Vax S86 SF CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam Mop Reviews

The Vax s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop also referred to as the Vax 10 in 1 steam mop, is one of the best steam mop uk . There is also the Vax VRS29M 10 in 1 steam cleaner.

Key Features/Pros

The Vax s86-sf-cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop is an old version of the best selling Vax s86 sf c steam fresh combi.

  • The Vax S86 SF CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam Mop features cutting edge twin tank technology. What this means is that you will have two tanks, one for specially designed detergents and the other for water so that when you clean, your floor are left with a lovely spring scent.
  • The thing that really makes the Vax steam fresh combi classic 10-in-1 steam cleaner s86-sf-cc a powerful is the versatile accessories kit. Just like the Vax 10 in 1 VRS29M , with the help of these accessories, you can use the cleaner to clean your kitchen worktops, cupboards, ovens, hobs, kitchen hood, grouting, tiles, windows, shower cubicle, toilet rim, car alloy wheels, upholstery, blinds and even mattresses.
  • The s86 sf cc employs swivel steering technology that makes the cleaner glide effortlessly with minimal elbow grease.
  • It has an angular head that easily cleans hard to access places like under/around table legs or in corners.
  • You get to use specially produced trademark Vax steam detergent that has been scientifically been proven to clean 37% better than most ordinary vapour cleaners
  • You get 2 years guarantee when you register your Vax 10 in 1 steam mop at the manufacturer’s website. How is that for peace of mind?


  • It is relatively heavy at 3.7 kgs as compared to the Vax steam mop s7  of 2.7kg
  • You can only use the detergents on the floor mop and not on the handheld cleaner.

In spite of best seller tags and good prices, it is always good to know the product you are about to buy. Well, to get a good cleaning product, you are going to examine the reliability, versatility and efficiency of the product. It is no different with the Steam Fresh Combi 10 In 1 .

What is the Vax S86 SF CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam Mop

Vax S86 SF CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam MopWe have researched over 200 customer feedback from major UK online stores like Amazon, Lakeland, Little woods and the manufacturer’s website and come up with a comprehensive Vax s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop Reviews. To get to know this cleaner better, let us first consider what benefits you will get when you buy one.

Product Description

The Vax 10 in 1 steam mop comes with a 10 piece accessory kit for every cleaning job around the home from ovens and hobs to taps, tiles, grout, kitchen worktops/surfaces and flooring. It uses specially formulated steam detergents to eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria for up to 7 days. The unique steam and detergent technology and an angular floor head helps eliminate stubborn stains and gives your home a citrus fresh fragrance.

The 10 in 1 steam mop includes a washable microfibre cleaning pad that removes stubborn dirt to leave your floors streak-free and sparkling. Angular floor head gets into hard to reach areas for a more thorough clean.

It is powered by a 1600 watt which heats up the water into vapour in 20 seconds. The twin tank will give you 15 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.

This steam cleaner comes with a 7 meter power cord, enough to clean wide areas in your house. With such a generous cable wire, there is no need to plug and unplug once you start cleaning. The Vax steam fresh combi classic s86-sf-cc steam mop is relatively lightweight (3.7 Kgs) and it comes with a carpet glider to refresh low pile carpets.

Vax 10 in 1 Steam Mop Accessories

Here is what is contained in the Vax 10 in 1 steam steam mop accessories kit:

  • One microfibre pad.
  • A carpet glider.
  • A Metal brush.
  • small plastic brush.
  • One large plastic brush.
  • One window/upholstery tool.
  • One window/upholstery cloth.
  • A scraper.
  • A concentration tool.
  • Grouting brush.
  • A nozzle for detailed cleaning.
  • An accessory bag and
  • Vax detergent.

What is the Difference Between the Vax Steam Fresh Combi Classic 10-In-1 Steam Cleaner and the Vax steam fresh combi 15 in 1 steam cleaner?

Vax s86 sf cc Vs. Vax s86 sf c Steam Fresh Combi

  1. The key thing that separates the Vax s86 sf cc from the Vax s86 sf c has a compact brush on its floorhead that agitates deep seated dirt. The compact scrub is good for deep cleaning.
  2. The other difference is that the s86 sf c has a longer power cord than the s86 sf cc.
  3. The Vax s86 sf c has a slightly longer cable (8 meters) while the Vax S86sfcc has only 7meters power cord.
  4. The Vax S86 15 in 1 comes with two microfibre pads in the accessories kit while the Vax 10 in 1 has only one.
  5. The s86 sf c also comes with an extension hose in the accessories kit that the s86 sf cc does not have.
  6. Well the 15 in 1 performs up to 15 cleaning tasks while the 10 in 1 can complete only 10 cleaning tasks.

Vax s86 sf c review:

My personal preference is the Vax s86 sf c, 15 in 1 since it gives you more added functionality. However the vax s86-sf-c steam fresh 10 in 1 is a quality cleaner in its own right and that is why it is currently sitting pretty in the Amazon best cleaners list.

The Vax s86-sf-cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop overall verdict

The Vax s86 sf cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop is packed with reliability and versatility, no wonder it has a high customer star rating of 4.2 which means that 84% of all the customers who have bought this gadget are quite happy with what they bought.

  • This Vax S86 sf cc Steam Fresh 10-in-1 Steam Mop comes with a solid 2 year manufacturer guarantee, so you have enough time to fiddle around with it.
  • At the discounted price it going for (less than sixty quid), two years is long enough to justify a good return on investment if you buy the Vax s86-sf-cc steam fresh combi classic steam mop .