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Shark Steam MopFind Shark Steam Mop Reviews 2018: See how the Shark S3901 lift away steam mop compared to the best selling Shark S2901 Multifunction 2 in 1 Steam Mop.

The Shark steamers are renowned for their quality and durability. In most reviews, customers report of owning their gadgets for more than five years without any problems.


Best Shark Steam Mop 2018

#1: Shark s3901 Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop Reviews

Shark s3901 Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket MopThe Shark s3901 Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop 3901 is both a floor steam cleaner and a versatile handheld steamer.

  • The Shark s3901 comes with unique features such as a long handle and a swivel head and quick drying facilities.
  • It is fitted with three settings: Scrubbing, Dusting and Mopping.
  • It is designed to intuitively adjust the jetting pressure to suit select surface floors. For example, the dusting setting is for ‘delicate’ floor types like Laminate and Wooden floors.
  • These floor types may be damaged under very high temperatures. However with the intelligent lift away, with a turn of a dial releases low jetting pressure that cannot damage your floor.
  • The mopping setting is for usual normal cleaning while the scrubbing setting rattles away caked in and deep seated stains.
  • The mop is designed in a way that it fits into corners and forces out the stubborn dirt and also glides over carpets easily.
  • People who have used the S3901 claim that it is light-weight which is why it is very easy to carry and its long handle makes the handheld feature seem like a boon.
  • In no time, they are able to clean floors, taps, the furniture and the carpets sparkle and shine with very less effort compared to before.

Most reviewers agree that this Shark steam mop s3901 ticks all the boxes of what constitutes the best steam mop. It comes with a multifunctional accessory kit that makes it a complete cleaning system.

  • The Shark lift away steam cleaner cleans practically every part of the house. You can make your windows sparkle with squeegee that comes with this cleaner, give the taps and sink that shiny look.
  • Sanitise shelves with the handheld steamer.
  • Revitalize the carpets with the carpet glider.
  • Make kitchen hobs and worktops spark with the bristle brush, reveal the gloss in your bath and shower room with the adjustable nozzle and take the power of superior cleaning to upholstery and garments.
  • Nevertheless the lift away Shark floor steamer is a great bargain for the price it is offered at and definitely makes the whole process of cleaning smoother and more efficient.


  • The garment steamer is not included in the box. However, you can order from either JML website or Amazon for 10 quid or thereabout.
  • Its 300ml water tank is a bit small compared to other best steam mops.


  • Long cord: The 7m cord ensures you do your cleaning in a wide area without ever having to worry about the connection power place.
  • High-quality mop head: The mop head is of high quality staying fixed in the same place even after some thorough cleaning. Further bonus is the fact that both sides can be used.
  • Variable steam setting for versatile cleaning: The mop comes with three variable steam setting settings that allow users to clean different types of floors with ease.
  • Quite versatile: The s3901 rapidly converts from an upright position to a hand-held position allowing users to clean areas above the floors. It also uses up to 10 attachments making it quite versatile for cleaning.


Shark S2901 Multifunction 2 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews (Out of stock)

Shark S2901 Multifunction 2 in 1 Steam MopThe Shark S2901 Multifunction 2-in-1 Steam Mop Lite is white in color, weighing 4kg and of 78.2 x 25.6 x 16.6 cm size. You can use it on most surfaces in the house, on kitchen floors and appliances like hobs, stainless steel, tops of cooker, cooker hood, tiles, sink and even on the shower and bath.

Key Features of the Shark S2901

  • This Shark multifunction steam mop s2901 is powered by 1350 watts
  • Features a 300ml water tank that heats up in 30seconds to give you between 15-20 minutes of continuous cleaning time, enough to work through a room or two without reheating
  • Has carpet glider for refreshing carpets
  • It has a flat surface base that allows you to cover large areas with ease. Both head sides can be used
  • This Shark 2 in 1 steam mop s2901 is fitted with a carpet glide that makes cleaning your carpeted surfaces a breeze.
  • Like any other Shark steam mops; the Shark multifunction steam mop s2901 is equipped with a handheld cleaner that you can use for all sorts of domestic cleaning including spot cleaning of toys, window sills and door knobs.
  • It has a sizeable electric code of 6 metres that gives you the freedom to navigate different areas of your house without the need of fitting extra cord extension sockets.
  • It cleans all areas of the house (kitchen, bathroom, windows, and floors). The detachable handheld cleaner helps clean hidden areas. It can be used to clean grout, kitchen appliances, bathroom glass, tiles and shower.


