax all terrain.


Setting up the Vax v 125a is not daunting at all. The instructions are quite clear and easy to follow. The only issue is that the most comprehensive manual can only be downloaded from the Vax UK website. The instructions that come with the box are not as detailed as some would want it.

To be honest, you can assemble the whole unit using your imagination. All you have to do is to affix the hose/upper handle with screws supplied.

Ensure that the handle is firmly and squarely in place then fix the tidy clip in place and you are done.

You can then fill up the water and solution for a test drive on your carpets. This will take less than ten minutes. Nevertheless be sure to user manual from

What Prospective buyers need to know?

The Vax v 125a all terrain upright carpet washer spinscrub makes such a big difference in bringing up the pile. Use the hard floor brush when doing the hard floors. Be sure to remove the blade. The blade is mainly for carpets.

The carpet cleaner is suitable to clean all sealed hard floors, from Barslin to vinyl. In case you have doubts about your floor type test by carpet washing in a small area before proceeding. This Vax carpet washer can also clean very low pile, synthetic carpet and deep shaggy carpets.

For deep carpets, be sure to go for an extra rinse and put the squeegee on to ensure all the solution is drained for quick drying.

The spinscrub is quite gentle on the fabric and will do a great job of lifting up all the dirt. The spinscrub hand tool is quite good in cleaning car interiors.

Unlike the Vax Rapide deluxe the all v-125a is easy to clean. Just unclip the the dirty water container and clean it. Job done.

Although most hard floor solutions will work with this cleaner, it is prudent to use Vax recommended solution to avoid voiding the guarantee. Remember the hard floor has its own kit that needs to be fitted before you do your hard floors.

For the best results, wash slowly in forward and back motion as the all terrain carpet cleaner does all the heavy lifting of agitating and dislodging embedded dirt.

Vax V-125A All Terrain Review: Overall Verdict

The Vax all terrain v 125a is good at shifting grime and caked in dirt.

  • It is a heated multi surface cleaner, you don’t need to buy different cleaners for you floors.
  • You can use it to clean your upholstery, carpets and upstairs.
  • You can also use it for spot cleaning and cleaning your car interiors.
  • The patented Vax dual V ducts help your carpets to dry quicker to enable you get on with life without waiting for days for the carpets to dry.
  • It deep cleans and elongates the life of your carpet and also improves the overall hygiene of your domestic spaces.
  • The Vax v-125a all terrain upright comes with a hand wash tool for handy cleaning.

I could go on and on but I hope that at this point it is evident that this Vax carpet cleaner V-125A is a quality product that provides value for money.

What are your views about the Vax all terrain carpet cleaner v 125a?