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Steam mops do an effective job of cleaning floors. They kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces without chemicals. What is even better is that with the specialised detergent that is supplied when you buy a brand new Vax steam mop, your gadget will clean 37% better than most cleaners.

  • Vax as a brand has a great number of steam mops that are receiving rave reviews in major online shopping stores like Amazon. The most sold steamers by this brand include the Vax steam fresh combi, Vax 10 in 1, and the Vax S7 .
  • For a quick check; here is the Amazon top 100 best selling steam mops with the Vax steam mops dominating the market.
  • The Vax steam cleaner can be used as both a floor steam cleaner and a handheld steamer.
  • Vax mops are praised for their ability to dry floors much faster than other steam mops in the market
  • For making cleaning easier; you are supplied with a number of accessories including
    • Cleaning pads meant for wiping down flat surfaces,
    • squeegee meant for glass cleaning,
    • Tool for upholstery cleaning, which makes refreshing fabric and treating stains much more easily. It usually consists of a squeegee or a brush with a pad or cloth equipped on its top,
    • Scrubbing pad, which makes work light when getting rid of the greases from your ovens and
    • Scrubbing brush, which eliminates nested grime from your tiles and grout and
    • You also get a carpet glider for refreshing carpets.

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Vax S86-SF -C VS Vax S86-SF- CC Steam Fresh Combi Review

Should you buy the Vax steam fresh combi classic 10-in-1 steam cleaner or Vax S86 SF C 15 in 1 Steam Fresh Combi Steam Mop?

A few notable differences between the Vax s86 sf cc 10 in 1 steam fresh combi classic and the Vax s86 sf c 15 in 1 steam cleaner are:

  • The Vax 15 In 1 S86-SF-C has a power cord that is 8m while the Vax Steam Mop S86-SF-CC has a 7m power cord.
  • The Vax S86-SF-C Steam Cleaner and the s86 sf cc both have a 0.5litre water tank capacity.
  • The Vax 15 In 1 Steam Cleaner and the Vax 10 in 1 both heats-up in 20 seconds to give 15 minutes cleaning time.
  • The 10 in 1 does not have steam control setting; there is only on and off button when compared to the 15 in one that has steam control setting to aid you select amount of steam depending on the floor type.
  • On both of them; you need two hands to operate the handheld steamer.
  • They both weigh 3.7kg and powered by 1600watts motor
  • The s86 sf c has a built in compact brush for cleaning tough stain while the s86 sf cc the compact brush comes as an accessory.

Some cons of the 15 in 1 is that some users do find it a bit pricey while others feel the bristles wear out too fast. Some think it’s a bit heavy especially when cleaning vertical surfaces.


Vax Steam Fresh Combi Classic S86-SF-CC Steam Mop Review

Looking for a quality, reliable and efficient multipurpose cleaner? You have just found it. Yes, you can complete all kinds of chores around the house without having to change your cleaning equipment.

How would this be even possible? I’ll tell you. No, it’s not a magic wand. It’s the Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-CC.

What’s more? S86-SF-CC Vax has an angular head that makes it easy to clean hard to reach places. In fact, with the Vax Steam Mop S86-SF-CC, you can clean practically any area around the house. Starting from ovens and hobs to taps, tiles, grills and flooring of all kinds, this device definitely proves its efficacy.

Vax 10 in 1 comes with a 2 year Manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Some of the things you will love about using the Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-CC is its ability to kill 99% of germs while it cleans. This is because it releases hot steam and hence keep your home germ free for up to 7 days. Remarkable isn’t it?

That’s not all. Due to the unique fact that it releases detergent and vapour at the same time; it easily removes stubborn stains and dirt. Plus, the citrus fresh smell it leaves behind will definitely put a smile on your face. Cleaning has never been this pleasant and easy.

The 10 in 1 Vax Steam Cleaner has some of the following features;

  • Unique steam and detergent technology ensuring easy cleaning.
  • 7m power cord making it easy to move around the house while cleaning.
  • 0.3 litre water tank capacity.
  • Variable control with overheat protection .
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee.
  • Cleaning time 15mins per tank .
  • 10 piece accessory kit.

Vax S86-SF-C vs Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-CC : Overall Verdict

The overall conclusion for the Vax 10 in 1 Steam Mop would be that it is an amazing product. Most users who have numerous day to day chores refer to it as a time and energy saver.

The fact that the Vax Steam Fresh Combi Classic S86-SF-CC leaves surfaces sparkling and with a wonderful fresh smell makes it a choice product for many.

This is definitely a product to recommend to anyone with large surfaces to clean and precious time to save.

Which is your favourite, Vax S86-SF-C or Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh Combi?

Vax Steam Mop Reviews

#1: Vax Steam Fresh Combi

The Vax steam fresh combi s86-sf-c, 15 in 1 multifunction steam cleaner is both a floor steam mop and a detachable handheld cleaner. It is an improved version of the previous Vax s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic .

Key Features/Pros

Vax S86-SF-C Steam Fresh Combi Multifunction Steam MopThis Vax 15 in 1 steam cleaner has a variable floor setting that regulates the heat to suit different floor types.

  • It has two tanks, one for the detergent and the other tank for the cleaning water. The combination of hot jetting vapour and detergent cleans your floors 37% better than when only using hot jetting vapour like most mops do.
  • It is powered by a 1600 watt motor that releases sufficient hot jetting vapour to fight grime and stubborn dirt.
  • Quick heat up time (15 seconds). Gives you 20 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.
  • The wire length is a generous (8m) long while the weight is 3.7 Kgs.
  • Its specially designed angular head to access tight corners and skirting.
  • When used as a standing mop, it does a brilliant job on the floors and leaves you with spectacularly clean surfaces. The floors dry in only 3 minutes.
  • Included in a brand new 15 in 1 fresh combi is a ten piece kit with an assortment of tools. The supplied tools can be used to battle dirt in over 15 different places in your house: sealed hard floors, tiles, windows, shower cubicles, hob, kitchen hood, oven, upholstery tap, tile grouting, toilet and the list goes on.
  • It is multifunctional, can clean many surfaces including hard floors, upholstery, grout, curtains, taps, mirrors, windows, tiles, grills, ovens and hobs.
  • Has an inbuilt compact scrub brush that out muscles stubborn stains and sticky spots.
  • The Vax s86 sf c steam fresh combi blends the twin tank hot vapour jet technology with their customized detergents to effortlessly sanitise your surfaces. The cleaning solution help you clean your floors better by 37% than when you would use a standalone jetting vapour without detergents.
  • For peace of mind, this cleaner comes with 2 years guarantee.


