Karcher Pressure Washer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals UK 2024

Black Friday Karcher pressure washer deals UK ad Cyber Monday sale are here. Find Black Friday Karcher ( K2, K3, K4, K5, K7 ) Pressure Washer Deals . Check it out below.

Today’s deals:
Get 31% off Kärcher K 5 Compact High Pressure WasherView deal
Get 31% off Kärcher K 3 Home Pressure WasherView deal
Get 31% off Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking - the solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks - incl. hose reel and Home-KitView deal
Get 26% off Kärcher K 7 Premium Smart Control Home high-pressure washer: innovative Bluetooth app linking - our most powerful solution for every cleaning task - incl. hose reel and home kitView dealView deal
Get 27% off Kärcher K 3 Power Control high pressure washer: Intelligent app support - for effective cleaning of everyday dirtView deal
Get 18% off Kärcher K 2 Power Control Home high-pressure washer: Intelligent app support - the practical solution for everyday dirt - incl. Home Kit, Pack of 1View deal
Get 15% off Kärcher K 4 Power Control high pressure washer: Intelligent app support - the right solution for heavier soilingView deal
Get 38% off Kärcher OC3 Portable CleanerView deal

Best selling Karcher pressure washers:

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  • Get 33% off Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking – the solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks – incl. hose reel and Home-Kit
  • Get 35% off Kärcher K 4 Premium Power Control Car & Home high pressure washer: Intelligent app support – the right solution for heavier soiling – incl. hose reel and car & home kit
  • Get 35% off Kärcher K 3 Home Pressure Washer
  • Get 23% off Karcher K 4 Compact Pressure Washer

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Black Friday Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

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The Karcher k2 pressure washer is one of the best pressure washers out there that are small, lightweight and compact machine. You can use it for cleaning outside things including yards and decking, cars,nursery furniture, bikes and patio. You can check out a detailed comparison of the Karcher K range here.

Here are some of the key features of the Karcher k2 compact:

  • An upright plan, wheels and a long handle makes the Karcher k2 simple to utilize and to move and the on-board storage makes it easy to store all accessories securely.This product comes with a two year guarantee for peace of mind.
  • Vario Lance :Utilized to accomplish variable weight control from low-weight to high-weight stream by just curving the shower spear. It is joined onto the end of the trigger weapon with its pike plan.
  • Dirtblaster: An effective revolving spout outlined with a pivoting pencil plane which can give up to half more prominent cleaning force than a standard high weight spear. This come in handy when uprooting willful earth on greenery secured or weathered surfaces.
  • T50 Patio more clean :Utilized for the sprinkle free cleaning of even surfaces, for example, porches & decking, it gives expanded cleaning power. It features two pivoting level plane spouts.
  • Yard & Deck cleanser pocket : it has 500ml of cleanser focus. Basically add water to the cleanser to make up 5 liters of porch & deck cleanser.
  • The k2 karcher is portable, lightweight & Powerful :The upright configuration is intended to make it easy to handle. It has wheels for portability. It is powered by an Air-cooled 1400 motor watt engine which makes it effective for its size.
  • It has a cleanser suction tube :The cleanser suction tube of this specific model permits you to draw the cleanser from a holder.
  • It has programmed engine and water bay components: All Kärcher weight washers have a programmed stop/begin engine for ease of control.
  • A weight switch control ignites the engine on and off when the trigger firearm is squeezed and discharged. This k2 has a number of nifty features that will make blasting out dirt on your outdoors fun and effective.

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer Review: Final Verdict

The K2 pressure washer comes with a two year guarantee for peace of mind. You can use detergents by aid of the detergent suction. The k2 comes fitted with a filter that will in the long run make your washer more durable. Above all it is lightweight and easy to to use.

It features a variable lance for controlled cleaning. The dirtblaster rotary nozzle is good at dismantling seated stains and blasting out dirt.

Be careful with the dirtblaster because if you exert it so much in could damage/peel off the painting on your surfaces.

It is that powerful. It is better not to use the Karcher pressure washer k2 continuously because it is air cooled. the pressure hose is of decent length to blast dirt away. The patio attachment has oscillating lances that have a wide berth that make for easy cleaning. Whichever way you look at it this is a quality k2 that will give you value for money.

The Kärcher k2 compact is talked of in glowing terms by customers who bought it. 75% of customers who have reviewed this product have given it platinum five stars which is a testament to the good service it offers.

image 14

Black Friday Karcher K3 Pressure Washer

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Karcher K3 pressure washer- this’s the mid-priced option of the Karcher pressure washer range so it lacks a great deal of characteristics found on premium models. This design doesn’t come with wheels or perhaps an extendable handle. 

On the positive side though, this’s a really well priced pressure washer that’s usually on sale for under £150. Additionally, since it is very small it is much easier to store where space is actually at a premium.

The patio cleaning heads are actually a useful tool as they reduce water that is dirty from spraying back up windows or walls when cleaning moss-covered or dirty patios or maybe decking.

