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Amazon Prime Day Shark Vacuum

Amazon Prime Day Shark Vacuum Cleaner deals UK 2019: These are the unsung heroes in the cleaning world. There is all the talk about other models but this brand has a big market share in the USA. In the recent past UK buyers are slowly turning to it as an alternative to other reliable but expensive cleaners.

Top Offers

  • 52% off Shark NV601UK Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Blue/Steel Grey
  • 13% offShark IF130UKTH Anti-Allergen Cordless Stick Single Battery, Purple

Buying a gadget on a deal will make you save quite a bit. This sales bonanza offers the best opportunity to grab a top quality product for a massively discounted price. There definitely will be offers for this brand in this year’s offers. We can predict which savings will be on offer by examining which ones were on offer last year.

Previous Savings from Shark            

  • Last year (2018) we had the Upright [NV601UK] on offer. The price was reduced from £ 249 to £129 that is a massive 48% discount that could save you a healthy sum of £120 (not too shabby I would say).
  • In 2017 discount, we had the NV680UKT Powered Lift-Away True Pet Cleaner, Bordeaux which was reduced from £299.99 to £139.99 which was a whopping 56% off that could save you £ 160 pounds, how cool is that?

How to get Discounts

  • As you have seen above, you are bound to save huge if you keep an eye on the offers. For those who have not heard of this sales bonanza, this is an event set aside by Amazon to reward its customers by offering discounts. There are millions of products on discount, especially electronic goods. The sales bonanza started in 2015 and has grown by leaps and bounds in the last four years to where it is now considered the single biggest sales event in the calendar year. It is considered bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • To participate, you need to sign up the subscription service called Prime membership. You can get one-month free trial here. Monthly subscription cost £7.99 while annual subscription will set you back by £79. Membership has vast benefits for those subscribed like free delivery of goods, bought free video streaming and TV shows. You also get Access to thousands of Kindle books and many more benefits. So far there are more than 100 million subscribed Prime members. You can still access the offers if you don’t sign up but you will miss out on most of the discounted prices that are first released to subscribed members for the general public sees them.

How to Make Your Cleaning gadget Last Long

In using your brand new product; Make a point always to hoover your floors before to remove all loose dirt so as not to overwork the floor pads. Your microfibre pads should be clean before using your gadget.

Using unclean floor pads will leave your floors with streaks. It is easy to wash the microfibre pads, just toss them into the washing machine or clean them with our hands with a detergent.

To avoid damaging your floor surfaces, always use the appropriate floor setting: dust for delicate flooring like laminate and wooden; mop for daily cleaning and scrub for deep cleaning.

In case your steam mop doesn’t have variable control setting, pump just about the appropriate amount. Pumping too much of it leaves your surfaces with wet residues.

Use the carpet glider for your carpets. Clean in stokes of forward and back motion. Use the triangular shaped head to reach angled spaces and corners.

Other Discounts

  • There are so many quality gadgets but the best selling one at the time of writing was Upright [NV601UK] Pet Hair Lift Away which might as well be on offer this year just as it was last year.
  • Other possible cut prices are Upright [NV801UKT] Pet Hair, Powered Lift-Away, Powerful, Navy; Upright [NV681UKT] Pet Hair, Powered Lift-Away, Powerful, Red or Corded Stick [HV390UKT] Pet Hair, Lightweight.

Whichever deal is put out you can be sure that we will track it for you. Check this page for the most up to date 2019 check Prime Day Shark Vacuum Cleaner discounts.

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