When using the handheld cleaner; you have to keep the control button held down all the time while cleaning to unleash the hot vapour. This forces you to use two hands rather than having one of your hands-free to speed up the cleaning.

And the Vax fresh combi handheld device itself is claimed to be a bit heavy.


The Vax steam fresh combi is robust and sturdy gadget that employs the latest technology to bring fun into what was once a chore.
It comes with a compact brush for scrubbing that is integrated into the floor head. This helps remove deep seated dirt.

It uses the variable floor control that is customized to clean different floor surfaces.

  • It has a Powerful 1600 watt motor that produces adequate hot vapour to outmuscle even the most stubborn dirt.
  • It clears most grouting dirt leaving them looking like new.
  • It is quite multifunctional; it has a 10 piece kit that can customise the gadget to clean almost anywhere in the house.
  • Kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces.
  • Easy to store. It is compact, easy to use and lightweight.
  • Tools come with it that make it very versatile in cleaning throughout the house.
  • It heats up in record time (15 seconds) so that you can clean on the go.
  • Dries floors quickly (3 mins), no waiting for wet floors to dry.
  • Easy to assemble and quite sturdy.
  • Produces a powerful jet of sufficient hot vapour to combat grease and grime.
  • Has a generously long cable compared to most mops.
  • Gives your floors a spectacular clean finish that is streak free.


This Vax s86-sf-c steam fresh combi multifunction comes with customized Vax detergent to battle all grime, germs, grease and bacteria on your surfaces.

  • The Vax detergents have active germ fighting components that stay active for seven days to repel germs away from all your surfaces. This means that after mopping your surfaces, the floors will remain germ-free for seven days.
  • The detergents help you clean your floors better by 37% than ordinary hot vapour mops without detergents. The specialised Vax detergents come in different scents: Spring Fresh; Ocean Breeze and Lime Zest. The good thing about this is that with every clean, your house is left with a lovely citrus fresh smell.

What about the handheld device?

The Vax Steam Fresh Combi Detachable Handheld Cleaner

Its detachable handheld cleaner is the real deal when it comes to its impressive features. With the ten piece tool kit, you can battle tough areas to clean including grout, mirrors, bath, shower and hard to reach places.

The detachable handheld device can be customised by using the accessories supplied to perform most cleaning tasks in your home, like cleaning your oven, tiles, upholstery and even car alloy wheels. It is a real fighter.

The Vax S86 SF C Accessories

The Vax steam fresh combi s86 sf c accompanied accessories include:

  1. Two microfibre Velcro pads,
  2. a carpet glider,
  3. 25l detergent from the manufacturer,
  4. metal brush,
  5. a small brush made of plastic.
  6. a wide plastic brush.
  7. window squeegee.
  8. grout brush.
  9. Detail nozzle and a bag for all your accessories.

Is This Vax 15 in Steam Cleaner Easy to Assemble?

Setting up the Vax 15 in 1 steam cleaner is a breeze. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The wire length is a generous (8m) long while the weight is 3.7 Kgs. All you have to do, to get up and running is to fix three things together.

Once set up, fill the water tank with 260 ml of tap-water and then re-attach the tank back to the Vax. In the detergent container, pour in 50 ml of the detergent, add 150 ml water and then place it back. This is about it really. What remains is to push the on button, and 15 seconds later your tanks are heated ready to do the heavy lifting job of breaking dirt and grime away.

The Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-Sf-C, 15 in 1 Multifunction

Like Vax s86-sf-cc ; the Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-Sf-C, 15 in 1 Multifunction Steam Cleaner is receiving rave reviews by customers across various meeting points on the internet. The overall rating by reviewers who have reviewed the product on the manufacturer’s website is 4.3 out of 5.

A whopping 93.6% of the people who purchased this Vax s86 sf c are quite happy with their gadget while the overall rating at Amazon is 4.2 out of 5 which equivalents to 84% customer satisfaction rate. With such high customer approval rate, you cannot go wrong with it You will definitely get value for your money

  • It has variable settings that you can customise to different floor settings.
  • The high hot vapour power-jet fights even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Over 84% of customers are quite happy with this Vax 15 in 1 steam cleaner. You cannot go wrong with this gadget.
  • It is worth more than the discounted price it is currently going for.For peace of mind, the Vax gives you a two-year guarantee. You probably need to register your gadget with the manufacturer’s official website to lock in the two-year warranty if you buy from Amazon.

#2: Vax 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner

The Vax 10 in 1 steam cleaner , s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic is one of the best steam mops uk . There is also the Vax VRS29M 10 in 1 steam cleaner (Find its detailed reviews below).

Key Features/Pros

The Vax steam cleaner 10 in 1 is an old version of the best selling Vax 15 in 1 steam cleaner.

  • It features cutting edge twin tank technology. What this means is that you will have two tanks, one for specially designed detergents and the other for water so that when you clean, your floor are left with a lovely spring scent.
  • The thing that really makes this Vax steam fresh combi classic a powerful is the versatile accessories kit.With the help of these accessories, you can use the cleaner to clean your kitchen worktops, cupboards, ovens, hobs, kitchen hood, grouting, tiles, windows, shower cubicle, toilet rim, car alloy wheels, upholstery, blinds and even mattresses.
  • The Vaxs86 sf cc employs swivel steering technology that makes the cleaner glide effortlessly with minimal elbow grease.
  • It has an angular head that easily cleans hard to access places like under/around table legs or in corners.
  • You get to use specially produced trademark Vax detergent that has been scientifically been proven to clean 37% better than most ordinary vapour cleaners
  • You get 2 years guarantee when you register your Vax at the manufacturer’s website. How is that for peace of mind?


  • It is relatively heavy at 3.7 kgs as compared to the Vax s7 of 2.7kg
  • You can only use the detergents on the floor mop and not on the handheld cleaner.

In spite of best seller tags and good prices, it is always good to know the product you are about to buy. Well, to get a good cleaning product, you are going to examine the reliability, versatility and efficiency of the product. It is no different with the s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic


We have researched over 200 customer feedback from major UK online stores like Amazon, Lakeland, Little woods and the manufacturer’s website and come up with a comprehensive Vax 10 in 1 steam cleaner reviews. To get to know this cleaner better, let us first consider what benefits you will get when you buy one.

