Vax Steam Mop S7 Review

The Vax steam mop s7 2 in 1 upright and handheld steam cleaner is one of the top rated, best selling steam mops and steam cleaners UK 2017. It is also the number one most recommended, best value steam mop in the market right now.

Key Features/Pros

  • The Vax S7 is white/blue in color, weighs 2.7kg and of 29 x 122 x 23 cm size. Quite lightweight I would say.
  • It has a 1600 watt motor that heats up a 400ml water tank in 30 seconds to give you 15 minutes cleaning time.
  • It features angular floor head for efficient cleaning of hard to reach areas.
  • It has a long electric code (7 metres) enough to cover large areas without having to plug and unplug your sockets.
  • Comes accompanied with 7 part accessory kit with 16 cleaning tools. The accessories can be customised to clean not only your floors and tiles but also grout, windows, mirrors, shower, hob, cooker, oven and other kitchen appliances.
  • Unlike other steam cleaners that also have hand held cleaners; the S7 has a shoulder strap that gives you the freedom to use your other hand- while one hand holds down the control button to speed up your cleaning.
  • It is suitable for most hard floor types. Wooden flooring, sealed laminate, tiles and lino.
  • Comes with a solid 2 years guarantee. This alone not only gives you peace of mind but also gives an indication that this gadget is built to last.
  • You don’t need to use Vax steam detergent with the S7. You are advised just to use cold water only.


  • Compared to other high end Vax steam mops such as the Vax steam fresh combi, 15 in 1 steam cleaner; the s7 does not have variable floor setting that enables you to regulate the heat released to the floors.
  • The button on the hand held steamer has to be kept pressed on for the hot vapour to jet out continuously.
  • You have to check instructions manual that is supplied with it is not very comprehensive. You have to check for more information online if you need it.

Vax Steam Mop S7 Review

Vax Steam Mop S7Over years the Vax steam mop s7 has received a lot of favourable reviews by customers who bought it. Out of 1935 people that have reviewed it over 1500 have given it thumbs up (1097 gave it 5 stars rating while 412 gave it 4 stars), indicating that it was a good buy for them.

On the basis of this, it is difficult to actually not to take notice of the fact that this Vax 7 in 1 steam mop is really a worthy investment.

  • It is a multipurpose cleaner that can be used both as a mop and handheld steamer.
  • Has a 7 part accessories kit to suit all your cleaning needs. It can clean windows, grout, tiles shower cubicle, upholstery and almost any part in your house.
  • Has a thick pad for cleaning and dries up quickly (no wet floors).
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • It is easy to set up and assemble
  • It heats up quickly (30 seconds).
  • It is way far much cheaper than other best steam cleaners out there yet gives you more or less the same results.
  • It is reliable and long lasting. It comes with a two years manufacturer guarantee.
  • You can use it to straighten your curtains and clothes.

This is the level of versatility the steam mop a gives you. The Vax s7-a steam mop is also quite effective in combating germs, with the ultra hot jetting pressure from it; it kills up to 99.9% of bacteria on your surfaces.

Unlike other comparable multi-purpose floor steamers that also have hand held cleaners; the
s7 has a shoulder strap. This shoulder strap gives you the freedom to use your other hand while one hand holds down the control button to speed up your cleaning.

Other similar cleaners in the market may require you to use your two hands when using the handheld cleaner (which is quite limiting). You can use your other hand to work while the other manages the hand held cleaner.

This Vax steam s7 receives rave reviews and is said to be reliable for all your cleaning tasks.

The Vax S7 Accessories

Vax S7This Vax s7-a steam mop comes accompanied with the seven part accessory kit. You can use it for your floors, tiles, windows, mirrors, shower, hob, cooker, oven and other kitchen appliances.

It comes with a squeegee, a scraper, hose, pads, a cooling tray, carpet glider, the hand held cleaner and over seven pieces of accessories for the hand cleaner.

The carpet glider that comes with it can be used to not only freshen your carpets but also your floor rugs.

The hand held cleaner does not disappoint, it produces adequate jetting pressure to fight grime and grease. It can also be used to clean discoloured grout.

Has a thick pad for cleaning and dries up quickly (no wet floors).


All you need to do once you have unboxed it is to follow the simple instructions on the user manual and within minutes you will be ready to test drive your cleaner.

Once it is all systems go, fill in the water tank (400ml) and reach out for the on button. The water will be heat up in 30 seconds. At this point you can go ahead and start cleaning enjoying your purchase.

In case no vapours coming out remember to always refer the user guide above for troubleshooting related issue.

Vax Steam Mop S7 Overall Verdict

vax s7-a steam mopMy final thoughts about the Vax steam mop S7 are that it is good value for money.

  • It is quite versatile.
  • It is a multipurpose cleaner with a seven piece accessory kit that can be used to clean your hard floor surfaces, windows, upholstery and bathroom.
  • You can use it to refresh your carpets and clothes.
  • It has an appropriate long electric cord to give you added flexibility.

For the price it is currently going for, the Vax steam mop s7 2 in 1 upright and handheld steam cleaner is definitely a good product snap up.

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