Vax Vs Bissell : Who Makes the Best Carpet Washer

Vax Vs Bissell Carpet Washer

In the UK, the two major players in the carpet washers industry are Vax and Bissell. The two companies both employ cutting-edge best technology to make their cleaners efficient. Recent innovations by Vax include the patented Spinscrub motorised power brushes that gently clean at root of the carpet by agitating dirt and the Dual V … Read more

The Top 10 Best Carpet Shampoo UK 2018

Best Carpet Shampoo 2018

The best carpet shampoo comes in different forms. There are those cleaning solutions that are specially designed for carpets with pet traffic, for tough and stubborn stains, standard cleaning while other come in concentrates. Best Carpet Shampoo UK 2018 1. Vax AAA 1.5L Solution (For Pets) The is specially designed to kill bacteria and remove the … Read more

The 3 Best Cheap Carpet Cleaners UK 2018

Cheap carpet cleaner

Getting a cheap carpet cleaner can be more valuable than getting a professional cleaner or hiring one from your local store. You can get best cheap carpet cleaner for around 50 to 100 pounds if you buy from online stores like Amazon. Best Cheap Carpet Cleaners UK 2018 1. Vax VRS5W Rapide Spring The has … Read more

The Top 5 Best Carpet Steam Cleaner UK 2018

Carpet Steam Cleaner

Can you steam clean carpets? Yes. Whenever you want to clean a large carpet area in your house, consider using a dedicated carpet cleaner. This is because they are specially designed to extract embedded dirt that are deep within the fibre without having to use high temperatures. The steam cleaners are also very efficient and … Read more

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