Product Description

This Vax fresh combi classic comes with a 10 piece accessory kit for every cleaning job around the home from ovens and hobs to taps, tiles, grout, kitchen worktops/surfaces and flooring. It uses specially formulated steam detergents to eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria for up to 7 days. The unique steam and detergent technology and an angular floor head helps eliminate stubborn stains and gives your home a citrus fresh fragrance.

The steam fresh combi classic includes a washable microfibre cleaning pad that removes stubborn dirt to leave your floors streak-free and sparkling. Angular floor head gets into hard to reach areas for a more thorough clean.

It is powered by a 1600 watt which heats up the water into vapour in 20 seconds. The twin tank will give you 15 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.

This steam cleaner comes with a 7 meter power cord, enough to clean wide areas in your house. With such a generous cable wire, there is no need to plug and unplug once you start cleaning. The Vax steam fresh combi classic s86-sf-cc steam mop comes with a carpet glider to refresh low pile carpets.


Here is what is contained in the Vax 10-in-1 steam steam mop accessories kit:

  • One microfibre pad.
  • A carpet glider.
  • A Metal brush.
  • small plastic brush.
  • One large plastic brush.
  • One window/upholstery tool.
  • One window/upholstery cloth.
  • A scraper.
  • A concentration tool.
  • Grouting brush.
  • A nozzle for detailed cleaning.
  • An accessory bag and
  • Vax detergent.


Overall Verdict

The Vax 10 in 1 steam cleaner , s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic is packed with reliability and versatility, no wonder it has a high customer star rating of 4.2 which means that 84% of all the customers who have bought this gadget are quite happy with what they bought.

  • Vax steam mops comes with a solid 2 year manufacturer guarantee, so you have enough time to fiddle around with it.
  • At the discounted price it going for (less than sixty quid), two years is long enough to justify a good return on investment if you buy this Vax s86-sf-cc steam fresh combi classic .

Vax 10 in 1 vs Vax 15 in 1 Steam Cleaner

  1. The key thing that separates the Vax 10 in 1 from the 15 in 1 is that the Vax 15 in 1 has a compact brush on its floorhead that agitates deep seated dirt. The compact scrub is good for deep cleaning.
  2. The other difference is that the s86 sf c 15 in 1 has a longer power cord than the s86 sf cc. The Vax s86 sf c has a slightly longer cable (8 meters) while the Vax S86sfcc has only 7 meters power cord.
  3. The Vax S86 15 in 1 comes with two microfibre pads in the accessories kit while the Vax 10 in 1 has only one.
  4. The s86 sf c also comes with an extension hose in the accessories kit that the s86 sf cc does not have.
  5. Well the Vax 15 in 1 performs up to 15 cleaning tasks while the 10 in 1 can complete only 10 cleaning tasks.

My personal preference is the Vax s86 sf c, 15 in 1 since it gives you more added functionality. However the Vax s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic is a quality cleaner in its own right and that is why it is currently sitting pretty in the Amazon best cleaners list.

#3: Vax VRS29M 10 In 1 Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Vax VRS29M 10 In 1 Steam Cleaner is a Total Home Master steam cleaner that comes with a 10 piece accessory kit for the ease in cleaning of every household. It has a large sizable angled floor head that easily reaches hard to reach areas.

Key Features/ Pros of the Vax VRS29M

The VRS29M Vax steam cleaner is both a floor steam mop and a handheld steamer.

  • It is powered by a 1500 watts that heats up in only 30 seconds and can give you up to 12 minutes of continuous cleaning
  • The VRS29M by Vax has a reliable handheld cleaner that detaches with ease.
  • It can clean grout, kitchen worktops and white goods (hob, oven, microwave etc) and upholstery. You can also refresh carpets, clean windows, grout and shower cubicle with it. It is quite efficiency in cleaning.
  • It provides extra maneuverability due to its swivel head steering and long 6m power cord.
  • It has a handy storage case for hassle free storage.


  • When cleaning high places the pressure jet flow of the hot vapour is not great as you have to position the cleaner vertically.


The Vax vrs29m 10 in 1 steam cleaner is an ultimate solution for regular hot vapour cleaning at home. It is portable and comes with multiple accessories for every possible cleaning task. It easily dislodges tough stains with powerful jets of steam.

It is lightweight (2.7 kgs) and easy to assemble. Unlike other top cleaners like the Karcher SC3 that only have soft brush as an accessory; this Vax VRS29M comes with a brass (wire) brush which is durable and effective for every tough cleaning task like discolored grout.

How does it work?

It is a multifunctional cleaner that can be used on different of surfaces. You can easily clean the floors, windows, tiles, grout etc. You can also detach the handle of the Vax vrs29m with the press of a key. Press a button to release hot jetting vapour. It is perfect on sealed hard floors.

You can also clean all types of floors with it by managing how you release the hot vapour. You achieve this by pressing the button a little bit then making dry passes without hot vapour.

The Vax heats up in less than 30 seconds to give you decent continuous cleaning time of 12 minutes which is enough to spruce up a standard room. It is much more effective and easy to operate.

Features and Specifications

  • It cleans hard floors and carpets with the use of a carpet glider included in the accessories pack.
  • It includes a wire brush, a nozzle, and a squeegee tool for cleaning windows.
  • The cleaner easily cleans up grime and greases.
  • It can be converted into a handheld cleaner to perform other cleaning tasks other than mopping floors.
  • You get two microfiber pads which are perfect because they are reusable and can be washed easily by tossing them in the washing machine.

It comes with a wire brush as an accessory. A wire brush is not only long lasting than a fibre/plastic brush but is quite effective in cleaning grout.

It has a carpet glider that is quite good in refreshing carpets. Your carpets will look like new and refreshed. However for a deep clean you need a dedicated carpet cleaner/ washer.

The Vax VRS29M 10 in 1 Steam Cleaner : Overall Verdict

The Vax vrs29m 10 in 1 steam cleaner works effectively on every surface and leaves your surfaces sparkling and hygienic.

  • It is eco-friendly; you don’t need any chemicals to make your floors sparkling, just use hot vapour.
  • You can use Vax detergent that comes in three flavours (citrus, Lime and Zest) that will leave your floors with a nice fragrance.
  • It kills 99% of all germs and bacteria on your floors to give you healthy spaces for your family and pets.
  • Easily glides on your floors for easy maneuverability. The swivel steering makes twisting the cleaner at angles an effortless task. It can save you cleaning time.
  • It is portable and can be carried anywhere in your domestic space.
  • It is an instant cleaning solution that will make your grout looking like new and leave your floors gleaming. You don’t have to use cleaning solution but if you are up to it, you can grab a Vax detergent as a cleaning solution that will leave your house with a fresh fragrance.
  • The Vax vrs29m 10 in 1 steam cleaner provides value for money at the low price point it is currently going for.

