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Vax Steam Mop

Find 5 Best Vax Steam Mop UK 2017 that are not only suitable for cleaning all kinds of sealed hard floor but also windows, kitchen sinks, taps, tiles, kids toys and more while killing more than 99.9% of bacteria.

Steam cleaners do an effective job of cleaning floors. They kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces without chemicals. What is even better is that with the specialised detergent that is supplied when you buy a new Vax mop, your gadget will clean 37% better than most cleaners.

  • Vax as a brand has a great number of steam mops that are receiving rave reviews in major online shopping stores like Amazon. The most sold steamers by this brand include the Vax steam fresh combi, Vax 10 in 1, and the Vax S7 (See the comparison table below).
  • For a quick check; here is the Amazon top 100 best selling steam mops with the Vax steam mops dominating the market.
  • The Vax cleaner can be used as both a floor steam cleaner and a handheld steamer.
  • Vax mops are praised for their ability to dry floors much faster than other steam mops in the market
  • Once you decide on which one to buy and actually get one. You can head over to manufacturer website to register your cleaner for securing a 2 year guarantee.
  • For making cleaning easier; you are supplied with a number of accessories including
    • Cleaning pads meant for wiping down flat surfaces,
    • squeegee meant for glass cleaning,
    • Tool for upholstery cleaning, which makes refreshing fabric and treating stains much more easily. It usually consists of a squeegee or a brush with a pad or cloth equipped on its top,
    • Scrubbing pad, which makes work light when getting rid of the greases from your ovens and
    • Scrubbing brush, which eliminates nested grime from your tiles and grout and
    • You also get a carpet glider for refreshing carpets.

Here is our top 5 best Vax steam mops UK 2017.

5 Best Vax Steam Mops UK 2017

Steam MopSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)Customers RatingsBest Price
Steam MopSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)Customers RatingsBest Price
Vax Steam Fresh Combi Vax Steam Fresh Combi203084.2
Vax 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner Vax 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner 203074.3
Vax Steam Mop S7 Vax Steam Mop S7 123084.1
Vax S86 SF P Steam Fresh Pet Upright Steam Cleaner Vax S86 SF P Steam Fresh Pet Upright Steam Cleaner302094.2
Vax Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop Reviews Vax S2S-1 Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop106084.1


#1:Vax Steam Fresh Combi 

Vax S86-SF-C Steam Fresh Combi Multifunction Steam MopThe Vax Steam Fresh Combi is one of the top 3 Amazon best selling steam mops and steam cleaners UK 2017. It is a new version of the Vax s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop (reviews below)

The steam fresh combi tops our best list simply because of its solid versatility, reliability and functionality.

The consumer giant “Which” awarded, it as the best steam mop 2014.

  • As the name suggests Fresh Combi is a combination of an electric mop and handheld cleaner that uses the fresh specially designed detergents.
  • It can tackle 15 different tasks that include grouting, tiles, hobs and cleaning taps.
  • It comes with a 10 piece accessory kit including a handheld cleaner.
  • It features a triangular head fitted with special scrub that breaks down stubborn and deep seated dirt.
  • The Vax steam fresh combi comes with a lovely fresh detergent that will not only clean your surfaces better than ordinary standard cleaning gadgets but also leave your floors germ free for seven days.
  • It is compact, easy to use and have good mix of attachments that can even break tough stains in the oven.
  • Good for cleaning floors
  • Floor dries quickly upon using it
  • The unit looks good
  • You also get 3 microfibre pads, a specially designed detergent and a standard two year warrantee.


Its handheld device is a bit heavy weighing about 1.6 kg and you need to use 2 hands for it to work (one hand for holding the on/off button and the other one for cleaning eg windows, ovens, sinks etc)

Make no mistake; the Vax steam fresh combi is sturdy, reliable and effective. It does not come as a surprise when the manufacturer offers you a no questions asked two years guarantee.

#2: Vax S86 SF CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam Mop

Vax S86 SF CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam MopThen there is the Vax s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop . This is an all round gadget that can clean grout, hobs, ovens and all types of sealed hard floors. It is a truly phenomenal cleaner.

  • The Vax s86 sf cc comes with a detachable hand held cleaner with a number of accessories to transform the cleaner into a complete cleaning system.
  • This Vax s86-sf-cc combi steam mop is powered by a 1600w motor that heats up in 20 seconds to give you 15 minutes steaming time.
  • It has variable floor control with an overheat protection technology to protect your floors from damage.
  • It weighs only 3.7 Kgs and uses a specially designed detergent that leaves your surfaces with a flagrant spring scent.


  • It’s a bit heavy weighing about 3.7kg


#3:Vax Steam Mop S7

Vax Steam Mop S7Well, looks like the Vax steam mop s7 2 in 1 upright and handheld steam cleaner has pipped others to claim the third best and cheapest Vax steam mop.

It has topped the bestseller list for the last two years. A testament of how popular and reliable it is.

