Vax Powermax Carpet Washer Review (VRS5W)

The Vax powermax carpet washer,VRS5W is a very powerful carpet cleaner that is easy and quick to set up. It is one of the top rated best carpet cleaners in the UK market today. It has two tanks. One for clean water and the other for dirty water.

Key Features/Pros of the Vax VRS5W

Vax Powermax Carpet Washer Review (VRS5W)You can use the Vax vrs5w powermax to wash your carpets and also suck up spills within no time.

  • It is the perfect choice for cleaning after your pets and children.
  • It is light enough to use even on staircases.
  • The powermax features a 6 metres long cable which is sufficient enough to cover a room without fiddling with sockets.
  • It is amazingly light; it weights 5.6 kilograms making it a simple task to push around while you clean your carpets. This makes the power max cleaner a great kit for making those cleaning jobs an easy task.
  • It is very ergonomic making it the ideal product for cleaning up stains and caked in dirt at the root of your carpet.
  • The VRS5W features 28 very high-pressure jets that suck up spills and dislodge dirt at the root of the carpet fibre to leave your carpets fresh and clean.
  • It comes In a variety of colours that include White, Grey and Orange giving you a range of options to choose from.
  • Its dust containers are made of bag-less vacuum cleaners. This helps you save money on replacement bags. However, they need to be emptied often. They can be at times messy to clean
  • You get the standard one year guarantee with this product.
  • It is quite cheap as compared to the best selling Vax 6131t multivax 3 in 1 cleaner.


Some of the few complains by customers include:

  • If you do not turn the motor off after you finish cleaning, the water at the front of the cleaner starts to leak.
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Vax Powermax Carpet Washer Review (VRS5W)

Buying a product cheaply does not always mean compromising on quality. The Vax powermax carpet washer is a testament to this idea. The appropriately named Vax Powermax pet upright carpet cleaner is efficient and versatile- you can use it to suck up spills and any mess on your hard-floors too.

Customers’ Reviews

Over 88% of the clients, who have reviewed the Vax power max praise it a lot. They have either rated the cleaner a 4 out of 5 stars or a 5 out of 5 stars. They say that it is an excellent product.

Most of them are delighted with it and its cleaning abilities. They say that though it is a cheap model it still performs just as well as high end carpet cleaners.

Some of the complaints regarding the Vax VRS5W mostly revolve around using the cleaner wrongly or not even following instructions on the manual before using the cleaner.

At times, one may acquire a faulty device at purchase. This may result in the client complaining about the product. However, the cleaner comes with a warranty that give you access to support and service repair for a malfunctioning cleaner.

In case you have any issues concerning this product. Call Vax. They have a robust customer care service that will handle your case with care and precision. Here is their toll free number 1800 928 308 (Free).

Final Verdict of the Vax VRS5W Powermax Carpet Washer

The Vax VRS5W rapide spring carpet washer, 500 Watt offers you quality performance at a very affordable rate.

  • It is light to use, it has powerful suction that easily clears spills and any mess on your floors including hard floors.
  • Due to its lightweight, it is easy to store and use.
  • It has a row of brushes that easily dislodge ingrained dirt at the root of your carpet. This is usually dirt that ordinary vacuuming is unable to reach. It is cheap but does the job effortlessly.
  • It does an excellent job and also leaves a beautiful colour on the beige.
  • It is easy to use around the house.
  • It is also very simple to refill and empty.
  • The model is easy to assemble.

According to most clients who have bought the carpet cleaner, this cleaner is reliable, versatile and efficient. You get the standard one year guarantee with this product.

What do you think about the Vax powermax carpet washer.