Vax Dual V Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

The Vax dual v advance carpet cleaner, w87-dv-r model is one of the best carpet cleaners that you can use it to clean not only carpets but also rugs, car seats, curtains, sofas and much more. It is capable of cleaning, rinsing and extracting dusts for better results.

Key Features/Pros

  • This Vax w87-dv-r dual v advance carpet cleaner is white/grey in color, weighing 10kg and of 41 x 50 x 37 cm size.
  • It is powered by 1350 motor
  • Has 10 metre power cord for ease of use and convenience. You don’t need to plug and unplug
  • It has 2 water tanks: The top tank is for the clean fresh water (3.7 litres). This tank has a detergent compartment. The other 3.2 litres tank is for dirty water. The tanks are big enough to give you continuous cleaning time without the need to keep refilling it constantly.
  • Comes with a 250ml carpet cleaning solution and a variety of tools for cleaning stairs, floors, and upholsteries.
  • It is capable of sucking up spills
  • It features powerful suction and extract technique for extracting up water and leaving your carpets as dry as possible.
  • It features ‘Automix cleaning system’ in which the machine is made to mix water and cleaning solution automatically and in a good proportion.
  • It features 2.6m long hose for cleaning stairs
  • Comes with a wash tool for scrubbing tough stains and a spinscrub tool for cleaning delicate surfaces such as sofas.
  • And just like the best selling Vax Dual V Carpet Cleaner V-124A ; the w87-dv-r also comes with the patented Dual V cutting edge technology that dries carpets while you wash them.
  • It comes with a solid 6 year guarantee for peace of mind


  • It is a bit on the heavy side of things at 10.3 kgs but it produces amazing results.
  • It is also relatively big. Not a problem if you have a place to store it.


Vax Dual V Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

The Vax dual v advance carpet cleaner is powered by a motor engine of 1350W and a twin tank. The top tank is for the clean fresh water (3.7 litres). This tank has a detergent compartment. The other 3.2 litres tank is for dirty water. Same as the Vax w87-dv-b; both these tanks are see-through tanks so you can conveniently monitor the water levels for refilling. The water tank is sufficient to cover wide areas without the need to empty the tank often.

  • The w87 dv r features spin scrub technology. Spinscrub technology is a cutting edge technique that gently scrubs the carpet to agitate and dislodge all stuck in grime and dirt leaving you with clean carpets without damaging the fabric
  • It has an adjustable 2.6 metre long hose for tight spots and hard to reach areas.
  • This Vax carpet cleaner has a heated functionality such that as you clean, heat is released to the washed surface to squeeze out extra water for quick drying.
  • It deep cleans upholstery and stairs with ease.
  • Features the oscillating spinscrub technology, in which the brushes percolate deep into the root of the carpet to lift away any ground in dirt. This has an overall effect of eliminating stains, spills, allergens and caked in dirt that are usually hidden from the naked eye.
  • Features six rows of powerful rotating brushes. These brushes are partly the genius behind its deep cleaning quality
  • It comes with an adjustable extension hose that is 2.6 meters long. You can use this especially in cleaning the stairs. With this you can leave the W87 at the bottom while cleaning stairs without the need of lifting the cleaner along the stairs.
  • The patented spinscrub wash tool works well for carpet and upholstery cleaners because you can use it to spot clean stuck stains. This technique is designed to dismantle all tough and embedded stains.

The Vax dual v advance reach comes with an upholstery attachment for cleaning upholstery. Your house will sparkle all-round from sofas to the carpeted surface and hard floors. You can also spruce up your car interiors with it.

All you need to is just fix the upholstery attachment and voila! You are all set for carpet upholstery cleaning. This carpet cleaner will be a delight to all upholstery steam cleaners.

As you already figured out this carpet cleaner was built with the user’s satisfaction in mind. That is why they give you a concrete 6year guarantee. You can be sure that this carpet cleaner will impress. It is build to last in spite of its easy looking finish.