The Vax vrs29m has a high customer approval by people who have used it. 84% of the people who have bought this Vax steam cleaner give it positive feedback. They say it is perfect for floor cleaning and that the floors dry really quickly (in less than 3 minutes). You can check this Vax on Amazon where it is currently highly discounted.

#4: Vax Steam Mop S7

The Vax steam mop s7 2 in 1 upright and handheld steam cleaner is the number one most recommended, best value steam mop in the market right now. It is white/blue in color, weighs 2.7kg and of 29 x 122 x 23 cm size. Quite lightweight I would say.

Key Features/Pros

The Vax S7 has a 1600 watt motor that heats up a 400ml water tank in 30 seconds to give you 15 minutes cleaning time.

  • It features angular floor head for efficient cleaning of hard to reach areas.
  • It has a long electric code (7 metres) enough to cover large areas without having to plug and unplug your sockets.
  • Comes accompanied with 7 part accessory kit with 16 cleaning tools. The accessories can be customised to clean not only your floors and tiles but also grout, windows, mirrors, shower, hob, cooker, oven and other kitchen appliances.
  • Compared to other Vax mops, The Vax S7 has a shoulder strap that gives you the freedom to use your other hand- while one hand holds down the control button to speed up your cleaning.
  • It is suitable for most hard floor types. Wooden flooring, sealed laminate, tiles and lino.
  • Comes with a solid 2 years guarantee. This alone not only gives you peace of mind but also gives an indication that this gadget is built to last.
  • You don’t need to use Vax detergent with the Vax S7 steam mop. You are advised just to use cold water only.


  • Compared to the Vax steam fresh combi, the s7 does not have variable floor setting that enables you to regulate the heat released to the floors.
  • The button on the hand held cleaner has to be kept pressed on for the hot vapour to jet out continuously.
  • You have to check instructions manual that is supplied with it is not very comprehensive. You have to check for more information online if you need it.


Over years the Vax s7 has received a lot of favorable reviews by customers who bought it. Out of 1935 people that have reviewed it over 1500 have given it thumbs up (1097 gave it 5 stars rating while 412 gave it 4 stars), indicating that it was a good buy for them.

On the basis of this, it is difficult to actually not to take notice of the fact that the s7 Vax is really a worthy investment.

  • It is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used both as a mop and handheld cleaner.
  • Has a 7 part accessories kit to suit all your cleaning needs. It can clean windows, grout, tiles shower cubicle, upholstery and almost any part in your house.
  • Has a thick pad for cleaning and dries up quickly (no wet floors).
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • It is easy to set up and assemble
  • It heats up quickly (30 seconds).
  • It is way far much cheaper than other best steam cleaners out there yet gives you more or less the same results.
  • It is reliable and long lasting. It comes with a two years manufacturer guarantee.
  • You can use it to straighten your curtains and clothes.

This is the level of versatility the Vax s7 steam cleaner gives you. It is also quite effective in combating germs, with the ultra hot jetting pressure from it; it kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on your surfaces.

The s7 has a shoulder strap. This shoulder strap gives you the freedom to use your other hand while one hand holds down the control button to speed up your cleaning.

Other similar cleaners in the market may require you to use your two hands when using the handheld cleaner (which is quite limiting). You can use your other hand to work while the other manages the hand held cleaner.

This Vax mop receives rave reviews and is said to be reliable for all your cleaning tasks.

The Vax S7 Accessories

The Vax s7 comes accompanied with the seven part accessory kit. You can use it for your floors, tiles, windows, mirrors, shower, hob, cooker, oven and other kitchen appliances.

It comes with a squeegee, a scraper, hose, pads, a cooling tray, carpet glider, the hand held cleaner and over seven pieces of accessories for the hand cleaner.

The carpet glider that comes with it can be used to not only freshen your carpets but also your floor rugs.

The hand held cleaner does not disappoint, it produces adequate jetting pressure to fight grime and grease. It can also be used to clean discoloured grout.

Has a thick pad for cleaning and dries up quickly (no wet floors).


All you need to do once you have unboxed it is to follow the simple instructions on the user manual and within minutes you will be ready to test drive your cleaner.

Once it is all systems go, fill in the water tank (400ml) and reach out for the on button. The water will be heat up in 30 seconds. At this point you can go ahead and start cleaning enjoying your purchase.

In case no vapours coming out remember to always refer the user guide above for troubleshooting related issue.

Vax S7 Steam Mop Overall Verdict

My final thoughts about the Vax s7 steam mop are that it is good value for money.

  • It is quite versatile.
  • It is a multipurpose cleaner with a seven piece accessory kit that can be used to clean your hard floor surfaces, windows, upholstery and bathroom.
  • You can use it to refresh your carpets and clothes.
  • It has an appropriate long electric cord to give you added flexibility.

For the price it is currently going for, the Vax s7 steam cleaner is a good product snap up.

#5: Vax S86-SF-P Fresh Pet Steam Mop

The Vax s86-sf-p fresh pet steam mop is one of the best steam mops for pets. It comes with a special designed pad for removing pet hair from all your surfaces. It is is white/purple in color, weighs 3.5kg and of 28 x 30 x 112 cm size.

Key Features/Pros

  • The Vax s86 sf p features 800ml water tank that heats up in 20 seconds to give you 30 minutes cleaning time. Its 800ml water is bigger than that of Vax steam fresh combi of 500ml.
  • The s86 sf p is powered by 1600watts motor.
  • Has long power cord (9m) to enable you clean most of your floors without plugging and unplugging sockets
  • It has variable floor setting that is suitable for most floor types
  • It has a twin tank technology and uses patented Vax detergent. The detergent neutralises odours and cleans 37% better than when using hot vapour only.
  • Comes with 250ml Vax Detergent.
  • It has a burst function that releases bursts of hot vapour on demand for spot cleaning and tough stains.
  • It is relatively lightweight and quite portable. It weighs only 3.5 kgs.
  • This Vax fresh pet steam mop comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee and is quite durable.

