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Vax S6S Home Pro Steam Cleaner Reviews : Portable Cylinder Steamer

The Vax s6s home pro steam cleaner is a cylinder cleaner that is quite portable because it rolls on wheels. It has variable floor setting, so it can be used on all floor types including laminate.

  • The s6s Vax steam cleaner has a 2 litre twin tank: a 1.6 litres for water and 0.3 for detergent.
  • It heats up in 12 minutes to give you 40 minutes continuous cleaning time- enough to cover an entire standard house.
  • It weighs 4.7 kgs and has variable floor control setting. The control knob is both on the handle and on the cleaner.
  • Long uninterrupted cleaning time (40 minutes).
  • Has hassle free on-board tools storage for accessories
  • There is a safety lock on the trigger for total control
  • Is powered by a 1600 watt motor engine and has an extension hose for hard to reach areas.
  • It has a considerable high pressure bar of 3 bar and a triangular shaped floor head that easily accesses hard to reach places
  • The s6s has a 16 piece toolkit. The accessories can be customised to clean windows, grout, worktops, upholstery and many other parts of your house.
  • It comes with two years guarantee for peace of mind.


  • It doesn't have a measuring gauge so; it is not easy to know when the tank is due for a re-fill.
  • its extension rod for cleaning floors is not sturdy / is delicate hence needs to handle it with care while cleaning hard floors.


The Vax s6s home pro steam cleaner will give you value for money. It comes with a two year guarantee which is an indicator that this is a durable gadget. It has a big tank that generates enough hot vapour to last for 40 minutes cleaning time enough for any decent cleaning task.

Setting  Up the S6S

Setting it up is as easy as fixing the head to body. It has variable hot vapour setting that enables you to clean all types of floors.

  • To use it, fill in the water tank and the detergent with the supplied funnel and jug the screw the safety cap.
  • Press the on button and then wait for 12 minutes to generate sufficient hot vapour that will last for 40 minutes same as that of best selling Karcher sc4 steam cleaner.
  • To clean the Vax s6s after use you can either wait for ten minutes for the hot vapour to cool down or press the hot vapour trigger to release all the steam till the safety cap is loosened.
  • When cleaning the hot vapour trigger should be used in a controlled manner such that you release short bursts of hot vapour followed by dry strokes to avoid your floors being wet.

Having wet floors may also be due to not allowing the water in the tank to be heated to the required level to make adequate hot vapour. For caked in dirt use sustained bursts of hot vapour. Tough stains may require pre-treatment. Keep in mind that this gadget is designed to trap deep seated dirt to the surfaces of the microfiber pad but does not actually sweep the dirt away. In this case, to achieve gleaming results you have to wipe the cleaned surface with a soft cloth.

This also explained why the manufacturer supplies two soft cloths when you first buy the machine.


The Vax s6 is quite versatile and comes with a 16 piece tool kit that is effortlessly stored on the cleaner on board tools section. Some of the key accessories include:

  • 3 pieces of extension hose for tight spaces, long reach and total flexibility.
  • Compare to the Vax carpet cleaners that can deep clean the carpet; the s6 comes with the carpet glider for refreshing your carpets not deep clean.
  • Concentration nozzle for bursts of hot vapour when spot cleaning
  • Cooling base for cooling the floor head after use
  • Detail nozzle for cleaning crevices and grout
  • Window tool and cloth for cleaning windows
  • Scraper nozzle for scraping grime away
  • Upholstery tool for cleaning upholstery.
  • Small and large plastic brush (plastic and metal)


The Vax s6s home pro steam cleaner has a carpet glider that can be used to refresh carpets and make them like new. It uses machine washable microfibre pads on the floor head that easily attach with Velcro. For best results always use clean microfibre pads and also remember to vacuum first to remove loose dust on your floors.

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