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Steam mops kill 99% of all germs on your surface and dry the floor quite quickly (3-5 minutes) to leave your floors sparkling. Those with a variable setting are the most effective because the setting allows you to control the amount of steam released to the floor depending on the floor type as explained in our best steam mop page.

You will find that different steam mops are better suited to different floor types (vinyl plank floors, slate, wooden, tile, laminate, limestone, porcelain tiles/ quarry tiles, marble floors). They also come in different shapes, size, feel and look.

Some of the top end steam floor mops are factory calibrated to work efficiently with almost all types of floor types such as Vax steam mop, Shark, Thane and Vileda steam mop.

It is not advisable to put vinegar in your mop because most vinegar (White, balsamic) is acid-forming while steam mop works well with neutral liquids, specifically water so as to produce steam.

With some floor steam mops like Morphy Richards steam mops, it advisable to use distilled water especially if you live in a hard-water area. Distilled water will make your cleaner run efficiently without being clogged up by limescale that is usually prevalent in hard water.

We reviewed a good number of steam mops from various brands to give you a wide selection, check them all below.

In this category, included also are instruction manuals and 2019 best ongoing steam mop deals.

Hoover Steam Mop Reviews

The Hoover Steam Capsule 2-in-1 Steam Mop features the cutting edge double head technology. “Two heads are better than one” they say. You can change the head shape into either rectangular or triangular shaped head on the fly. The wide rectangular head is wrapped with top quality microfibre pads that smoothly glide over large surfaces.

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Abode Steam Mop Reviews

The Abode Steam Mop Reviews ranging from the Abode asms2001 to to the Abode adsm4001 steamer. If you are looking for the best budget steam cleaner then the Abode is the one to go for. 1. Abode ASM2001 Steam Mop Reviews The Abode ASM2001 steam mop is one of the best floor steam mops. The other one is

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