See which k3 Karcher pressure washer has the best deal above.

3. Black Friday Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Deals

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The Karcher K4 pressure washer has a far more effective 1.8 kW water-cooled (for greater efficiency as well as reliability) motor. Maximum pressure increases (vs K2) by 20 pressure bars to 130 bar and the flow rate is actually up seventeen % to 420 litres per hour. The increase in flow rate enables you to cover fifty % more area as opposed to the K2 at thirty square meters per hour.

Just like the K2, the K4 is actually readily available in 4 models: Compact, Full Control, Full Control Home and Premium Full Control Home models.

All K4’s have a long 6-metre hose though they are considerably heavier as opposed to the K2, ranging between 10.7 as well as 11.9 kg. The K4 is a lot more appropriate for larger patio/decking areas or perhaps for tackling more stubborn dirt or perhaps grime.

4. Black Friday Karcher K5 Pressure Washer

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The Karcher K5 begins getting into premium territory, both in phrases of specification and cost. Motor strength is actually up to 2.1kW (again water-cooled). The K4 has a 145 pressure bar, a difference of 15 units in comparison to the K4. It also has a higher flow rate of 500/hour when compared to the 420/hour in K4 models. It covers a wider area of fifty metres square per hour which is almost double that offered by K4 that only covers thirty metres square per hour. 

The K5 is only offered in Compact, Premium and Home Full Control Plus Home models.

Both K5 designs include a significantly longer 8m hose pipe (double that of the K2 fundamental versions). The K5 is heavier than the other versions but should not be a problem because it rolls on wheels which makes it quite portable.

Black Friday Karcher K7 Pressure Washer Deals

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At the premium end of the Karcher pressure washer range is actually the Karcher K7. It is only offered as a Premium Full Control Plus Home design. At around £500 full price, the K7 is actually a pricey bit of package so is most likely more appropriate for professionals and for those with very big gardens.

The electrical power rating of the motor is actually 2.8kw (so double that of the K2) which offers an optimum strain of 180 bar, and that is up by twenty-four % as compared to the K5. Flow rate increases ten % as opposed to the K7 to 550 litres per hour and common area usage increase twenty % to sixty square meters per hour. Hose length on the K7 additionally increases to 10m.

The K7 also has an improved optimum water feed temperature of sixty deg C compared to forty deg C on any other versions. At this price point as well as substantial specification, it actually is a preference for expert use (such as an automobile/car-wash or maybe yard cleaning businesses).

Cyber Monday Karcher Pressure Washer Deals UK

  1. Today’s Deals:
  2. Get 32% off Kärcher K 4 Compact Pressure Washer, Yellow/Black, Medium
  3. For new Karcher Black Friday UK Deals, check it here.
  4. Check also Black Friday Karcher steam cleaner deals and Black Friday Karcher window vac deals.

Best Black Friday Karcher Pressure Washer Deals UK

  • 49% off Kärcher 16018850 K 3 Home Pressure Washer, 1600 W, 240 V, Yellow/Black deal is over
  • Get 34% off Kärcher K4 Premium Full Control Car and Home Pressure Washer deal is over
  • 44% off Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer deal is over.
  • 32% off Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer deal is over.
  • 47% off Black Friday Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer deal is over.
  • Nov 24 – Get 32% off Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • Nov 16,- Deal of the Day: Get 47% off Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer
  • Pressure washer Black Friday deals
  • 40% off on Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer
  • 56% off Nilfisk C 135 bar High Pressure Washer with Induction Motor ● 380 L/H water flow ● Blue

Black Friday may be the main shopping sale day on the planet. In the UK, it’s gained popularity since it showed up in 2010, with additional retailers taking part each year.

During Black Friday, you are able to locate substantial deals offered both in physical stores and also online. Shoppers queue up outside their favourite retailers on Black Friday morning and also race in to acquire the very best bargain deals first. Online stores often drop prices across the entire range of theirs and you are able to also find cost reductions of up to seventy % off sometimes.

Black Friday is always kept on the morning after Thanksgiving Thursday in the US. Some retailers hold an one day bumper sale, in which crowds of buyers scramble for the most effective deals. Other stores hold an extended sale which lasts throughout the entire Black Friday week, as well as month. This season Black Friday it is going to fall on the 26th of November while Cyber Monday will be on the 29th of November.

Key points when choosing Karcher pressure washer

Hose Length: The length of the pressure washer hose generally varies between six and forty feet. Models with longer hoses give you greater autonomy and enable you to do the job much more perfectly, moving freely without the necessity for couplings or extension cords to boost the length. Pressure washers allow you to speed up any washing process and become a lot more effective on medium to large surfaces.

On the other hand, the longer it’s, the more challenging it’s to store. Short hoses don’t take much space. Just put the gun in its specific space (usually on one side), and you are able to keep your tool anywhere. You need to just base the choice you make on what is important to you, therefore stick to compact models unless you’ve to use higher areas.