Cons of the Vax s86 sf p

  1. It has no handheld cleaner
  2. The tank need to be taken out before refilling it and then wait for it to reheat again in 25 seconds
  3. It is a bit heavy, weighing 3.5kg


The Vax s86-sf-p fresh pet steam mop is powered by a 1600 watt motor that heats up in 15 seconds to give you a decent 30 minutes continuous cleaning time; enough time to clean your entire house. It has a small tank for detergent. The Vax detergent is scientifically said to clean 37% better than using hot vapour only.

It has a Burst function to penetrate embedded grime and dismantle the most stubborn stains. It has a 250ml bottle of Vax detergent to eliminate bacteria and neutralises odours.

It is Lightweight (3.5 kgs) and easy use in all parts of your house including stairs. The long extended cleaning time of 30 minutes is enough to do any decent cleaning task without the need to refill the tank. It also comes with a two years guarantee and a long power cord (9m).

The Vax s86 sf p fresh pet steam mop removes all odours and cleans spectacularly.

The Vax s86-sf-p accessories include

  • Compact brush for brushing
  • glider for refreshing your carpets
  • Cleaning pad – a specially designed pad that traps all pet hair.
  • Two microfiber microfibre cleaning pads
  • Pet detergent

How to use the Vax s86-sf-p fresh pet steam mop?

When in use turn the floor dial to match your floor type. Once turned on adjust the variable control to the appropriate setting then the cleaner will automatically mix the right ration of detergent to water for the best results.

  • The Vax s86-sf-p fresh pet steam mop has an on and off button for the hot vapour. Use a combination of bursts of steam and dry passes for your floors to dry faster and provide excellent results.
  • Some people would rather have a way to keep the jetting vapour continuously but doing so will leave your floors wet. Use the steam trigger for bursts when tackling tough stains.
  • The s86 sf p is sturdy, efficient and reliable.
  • It comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee. We recommend it.

#6: Vax S2S-1 Bare FLoor Pro Steam Mop

The Vax s2s-1 bare floor pro steam mop is white/grey in color, weighs 3.3kg and of 22 x 29 x 120 cm size. It is characterised by an ‘angular floor head’ to help you clean even those hard to reach corners.

Key Features/ Pros of the Vax S2S-1 Bare FLoor Pro

The Vax s2s-1 features a 500ml water tank that heats up in 15 seconds to give you 25 minutes cleaning time.

  • It is powered by 1600w motor with a generous 8 metres long electric cable length to help you clean a large room without the need to keep on plugging and unplugging the cable..
  • It has a variable control settings to enable you adjust for different flooring surfaces.
  • You can use the Vax s2s on all wood flooring and on any hard sealed flooring like tiles, and laminate floors.
  • The s2s-1 can also be used to freshen your carpets
  • Comes with 2 year warranty.

The Drawbacks

  • This Vax bare floor pro does not have handheld cleaner to enable you clean other parts of the house like bathroom walls, shower, window, cooker or cupboard.
  • Ithas to be kept in an upright position most of the time.


The Vax s2s-1 bare floor pro steam mop not only saves you time spent on cleaning chores but also breaks down grime and grease. It is one of the sturdiest cleaners in the market . The 1600 watts generates enough steam to break down most grime. Although it comes in a 7 kg package, it just a a sizeable 2 Kgs mop. Once unboxed, you can easily store it anywhere in the house.

The s2s comes packaged with the following:

  • A cleaning detergent and a 500 ml water tank (two tanks)
  • A filling up beaker /a measure cup
  • A carpet glider
  • One microfibre cleaning pad
  • A drip tray and
  • Instruction/manual pack that gives you a solid 2 year UK warranty.

The bare floor pro is a real grime fighter and cuts through dirt, leaving your floors squeaky clean. Most of the germs give way to this cleaner. It kills 99.9% of all bacteria on your floor surfaces.

What makes the Vax S2S-1?

Unlike most other mops, the s2s-1 comes with a customised Vax detergent that when used with the super hot temperature lifts away pretty much all the germs.

The good thing about this product is that they have included detergents in the cleaner that are designed to keep your surfaces germ free for at least seven days.

This, combined with the extra hot vapour makes it impossible for any bacteria to survive once you clean with it. Ideal if you have babies crawling about.

Its Detergent comes in 5 varied nice scents

  • Ocean breeze
  • Lime zest and
  • Spring fresh

The scents give your floors that lovely fresh feeling that we all like.

The Vax s2s actually achieves a lot compared to other more pricey steam cleaners on the market. It is has a contoured design and a swivel head that helps you access those hard to reach places in the house.

The cord is long enough to give you freedom to move from to room to room without having an extension cord.

Does this Vax Bare Floor Pro Provide Value for Money?

The Vax bare floor pro is quite popular. The average consumer Vax s2 steam mop review in Amazon is 4.1 out of five. This is a good indication. Considering that out of 962 people who bought the product in the UK and reviewed the product, a solid 82% of them are relatively happy with their purchase.

You can therefore not go wrong with this. At least all those happy customers could not be wrong. 530 of the 962 people gave it a five out of five rating while 223 people gave it 4 out of 5. With such a large number of satisfied customers, it is hard to overlook the fact that the s2s provides value for money.

Oh did I mention that the s2s-1 is quite affordable?

Is It Easy To Set it Up ?

The Vax bare floor pro is fairly easy to set up. Within minutes of removing the Vax s2s from its box, you will be ready to go. Place a cleaning pad at the base of the mop- they are a breeze to fit and take out; ensure that the water reservoir and the detergent tank are filled up.

Flick the on button and wait for the water to heat. The water heats up in roughly a minute. When the green light shows up, you are ready to clean your floors. In most reviews they advise that you give the trigger a squeeze for more steam and then swipe around your floor for a fresh clean.

When doing the carpets, fit in the carpet glider on the pads of the mop and glide across your carpet. The instruction manual is easy to follow. Make a point to follow the instructions as closely as you can to avoid any frustrations.

For excellent results, vacuum the floor before steaming them. If you are going to move furniture around or take a break during cleaning, be sure to take your mop drip tray along. This provides you a suitable resting place for your Vax before it cools.

Are Its Microfibre Pads Re-usable?

The base pads are machine washable. You can re-use them for several times. To remove the pads
from the mop, wait until the floor steamer cools down and then gently pull away the pad from the base of the pad. If you want your base pads to last long, it is preferable to wash them on moderate temperature so as not to damage the microfibre.

One thing to point out is that both the detergent and water tanks need to be filled up and fully heated for the s2s to work at its best.

