Vax W90 RU B Rapide Ultra Review

The Vax W90 RU B Rapide Ultra is one of the best carpet cleaners that is ideal for homes with pets and children.

  • This Vax carpet cleaner is fitted with powerful jets that inject the cleaning solution deep into your carpets to dismantle stubborn stains.
  • Has a separate twin tank to avoid cross contamination.
  • Has a hand brush for upholstery, spot cleaning and removing spills whenever they happen and there are no more long waiting times for carpets to dry up.
  • It has powerful suction using the patented dual V technology that dries carpets quickly.
  • Is easy to manoeuvre and can be used to clean stairs, upholstery, carpets and even car interiors. With it; you get a solid two year guarantee for peace of mind
  • Like the Vax w90 ru p rapide ultra 2 ; the Vax W90 RU B Rapide Ultra is quite easy to assemble and use.


  1. It is a bit heavy (10.2 kgs) but it turns out that the weight of Vax carpet cleaner improves its suction power.
  2. It does not come with a measuring cup to use in getting the right ratio of the Vax carpet shampoo in the water.
  3. It is a bit noisy
  4. It heats up after longs spells of use and might need resting to cool down before proceeding.


Vax W90 RU B Rapide Ultra Review

Vax W90 RU B Rapide Ultra Review

There are a lot of positives that are associated with the Vax w90 ru b rapide ultra upright carpet cleaner.

You not only get to deep clean your carpets but all odours and allergens are broken down and removed. Your carpets will always look like new if you get hold of one of these.

The Vax W90-RU-B is powered by a 1000 watt motor. It features a 4.5 litre clean water tank and a 3 litre dirty water tank.

  • It weighs ten kgs and has a power length of 8 meters which is sufficient enough to comfortably cover a standard room.
  • This Upright Carpet and Upholstery Washer features the patented Vax dual V technology that has powerful ducts and suction. The dual V technology helps to dry carpets quicker after washing.
  • Besides the dual V, the carpet washer also comes with oscillating 6 bar spinscrub brush bar that gently dismantle caked in dirt embedded at the root of the carpet.
  • The rotating spinscrub technology is gentle to the fabric and can be used on synthetic and woollen carpets. When in use, it releases powerful jets of water that penetrate deep into the carpet for deep cleaning.
  • The dual V ducts also suck spills and can be used to suck up spills before they become a problem. The Vax w89-ru-a rapide ultra also washes upholstery and car interiors.

Your carpets will dry up quicker using the dual V technology.

This carpet cleaner is versatile, effective and reliable. It is good value for money.

Gone are the days when you used to wait for a whole day for your carpets to dray. With the Vax rapide ultra carpet washer your carpets are touch dry in an hour’s time.

  • The w90 ru b upholstery tool takes care of all spills and accidents or paw marks by pets. It also cleans your upholstery and car interiors.
  • The V ducts powerful suction covers the whole breadth of the floor head to effectively clean and dry your carpets.
  • The oscillating action ultimately makes your carpet feel springy and soft.


When you get your brand new Vax w90-ru-b rapide ultra upright carpet and upholstery washer by vax this is what will be in the box:

  • One spot scrubber which is essentially the upholstery tool
  • A stretch hose
  • One ultra plus cleaning solution
  • A carpet cleaner manual
  • One multifunction rapide ultra carpet washer
  • A guarantee card


The w90 ru b is fairly easy to set up. The instructions that can be downloaded from the website are quite easy to follow.

They also guide you on how to get the most out of your carpet washer. Assembling it involves fixing the hose to the body and that is it really.

How to Use the Vax w90 ru b rapide ultra

To begin with ensure that your carpets are well vacuumed.

If the carpet are not well vacuumed the machine will leave dirty fuzz clumps on your carpet.

The good thing is that the Ultra+ plus solution that is supplied with the washer is specially designed not to leave any streaks on your carpets.

Once satisfied with your vacuuming, fill in the water mixed with the Ultra+ solution to the water tank.

Start washing by exerting pressure on the trigger to release the solution to your carpet.

When moving forward; the solution is pumped deep into your carpets with the rapide ultra carpet cleaner powered jets.

The oscillating spinscrub brushes agitate and lift away all deep seated dirt, odours and allergen.

If your pet occasionally has accidents that leave bad odour on your carpet, then this is the carpet washer you need.

To dry the washed surface, release the trigger and move the Vax w90-ru-b rapide ultra upright carpet and upholstery washer backwards as the dual V powerfully sucks up all the dirt into the dirty water tank. This makes your carpets dry quicker.

It is crucial that you release the trigger in your backward motion lest your carpets get soggy with water.

Things to Keep in Mind

For best results, it is important that you go slowly in your forward and back movements unlike when vacuuming.

The upholstery equipment which consist of a suction head and a nozzle spray and has brush attachments can be used for spot cleaning. Spray the solution to break the grime and then use the suction head to remove the dirt and any spills on your surfaces.

Be sure to squarely position the dirty water tank in place. If you do not align it properly in its position the machine will not suck up the dirty residue.

To clean the Vax w90 ru b rapide ultra upright carpet cleaner plastic head that sucks up dirt, add warm water to it and shake it vigorously and pour the water away.