  • It is a little bit heavy weighing 4kg
  • No shoulder strap hence needs you to use the 2 hands holding it while cleaning with the handheld steamer
  • The water reservoir of 300ml might be considered to be too small by some people and thus making you to top it up frequently if you are using the mop for long periods.
  • Rectangular mop head that can sometimes be difficult to get it to corners especially while cleaning the toilets.

The Shark multi-function 2 in 1 steam pocket mop s2901 has a sizeable electric code of 6 metres that gives you the freedom to navigate different areas of your house without the need of fitting extra cord extension sockets.

The best thing about this steam cleaner is that it can be used to clean most common domestic surfaces. For instance you can use it for light laminate dusting, clean stone surfaces, tiles, marble and hardwood. It also gives a thorough cleaning to tiles, carpets and vinyl surfaces.

You are however advised to exercise caution when using it on laminate surfaces because they are delicate especially when exposed to very high temperatures for long spells. The steam heat could damage the laminate joints or even weaken the glue below the floor.

What Does this Cleaner Do?

If you have resigned yourself to putting up with discoloured grout that has refused to go even after years of energy sapping, elbow ebbing spring clean scrubbing, then this multifunctional steam mop will bring a smile to your face.

  1. It makes light the work of removing grout that has discoloured your surfaces. With the in-built handheld cleaner, grout can easily be removed.
  2. It also cleans dirt that is hidden in hard to reach crevices, leaving your surfaces germ free. It will without a doubt give you the ultimate flexibility you crave; it also dries wet surfaces really quick. Here is the beauty of it:
  3. You can use it for scrubbing, mopping and steaming.

You can scrub, mop and steam your surfaces by just shuffling the settings. Its detachable steamer nozzle is good at cleaning windows, mirrors, glass cubicles in showers and worktops.

With the removable handheld cleaner, it is like having two cleaners joined in one as the name suggests. You will see the value of this gadget once you start using it to clean all round your house. You can literally give your kitchen a proper spring clean, from the cupboards, oven, hob, cooker, cooker hood, floor and windows.

This Shark steam mop s2901 saves you time and brings back the fun in cleaning, once you get to grips on how to use it. When you wrap your finger around its different settings, cleaning will no longer be a chore that as we know it when using water and bucket.

What to use it For?

One thing to bear in mind about this Shark multi function steam pocket mop lite steam mop is that it is ideal for every day domestic use; it is not for heavy industrial deep cleaning.

It has a handheld cleaner. If your house needs industrial deep cleaning, you might want to call in the professional cleaners, but once the professionals have done their work, the cleaner will do it’s best to keep your surfaces spotlessly clean. The removable handheld cleaner gives you added flexibility to clean most areas of the house.


Accessories include:

  • cleaning pads
  • carpet glider
  • steam hose
  • window squeegee
  • Detail brush.
  • a water filling jug
  • a detail nozzle

Shark Steam Mop S2901 Pads

The Shark steam mop s2901 uses reusable microfiber pads that are washable. This means that with proper maintenance you can reuse microfiber pads for a while before you order new ones.

It is always a good idea to toss the microfiber pad heads into the washing machine for a wash for excellent results.

The microfibers are dual sided which means that they give you the capability of cleaning “twice” with just one back and forth glide.

Assembling the Shark Multifunction Steam Mop Lite

Assembling the Shark multifunction steam mop lite is no rocket science, just follow the simple steps in the instruction manual and within minutes of setting it up, you are ready to do the heavy lifting work of giving your surfaces fresh and clean.

Does this Shark Steam Mop S2901 Use Cleaning Detergents?

Like Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3901, the Shark multifunction steam mop kills 99.9% of the germs on your surface so there is no need of all those cleaning detergents; the sustained jetting pressure from the Shark steam mop s2901 wipes out most germs.

Why we think this gadget should be among the best, is because it is designed for all types of domestic settings.

If for instance you have dogs and other pets, after going for a walk with your dog, the dog will usually walk into the house without “wiping their feet” on the floor mat, leaving marks on your floor. However, with this cleaner, a quick swipe around and the floor is clean again.

The Shark s2901 multifunction 2 in 1 steam mop dries floors almost straight away, so no more tiptoeing across floors or barricaded zones in the house as you wait for the floor to dry up.


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