The Vax S2S-1 Bare FLoor Pro Steam Mop Overall Verdict

My overall verdict on this Vax S2S-1 Bare FLoor Pro Steam Mop is that it is worth every penny that you spend on it. It is relatively cheap compared to other similar steam cleaners in the market. It is quite reliable and does what it says on the tin. This is also proved by the 82% of close to a thousand buyers who have rated the product 4 points and above out the maximum 5 points.

  • With the 2 year UK warranty, you can put to rest all your worries about this product. The Amazon delivery is hassle free and quick.
  • It is very fast and handy to use. It will save you time.
  • It dries the floor very quickly
  • It is quite sturdy
  • It has adjustable settings for different surfaces
  • It is light (2kgs) and easy to store
  • It comes with a detergent that keeps your floors germ free for 7 good days.
  • Kills 99.9% of all bacteria on your floors.
  • The main plus for me is that the Vax s2s-1 bare floor pro actually does what it says on the box.

When you buy the Vax s2 steam mop , you actually get a quality cleaner without having to break the bank because it is quite affordable. For this reason and many more, this cleaner features in our best steam mops list.

#7: Vax S84-W7-P Steam Fresh Power Plus

Check its current price here.

The multifunctional Vax S84-W7-P Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner that comes with a 360 degrees handheld tool to enable you clean all crevices. Other key features are a compact brush and steam boost for tough stains. Like most mops it comes with a long power-cord for easy navigation in your domestic spaces.

#8: Vax S85-SF-R Steam Fresh Power Multifunction Steam Cleaner

The Vax S85-SF-R Steam Fresh Power Multifunction Steam Cleaner is marketed as a 3 in 1 cleaner which is a step ahead of the pack in the hot vapour cleaning market in which 2 in 1 cleaners are the most common.

Here is its current price on Amazon

The three in one comprises of a dedicated floor cleaner, a nifty fully kitted handheld cleaner and a reach wand for all those high spaces like ceiling and tight spaces like under furniture fittings. So far the S85-SF-R has emerged as the best seller in the steam cleaning range. Other key features are compact brush and steam boost for ingrained dirt, a wide range of accessories for clean any place in your domestic space and variable floor control on the handle for ease of control.

In spite of newer versions, the Vax steam fresh combi continues to be a favourite among consumers. It is a best seller in major outlets in the UK like Amazon and Argos.

Vax s86 sf c Vs. Vax S85-SF-R Vs. Vax S84-W7-P?

The key difference is that the newer version has a wand to help reach tight spaces and high ceilings. The wand can be used with a host of accessories like the window cleaner (squeegee) or hard bristle grout brush to clean high windows and grout in tight spaces.

The Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner S84-W7-P has a 360 degree handheld tool that enables you to clean from any angle. The newer versions have an extra steam boost to enable you tackle tough stains and dirt. Unlike the 15 in 1 the fresh power and the Vax fresh power plus have a wall mount function because they are not as free standing as the Vax 15 in 1.

The other set of floor cleaners produced by Vax are cylinder cleaners: The Vax S6S and Vax S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master Compact Steam Cleaner. Typically these cylinder cleaners are quite portable because they roll on wheels.

They also have onboard accessory storage kit and a larger water tank than standing cleaners which also gives longer continuous cleaning time than stick hot vapour mops and cleaners.

The key difference between the Vax S5 and Vax S6S is that the S5 is more compact and has a slightly smaller water tank. It also has fewer accessories compared to the S6. While the S6 has 20 accessory tool kit for all kinds of cleaning the S5 has only 16. The S6 gives you 40 minutes continuous cleaning time while the S5 gives you only 30 minutes continuous cleaning time.

#9: Vax S3S Hardfloor Advance Steam Mop

The Vax s3s hardfloor advance steam mop is an improved version of the Vax s2 steam mop. The best thing is that this cleaner is that it comes with a sure 2 year warrantee which you can secure by registering your gadget at Vax.

Key Features/Pros of the Vax S3S

The Vax s3s is white in color, weighs 3.4kg and of 21 x 28 x 110 cm size.

  • It has variable control settings that you can customise to work with different floor types.
  • It is powered by a 1600 watt motor and a 0.5 litre tank that heat up in 15 seconds to provide you with 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • It weighs only 3.4 Kgs and has an 8 meter power cord length. Enough to enable you cover wide areas without the need t plug and unplug your power cables.
  • Features 100 degree swivel head steer technology that makes it easy to reach tight and awkward spaces.
  • It has an adjustable handle height for ease of use. You don’t have to stoop to clean.
  • The floor head is triangular shaped which makes it possible to clean tight and awkward spaces like around table legs or under furniture.
  • It is fitted with an intuitive floor selector that will intelligently vary the amount of jetting vapour on different floor surfaces
  • The S3S Vax can be used on the following flooring types: Tiles,- Lino,- Sealed laminate,- Wood, Refreshing carpets & rugs


  • The instruction manuals supplied are not detailed enough; you have to download a comprehensive guide from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The limescale filter needs to be replaced after every three months.
  • The water tank can be difficult to remove from the unit.


Well we have researched the Vax s3s hardfloor advance steam mop by ploughing through hundreds of customer reviews from different online shop portals and forums and come up with comprehensive reviews to answer all your questions before you buy.

The most common question many buyers have top in their minds are:

  1. Will the product provide value for money
  2. Is the product reliable, effective and durable
  3. Are there hidden costs I will incur long after purchasing the product

Well we have you covered in this review. To effectively answer all possible questions regarding the Vax steam mop S3S Upright Hard Floor Advance+ With Detergent, we will first explore the key benefits of buying the Vax hard floor advance S3S, the product description and its main features.

Key Benefits

Does the s3s provide value for money? Well the jury is out as they say but at a glance, this is what you get when get one of this gadget in your possession.

  • You probably have guessed it from the name “hard floor advance”; the Vax SS3 is specially engineered to comprehensively clean sealed hard floors.
  • The Vax s3s hardfloor advance kills 99% of all germs on your surfaces and with the Vax detergents; the Hard Floor advance will clean 37% better than most steam mops in the market today (Check Vax website for detailed scientific explanation).
  • They clean a treat and leave your floors sparkling and spotlessly clean for a healthy homely setting.
  • It dries the floor quickly after cleaning, in approximately 5 minutes, your surfaces will be dry and without any streaks.
  • This gadget comes with twin tank technology and a specially designed detergent that will not only leave your floors with a lovely spring scent but will also ensure that your surfaces remain germ free at least for seven days after cleaning
  • The S3S Vax Steam Mop is quite sturdy but yet lightweight.
  • It comes fitted with tough brush bristles that startle even the most seated dirt.