Some of the negative feedback from customers include:

  1. Short steaming time that forces you to stop to refill the tank when you have already gathered momentum. The water tank of Vax steam mop S7 only gives you 12 minutes while the fresh combi will give you up to 20 minutes cleaning time
  2. It does not have cool features like swivel steering floor head or scrubber.
  3. It has a slightly shorter power cord (7m) while the Vax s86-sf-s steam fresh combi has 8m.
  4. The Vax s7-a steam mop can only clean up to 7 places in the house compared to the S86 that can complete 15 different cleaning tasks in the house.
  5. Instructions in the user manual supplied with the cleaner are vague.


The good thing with the Vax s7 steam mop is that you get trappings of top-range cleaners for a fraction of the cost.

  • This total home master is currently selling for under£40.
  • You get a durable and versatile cleaner that comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee.
  • It is a lightweight 2 in 1 cleaner that can clean most places in the house. It weighs only 2.7 kgs. So it will be easy for you to clean effortlessly.
  • It has a shoulder strap for the handheld cleaner for ease of use. This frees your two hands to clean effectively.
  • It runs on a powerful motor for overall efficiency and quick heat up time. Ideal for you clean on the go.
  • The power cord is of decent length 7 meters, enough radius for you to cover your domestic spaces without plugging/unplugging.
  • It runs on a 1600 watt motor that heats up in 30 seconds to give you 12 minutes continuous cleaning time.
  • It has a 0.4 litre tank and a 7m power cord. And,
  • The Vax S7 is multifunctional and can accomplish seven cleaning tasks.

#4:Vax S2 Steam Mop

Vax S2 Steam MopThe Vax s2 steam mop is a robust steam mop with clever technological additions like swivel steering, variable floor setting and a triangular floor cleaner that reach awkward places like corners and table legs.

  • It has a standard 8 meter cable that is always nice when cleaning because you won’t have to keep on plugging and unplugging your power cable.
  • It produces jetting hot vapour in only 15 seconds to provide your power cleaning for 30 minutes. More than average cleaners.

Like most cleaners by this manufacturer, this Vax s2s steam mop comes with twin tank technology and trademark detergents that not only help to clean better than when using only hot jetting vapour but also gives your surface a fresh spring fragrance.

#5:Vax S86 SF P Steam Fresh Pet Upright Steam Cleaner

VVax S86 SF P Steam Fresh Pet Upright Steam Cleaner Reviewsax also has a cleaner specially designed for pet owners: the Vax S86 SF P Steam Fresh Pet Upright Steam Cleaner.

  • This cleaner features a pet pad that removes all pet hair from your surfaces.
  • It also has a considerably longer cleaning time (30 minutes).
  • The defining feature of this Vax s86 sf c is the pet pad that is specially designed to remove even the tiniest pet fur from your surfaces. However it does not have a handheld cleaner. It has a scrubber and steam burst functionality for caked in dirt and tough stains.


#6: Vax S84-W7-P Steam Fresh Power Plus

The multifunctional Vax S84-W7-P Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner that comes with a 360 degrees handheld tool to enable you clean all crevices. Other key features are a compact brush and steam boost for tough stains. Like most mops it comes with a long power-cord for easy navigation in your domestic spaces.

#7: Vax S85-SF-R Steam Fresh Power Multifunction Steam Cleaner

Vax S85-SF-R Steam Fresh Power Multifunction Steam Cleaner: This is marketed as a 3 in 1 cleaner which is a step ahead of the pack in the hot vapour cleaning market in which 2 in 1 cleaners are the most common.

The three in one comprises of a dedicated floor cleaner, a nifty fully kitted handheld cleaner and a reach wand for all those high spaces like ceiling and tight spaces like under furniture fittings. So far the S85-SF-R has emerged as the best seller in the steam cleaning range. Other key features are compact brush and steam boost for ingrained dirt, a wide range of accessories for clean any place in your domestic space and variable floor control on the handle for ease of control.

In spite of newer versions, the Vax steam fresh combi continues to be a favourite among consumers. It is a best seller in major outlets in the UK like Amazon and Argos.

Vax s86 sf c  Vs. Vax S85-SF-R Vs. Vax S84-W7-P?

The key difference is that the newer version has a wand to help reach tight spaces and high ceilings. The wand can be used with a host of accessories like the window cleaner (squeegee) or hard bristle grout brush to clean high windows and grout in tight spaces.

The Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner S84-W7-P has a 360 degree handheld tool that enables you to clean from any angle. The newer versions have an extra steam boost to enable you tackle tough stains and dirt. Unlike the 15 in 1 the fresh power and the Vax fresh power plus have a wall mount function because they are not as free standing as the Vax 15 in 1.

The other set of floor cleaners produced by Vax are cylinder cleaners: The <a href=””>Vax Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner S6S</a> and Vax S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master Compact Steam Cleaner. Typically these cylinder cleaners are quite portable because they roll on wheels.

They also have onboard accessory storage kit and a larger water tank than standing cleaners which also gives longer continuous cleaning time than stick hot vapour mops and cleaners.

The key difference between the Vax S5 and Vax S6 is that the S5 is more compact and has a slightly smaller water tank. It also has fewer accessories compared to the S6. While the S6 has 20 accessory tool kit for all kinds of cleaning the S5 has only 16. The S6 gives you 40 minutes continuous cleaning time while the S5 gives you only 30 minutes continuous cleaning time.

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