When fully assembled. The boxed advance reach carpet cleaner comes with a host of accessories.

The most exciting accessory here is the carpet and upholstery cleaning kit. You can use this to deep clean your upholstery.

  • Of course you get one carpet cleaner in the box
  • A spinscrub wash tool
  • One Ultra Vax solution for carpets.
  • One stretch hose
  • A user guide


Assembling the Vax dual v advance carpet cleaner is a breeze. All you have to do is fix the handles and also the cable holders. That is it. No fiddling with screw drivers unlike other models out there. The dual V technology is well rounded with wash, rinse and dry functions. You will be amazed at how fast your carpets dry up compared to hiring a carpet cleaner.

  • The tank that holds water for cleaning rests above and has two compartments. One that contains the water and the other for detergent. The other tank is for dirty water from the cleaning.
  • The twin tank gives you the ability to rinse and drain the water in the dirty water tank without the need to empty and refill the water. Just turn on the rinse button and all dirty water residues will be channelled to the dirty water tank.
  • The dirty water tank efficiently extracts all the dirty water. It is equally easy to empty the dirty tank. Just flip open and empty. There are no filters or sponge to bother with here.

Vax W87 DV R Review: Tips for Quick Drying

When you are done with the cleaning, you can either flip on the rinse mode or the Max extract.

  • The rinse mode enables you to remove all the detergent out of the carpet while the max extract mode literally sucks all water residues from the carpet for quicker drying.
  • The Vax w87 dv r max extract is the real deal. By the time it’s done sucking water from the carpets, the surface actually feels dry.
  • Then there is also a max suction feature that dries the carpet much faster. To increase the suction power, you need to turn off the brushes by pressing a pedal.
  • When you use the max suction function, your carpets may be dry in under an hour. This as close as you get to having a professional carpet cleaner working on your pile without having to match the high price tag of professional carpet cleaners.

What Customers Need To Know

Once you buy your W87-DV-R you will have to register the carpet cleaner on the website to lock in your 6year guarantee.

Your guarantee starts when you register it irrespective of where you buy it from.

The water temperature you use in your carpet cleaning should not go beyond 50 degrees centigrade. Dilute the cleaning solution 40 ml per one litre of water. It is Ok to use the cleaner on wool carpets because it is also a vacuum cleaner. If the pile is quite high you can choose to switch off the scrub brushes

Vax Dual V Reviews: Overall Review

The overall performance of the Vax dual v is actually quite good. The oscillating brushes do their best here to lift away all dirt leaving very cleaning carpets. The floor head of the W87 covers all breadth unlike other cleaners that only clean a small section of its width. This means you will make lesser swipes to cover all your carpeted surfaces.

Although the Vax dual v advance total home carpet cleaner is relatively heavy at 10.3 kgs, when you start cleaning it actually sort of rolls on by itself just like when using a vacuum cleaner. You never really feel the weight. You have to walk it slowly though for best results. A standard room will approximately take an hour to go through all the paces of washing, rinsing and drying.

To release the clean water mixed with detergent you need to release a trigger placed on the handle. Cleaning is relatively easy: spray on forward motion and suck the water on your backward motion. The forward and backward motions provide the best results according to experts.

The good thing about this cleaning machine is that it is not as noisy as its peers. It is actually much quieter but yet produces excellent results. It is also quite robust in its look and feel.

This is no doubt the w87-dv-r is one of the best carpet cleaners out there. It has a lot going on.

  • The heated cleaning function. The patented Vax spinscrub that produces excellent results. An extension hose for convenience.
  • A twin tank with max suction that dries carpets in less than an hour and an upholstery function.
  • Getting one of this Vax w87-dv-r is as good as having a professional carpet cleaner at your back and call without the added burden of a high payout cheque for services
  • Above all This Vax dual v advance carpet cleaner comes with an unshakable 6 year warranty for peace of mind. Buy with confidence. This is real value for money.