This gadget is fitted with an intuitive floor selector that will intelligently vary the amount of jetting vapour on different floor surfaces and thereby ensuring that regardless of your floor surface, be they laminate, hardwood or vinyl flooring are given the required tender loving care that will not damage them.

This is great because many modern houses have different floor surfaces (e.g tiles for bathroom, hardwood for living area, carpet bedroom and vinyl for kitchen).

With the surface selector, you don’t have to worry about your different floor settings but will glide through your entire house by just shifting the floor selector knob/button.

This Vax steam mop comes with a sure 2 year warrantee which you can secure by registering the model number of your steamer at Vax.

You will also get a number of accessories that use to customise your cleaning: they will enable you to effectively clean different parts f the house.


  1. Cooling base
  2. Carpet glider to refresh carpets
  3. Measuring jug for the twin tank (water tank and detergent).
  4. Velcro microfibre pads
  5. Vax detergent


The specially designed Vax steam mop detergent are complaint with best environmental practices. They are specially made to be environmentally friendly yet very effective in battling grime and germs. They break down deep seated dirt 37% better than when using standing steam alone. The detergents come in different scents:

  • Lime
  • Zest
  • Spring Fresh
  • Ocean breeze

The Vax S3S Hardfloor Advance Steam Mop

The Vax s3s hardfloor advance steam mop sits comfortably alongside the basic range steam cleaners in the industry.

  • It easily blasts seated and caked in stains to give your floors a gloss you never knew your surface to have.
  • It also leaves your surfaces with a fresh scent and bacteria free. The compact brush on the floor head fights deep seated stains and dirt to give your surfaces a proper clean look.
  • It uses twin tank technology in which the specially designed detergent is mixed with hot jetting vapour to clean far much better than most steam mops in the market.
  • Heats up really quickly (15 seconds) to give you 30 minutes of straight cleaning without the need to refill the water tank.
  • It gives you “long” cleaning time (30 minutes) uninterrupted cleaning time is quite good considering almost 80% of most steam mops give you between 15-25 minutes of cleaning time.
  • It has a surface selector that enables you to select the floor type you are working on and the cleaner will automatically select the appropriate level of steam and detergent for optimum performance.
  • Does not leave streaks on your floor.
  • It comes with Velcro microfibre pads which are quite good in trapping stubborn dirt on your surfaces.
  • The floorhead is triangular shaped which is quite good in accessing hard to reach areas like corners.

Setting up the Vax steam mop s3s is a breeze, you just need to join a few parts together and you are done. It dries floors almost immediately after cleaning, well at least in 5 minutes.

#10: Vax S87 T2 Red Steam Mop Reviews

If you enjoy spectacularly clean surfaces then the you will fare well with the Vax steam mop S87-T2.

The Vax s87-t2 steam mop weights 3.8 kgs. It is generally lightweight and easy to store.

  • It has a power motor of 1500 watts that heats the water in 30 seconds.
  • The s87-t2 will not only clean all sealed hard floors including laminate but also refresh your carpets.
  • You can also use it to clean windows, tiles and upholstery.
  • it has a two year manufacturer guarantee.


The Vax s87-t2 does not have automatic steam control setting, you have to pump the steam release button.

  • The cord length is relatively short (5m) not long enough to do the entire house.
  • The microfibre cloths supplied use drawstrings to tuck into the floorhead which can be cumbersome to fix.

Vax S87-T2 Review : Key Benefits.

The Vax s87-t2 has a swivel head steering that makes it easy to reach those awkward places like around table legs or under the sofa.

  • The Vax s87-t2 red steam mop is easy to setup and effective. Using it is a breeze, just fill in the water tank, turn it on and when green light comes on you are good to go.
  • It kills 99.9% of all germs without the need for chemicals. It is good for the environment and saves you money you would have ordinarily spent on buying chemicals.

See for example Vax s87-t2 red steam mop reviews written by a happy customer on the Salisbury supermarket web page:

Vax S87-T2 Steam Mop Reviews Customer Ratings

The Vax s87-t2 red steam mop seems to have received a lot of reviews at Sainsbury. At time of writing there were 64 customer reviews with at least a 4 star rating for this vax cleaner. However when you check the Amazon site, their reviews are split.

There are only two mixed reviews. Only two people have reviewed it. One liked it while the other one was not keen about it.

Incase you are not convinced about the Amazon reviews for this cleaner, you can try the best selling Vax bare floor pro which is a better cleaner for more or less the same price as that of the Vax steam cleaner s87-t2.

Vax Steam S87 T2 Key Features

The Vax steam s87-t2 has a tank size of 400 mls which is normally sufficient to cover a large area, one or two rooms can be comfortably done with one full tank. However in case the water runs out, simply refill the tank with tap water. To refill the tank simply slide the cap and click the water chamber and then you can refill the tank directly from your tap.

  • The cord length is about 5.5 meters long. You might need to use extension cables to do all your rooms because the 5 m cord may only stretch enough to cover only one room.

Replacement Pads & Accessories

Carpet glider is included in the box. One machine washable microfibre pads is also included in the package. You can order Vax s87 t2 replacement pads from Amazon in case yours wear out.

Vax Steam Mop S87-T2 Instructions

To set up you only need to join the body to the long handle using a screw that is supplied .

  • Fixing the two parts together is really easy to join the mop handle to the body and once the two parts are fixed the cleaner feels quite sturdy.
  • To start using This gadget simply take out the water chamber from the body and fill it with water.
  • The water tank has a screw like plastic lid as a spill free seal especially when manoeuvring and mopping at an angle.

Steam Detergent?

It only uses tap water, no need for expensive iodised water, though using iodised will likely give your gadget a long life. However if you need some fresh scent on your floors many reviews advise that you do not use any other fragrance other than the specially designed Vax detergent.

There is no automatic variable floor control on this cleaner and you have to control the amount of vapour released manually. You have to pump it, the more you pump the more vapour pressure. However be careful because too much pumping will leave your floors with a lot of water residue.

