Vax S3S Hardfloor Advance Steam Mop Reviews

The Vax s3s hardfloor advance steam mop is an improved version of the Vax s2 steam mop. The best thing is that this cleaner is that it comes with a sure 2 year warrantee which you can secure by registering your gadget at Vax.

Key Features/Pros of the Vax S3S

Vax Steam Mop S3SThe Vax s3s is white in color, weighs 3.4kg and of 21 x 28 x 110 cm size.

  • It has variable control settings that you can customise to work with different floor types.
  • It is powered by a 1600 watt motor and a 0.5 litre tank that heat up in 15 seconds to provide you with 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • It weighs only 3.4 Kgs and has an 8 meter power cord length. Enough to enable you cover wide areas without the need t plug and unplug your power cables.
  • Features 100 degree swivel head steer technology that makes it easy to reach tight and awkward spaces.
  • It has an adjustable handle height for ease of use. You don’t have to stoop to clean.
  • The floor head is triangular shaped which makes it possible to clean tight and awkward spaces like around table legs or under furniture.
  • It is fitted with an intuitive floor selector that will intelligently vary the amount of jetting vapour on different floor surfaces
  • The S3S Vax can be used on the following flooring types: Tiles,- Lino,- Sealed laminate,- Wood, Refreshing carpets & rugs


  • The instruction manuals supplied are not detailed enough; you have to download a comprehensive guide from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The limescale filter needs to be replaced after every three months.
  • The water tank can be difficult to remove from the unit.

Vax S3S Hardfloor Advance Steam Mop Reviews

Well we have researched the Vax s3s hardfloor advance steam mop by ploughing through hundreds of customer reviews from different online shop portals and forums and come up with comprehensive reviews to answer all your questions before you buy.

The most common question many buyers have top in their minds are:

  1. Will the product provide value for money
  2. Is the product reliable, effective and durable
  3. Are there hidden costs I will incur long after purchasing the product

Well we have you covered in this review. To effectively answer all possible questions regarding the Vax steam mop S3S Upright Hard Floor Advance+ With Detergent, we will first explore the key benefits of buying the Vax hard floor advance S3S, the product description and its main features.

Key Benefits

Does the s3s provide value for money? Well the jury is out as they say but at a glance, this is what you get when get one of this gadget in your possession.

  • You probably have guessed it from the name “hard floor advance”; the Vax SS3 is specially engineered to comprehensively clean sealed hard floors.
  • The Vax s3s hardfloor advance kills 99% of all germs on your surfaces and with the Vax detergents; the Hard Floor advance will clean 37% better than most steam mops in the market today (Check Vax website for detailed scientific explanation).
  • They clean a treat and leave your floors sparkling and spotlessly clean for a healthy homely setting.
  • It dries the floor quickly after cleaning, in approximately 5 minutes, your surfaces will be dry and without any streaks.
  • This gadget comes with twin tank technology and a specially designed detergent that will not only leave your floors with a lovely spring scent but will also ensure that your surfaces remain germ free at least for seven days after cleaning
  • The S3S Vax Steam Mop is quite sturdy but yet lightweight.
  • It comes fitted with tough brush bristles that startle even the most seated dirt.

This gadget is fitted with an intuitive floor selector that will intelligently vary the amount of jetting vapour on different floor surfaces and thereby ensuring that regardless of your floor surface, be they laminate, hardwood or vinyl flooring are given the required tender loving care that will not damage them.

This is great because many modern houses have different floor surfaces (e.g tiles for bathroom, hardwood for living area, carpet bedroom and vinyl for kitchen).

With the surface selector, you don’t have to worry about your different floor settings but will glide through your entire house by just shifting the floor selector knob/button.

This Vax steam mop comes with a sure 2 year warrantee which you can secure by registering the model number of your steamer at Vax.

You will also get a number of accessories that use to customise your cleaning: they will enable you to effectively clean different parts f the house.


  1. Cooling base
  2. Carpet glider to refresh carpets
  3. Measuring jug for the twin tank (water tank and detergent).
  4. Velcro microfibre pads
  5. Vax detergent


The specially designed Vax steam mop detergent are complaint with best environmental practices. They are specially made to be environmentally friendly yet very effective in battling grime and germs. They break down deep seated dirt 37% better than when using standing steam alone. The detergents come in different scents:

  • Lime
  • Zest
  • Spring Fresh
  • Ocean breeze

The Vax S3S Hardfloor Advance Steam Mop

The Vax s3s hardfloor advance steam mop sits comfortably alongside the basic range steam cleaners in the industry.

  • It easily blasts seated and caked in stains to give your floors a gloss you never knew your surface to have.
  • It also leaves your surfaces with a fresh scent and bacteria free. The compact brush on the floor head fights deep seated stains and dirt to give your surfaces a proper clean look.
  • It uses twin tank technology in which the specially designed detergent is mixed with hot jetting vapour to clean far much better than most steam mops in the market.
  • Heats up really quickly (15 seconds) to give you 30 minutes of straight cleaning without the need to refill the water tank.
  • It gives you “long” cleaning time (30 minutes) uninterrupted cleaning time is quite good considering almost 80% of most steam mops give you between 15-25 minutes of cleaning time.
  • It has a surface selector that enables you to select the floor type you are working on and the cleaner will automatically select the appropriate level of steam and detergent for optimum performance.
  • Does not leave streaks on your floor.
  • It comes with Velcro microfibre pads which are quite good in trapping stubborn dirt on your surfaces.
  • The floorhead is triangular shaped which is quite good in accessing hard to reach areas like corners.

Setting up the Vax steam mop s3s is a breeze, you just need to join a few parts together and you are done. It dries floors almost immediately after cleaning, well at least in 5 minutes.