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Steam cleaners can remove immediate carpet stains. However, for deep carpet cleaning, you still need a dedicated carpet shampooer. Check one of these top-rated best carpet cleaners UK 2019. To go with your carpet washer; you also need a dedicated best carpet shampoo to help loosen the stains and freshen the carpet.

You might also want to consider whether you want a handheld, a wet and dry, upright, cylinder or a carpet steam cleaner!

Steam cleaners with carpet glider/carpet attachment functionality can be used to refresh carpets. By refresh here we mean that they can actually bring up the pile and rejuvenate it by loosening surface dirt and killing germs on your carpets. This is good enough to get rid of smudges and stains on your carpets. The carpets actually look newer after refreshing them with hot vapour.

However, whenever you want to clean a large carpet area in your house, consider using a dedicated carpet cleaner. This is because they are specially designed to extract embedded dirt that are deep within the fibre without having to use high temperatures.

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