Unlike most other top of the range cleaners that come with squarely fitting sticky Velcro, Vax lightweight steam mop model s87-t2 uses a drawstring to hold the microfibre cloth on the floorhead, be sure to tuck the string on the cloth before use without tucking the floorhead might catch the cloth. To avoid all the hustle with drawstring, just get generic microfibre pads from Amazon, they will work just fine.

So What are the Pros?


  • It is sturdy
  • It dries floors quickly without leaving water residues
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Comes with a two year manufacturer warrantee
  • It is effective and kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your floors
  • It cleans most sealed hard floors including laminate and also cleans carpets
  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • It employs swivel head steering technology that makes it easy to clean tight spaces.
  • This mop cleans a treat and dries your floors quickly. It leaves your floor gleaming.
  • It is relatively lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • It is easy to store – takes very little space.
  • It is quite sturdy and has a manufacturer two year guarantee.
  • It will save you time when it comes to cleaning your domestic spaces.

Vax Steam Mop S87-T2 Overall Conclusion

The Vax mop s87-t2 is a sturdy cleaner that gets the job done.

  • It holds the promise of being long-lasting
  • it has a two year manufacturer guarantee.
  • It ticks many boxes of what makes a quality product.
  • I would recommend it but only if you get it the the 55% discounted Amazon price it is currently going for.

However if you are to buy Vax s87-t2 it at its full price at Amazon then you are better off going for a sturdy multifunctional cleaner like the Vax steam mop s7.

#11: Vax S6S Home Pro Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Vax s6s home pro steam cleaner is a cylinder cleaner that is quite portable because it rolls on wheels. It has variable floor setting, so it can be used on all floor types including laminate.

Key Features

  • The s6s Vax steam cleaner has a 2 litre twin tank: a 1.6 litres for water and 0.3 for detergent.
  • It heats up in 12 minutes to give you 40 minutes continuous cleaning time- enough to cover an entire standard house.
  • It weighs 4.7 kgs and has variable floor control setting. The control knob is both on the handle and on the cleaner.
  • Long uninterrupted cleaning time (40 minutes).
  • Has hassle free on-board tools storage for accessories
  • There is a safety lock on the trigger for total control
  • Is powered by a 1600 watt motor engine and has an extension hose for hard to reach areas.
  • It has a considerable high pressure bar of 3 bar and a triangular shaped floor head that easily accesses hard to reach places
  • The s6s has a 16 piece toolkit. The accessories can be customised to clean windows, grout, worktops, upholstery and many other parts of your house.
  • It comes with two years guarantee for peace of mind.


  1. It doesn’t have a measuring gauge so; it is not easy to know when the tank is due for a re-fill.
  2. its extension rod for cleaning floors is not sturdy / is delicate hence needs to handle it with care while cleaning hard floors.

Vax S6S Home Pro Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Vax s6s home pro steam cleaner will give you value for money. It comes with a two year guarantee which is an indicator that this is a durable gadget.

It has a big tank that generates enough hot vapour to last for 40 minutes cleaning time enough for any decent cleaning task.

Setting Up the Vax s6s

Setting it up is as easy as fixing the head to body. It has variable hot vapour setting that enables you to clean all types of floors.

To use it, fill in the water tank and the detergent with the supplied funnel and jug the screw the safety cap.

Press the on button and then wait for 12 minutes to generate sufficient hot vapour that will last for 40 minutes.

To clean the Vax s6s after use you can either wait for ten minutes for the hot vapour to cool down or press the hot vapour trigger to release all the steam till the safety cap is loosened.

When cleaning the hot vapour trigger should be used in a controlled manner such that you release short bursts of hot vapour followed by dry strokes to avoid your floors being wet.

Having wet floors may also be due to not allowing the water in the tank to be heated to the required level to make adequate hot vapour. For caked in dirt use sustained bursts of hot vapour. Tough stains may require pre-treatment.

Keep in mind that this gadget is designed to trap deep seated dirt to the surfaces of the microfiber pad but does not actually sweep the dirt away. In this case, to achieve gleaming results you have to wipe the cleaned surface with a soft cloth. This also explained why the manufacturer supplies two soft cloths when you first buy the machine.

Vax S6S Accessories

The Vax s6 is quite versatile and comes with a 16 piece tool kit that is effortlessly stored on the cleaner on board tools section.

Some of the key accessories include:

  • 3 pieces of extension hose for tight spaces, long reach and total flexibility.
  • Compare to the Vax carpet cleaners that can deep clean the carpet; the s6 comes with the carpet glider for refreshing your carpets not deep clean.
  • Concentration nozzle for bursts of hot vapour when spot cleaning
  • Cooling base for cooling the floor head after use
  • Detail nozzle for cleaning crevices and grout
  • Window tool and cloth for cleaning windows
  • Scraper nozzle for scraping grime away
  • Upholstery tool for cleaning upholstery.
  • Small and large plastic brush (plastic and metal)

The Vax s6s Conclusion

The Vax s6s home pro steam cleaner has a carpet glider that can be used to refresh carpets and make them like new.

It uses machine washable microfibre pads on the floor head that easily attach with Velcro.

For best results always use clean microfibre pads and also remember to vacuum first to remove loose dust on your floors.

Vax Steam Detergent

Cleaners do an effective job of cleaning floors. They kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces without chemicals. What is even better is that with the specialized Vax steam mop detergent that is supplied when you buy a new cleaner, your gadget will clean 37% better than most cleaners. After your detergent runs out; you can order more from Amazon UK.

Notice this:

  1. Use only Vax detergent as they are specially designed to work with your gadget. Other detergents or even worse bleach may damage your cleaner; they weaken the fibres.
  2. The detergent comes in different scent (citrus burst, lime zest, ocean breeze and spring), sizes (500ml and 1litre) and uses (for pets, and for standard use); which one to buy? Click the link above to find out.
  3. Fill the water to the max level and top up the cleaning solution.
  4. You can turn the detergent on or off depending on the needs of your floors.
  5. Spread the floor head up and down while cleaning without leaving the cleaner at one spot for longs spells to avoid damage to your floors.
  6. Your floor is guaranteed to be germs free for 7 days after using the detergent hence save money this way by remembering to use the detergent only after every 7 days instead of using it daily unless necessary.
  7. Empty the water tank after use. Dry it with a dry cloth to avoid any moisture settling in the tank.
  8. Generally tidy up the whole gadget to remove any moisture and store it in an upright position.
  9. You can use the cleaning solution in areas with areas with children and pets; however like anything else care should be taken for not leaving the children to play or take it.

Like every other gadget, follow the instruction manual given closely.


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