Vax W87 DV B Dual V Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

The Vax W87 DV B Dual V Advance Upright Carpet Cleaner and Upholstery Washer is one of the top rated best carpet cleaners out there that is good value for money.

Key Features/Pros

  • This Vax dual v advance w87 dv b carpet cleaner is white/grey in color, weighs 10 kg and of 33.9 x 51.8 x 110 cm size.
  • It has two water tanks to avoid cross-contamination: a 3.7 litre clean water tank and a 3.2 litres dirty water tank
  • It is powered by 1350 watts motor with 6m power cord.
  • It features a ‘cyclonic technology where the brush bars rotate along each other to deep clean your carpets by removing dust, germs and deep stains.
  • It is also offers ‘heated cleaning’ where the carpets are cleaned with hot water combined with detergent for removing tough stains
  • Same as the Vax dual v advance carpet cleaner w87 dv r; The w87 comes with a number of accessories to add to the overall cleaning performance: a hardfloor cleaner, a dusting brush, and stairs and upholstery tools.
  • It is ideal for cleaning carpets, hardfloors, rugs, and upholstery. Great also for emergence cleaning.
  • You get 2 years warranty for peace of mind.


  • Like other best carpet washers;this Vax carpet cleaner w87-dv-b is big, weighing 10kg. Need to think where to store it.
  • It is a bit noisy
  • Small water tank (3.7 litres) when compared to the Vax w90 ru p rapide ultra 2 of 4.5 litres clean water tank capacity.


Vax W87-DV-B Review


Vax W87-DV-B ReviewThe Vax dual v advance w87 dv b carpet cleaner is good value for money.

The advance features and design of this Vax carpet cleaner that makes it specifically ideal to care for more than just the ordinary appearance of the carpet includes:

  • Features intense cleaning technique that when applied it ensure that the seen and unseen dirt is removed. This means that dust, germs and deep stains from the carpet are easily taken care off.
  • A spin scrub upholstery tool to complement the normal upholstery in traditional vacuum cleaners to completely refresh your home.
  • A heating cleaning feature is adapted to ensure that a better cleaning performance is achieved and cut down on the cleaning time with remarkable results
  • The dual v advance reach comes with an upholstery wash tool added to the normal wash tool.
  • A spin scrub hand tool is added to give a more thorough wash to one’s carpet.
  • A hard floor squeegee that makes it efficient in cleaning hard floor surfaces that are not covered in carpet hence quite a unique feature for homes that are not completely covered in carpet.
  • It’s heating technology feature; loosens the debris and makes the cleaning process a rather easy affair, cutting back the time one uses in cleaning process.

With a powerful suction developed in Vax w87 dv b, one is assured of deep cleaning of the whole carpet from both unseen and unseen elements

The long tube is an added advantage as it makes cleaning of stairs and upholstery quite easy and thus one is able to clean all areas and get instant dry results As a note, when ordering this model, don’t forget to add a few of the cleaning solution as the inclusion of cleaning product does not last that long.