Type of Pressure washer to buy: In the event that you want to use in the workshop of yours or maybe a factory, on the other hand, choose designs with higher strength. Gas-powered pressure washers offer much more pressure and flow to get rid of by far the most resistant diesel stains. Your purchase eventually will depend on just how you intend on using the tool.

Power: A lot like the kind of pressure washer you purchase, the power you need is going to depend on the way you use it. For domestic use, a unit with hundred to 140 pressure bars and an electric motor with 200 to 220 watts of power will do the trick. This will help you to tackle any cleaning function in and around the home.

When you would like a pressure washer for professional jobs, nonetheless, you are going to need even more strength. Probably the most effective engines are able to reach 2,000 watts with up to 200 bars of pressure. This performance truly enables you to clean anything, from workshops to factories. That said, the price tag of these designs is obviously higher.

Engine: As we pointed out earlier, there are actually 2 kinds of pressure washer engines: electric and gas-powered. 

  • Electric powered jet washers are actually the most often used for domestic areas. They’re much more affordable and have water that is low and electrical energy usage, which is perfect for the home owners.
  • Gas-powered pressure washers, on the other hand, offer a lot more autonomy and power. These motors are actually perfect for factories and workshops. You have to hold it from one side to the other since you will not have to plug it right into a power socket. You’ll still have to have a water source. These designs are much more costly and need much more upkeep.


Do not ignore the selection of attachments that your pressure washer comes with. Most of them have certain tasks which will help make your cleaning effortless. You are going to be interested in products with many spray tips that enable you to tailor the water jet to the requirements you want.


Another decisive element is actually the kind of detergent you use. This can figure out what sort of surfaces you are able to clear since you can’t use the exact same soap to really clean glass, wood, and plastic. Before you create a purchase, examine the soap dispenser carefully to know what kinds of items it is able to work with.

Karcher Pressure Washers – Key Features

These include a spray gun, lances and Squirt Guns that are in the K5 Compact Home and  K2/K4 Compact.

High pressure gun (G120Q) – These are accessorised in the Full control versions of the K2.

Full Control Gun (G145Q ) –  These come in the K4 full control versions and is quite an advanced spray gun which operates in conjunction with the Vario Power spray lance. The lance may be adjusted to 3 distinct power settings – Soft, Medium and Hard and as soon as you’ve accomplished this a corresponding LED light is actually displayed on the trigger display. There’s also a Mix environment for use when detergent is actually added.

G180Q Full Control Plus Gun -This is only in the high-end premium K7 and K5 models which as you can imagine are quite advanced applications applied in conjunction with the 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray lance. And so instead of modifying lances, this one lance is able to change between level stream, rotary (for shifting persistent dirt) as well as detergent nozzle settings. 

These functions are next shown on a big LCD screen on the management gun, as well as the control gun also has plus/minus buttons for changing the strain environment as well as detergent dosing quantities.

Dirt Blaster Spray Lance –  This lance uses a revolving fine jet which is actually beneficial for cleansing harder to shift dirt (for example, green moss on patios). It is found in most models apart from the premium versions of K5/K7.

Detergent systems

Karcher offers three primary types of detergent process on their jet washers:

Suction – this’s the more basic edition and also is based on the soap being given into the pressure washer via a suction tube. What this means is you’ve to put the bottle (very) near to the jet washer. In addition, you’ve to move it each time you have to move the jet washer. So in case you are thinking of using a great deal of detergents (say for automobile washing) then it’s better to take a washer with more hose length so you are able to maintain the jet washer in place. The K5 and K4 have longer hoses as opposed to the K2. In truth, models with suction delivery are actually made for unexpected detergent use.

Tank – only offered on the K2 Premium Full Control Home. This’s a step up from the suction process as you put the detergent into a reservoir tank at the base of the jet washer. A lot easier to utilize as opposed to the primary suction system.

Plug and Clean – on every K4 Full Control (including Premium and Home) models and also the K5/K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home models. The detergent bottle is just connected straight to the pressure washer. This is the most effective choice in case you are thinking of using a great deal of detergent.

Home cleaning kits There are actually three various cleaning kits provided with “Home” types of Karcher jet washers.

  • K2 Home models – consists of T150 patio cleaner, 0.5l of 3-in-1 Patio and Deck Cleaner. The T150 is the primary patio cleaner.
  • All K4 and K5 Home models – T350 patio cleaner, 1l of 3-in-1 Stone and front yard Cleaner. The T350 features rotary strain feature management and also handles for use when vertical cleaning (i.e. walls or maybe garage doors).
  • K7 Home model – comes with a litre of 3-in-1 detergent solution and a high range patio cleaner (T450). It includes an angled style as well as foot operated jet spray for entering into hard-to-reach corners. Additionally, it features a mesh safety grid which allows you to really clean gravel as well as stone aspects without annoying the loose stones & chips.

Karcher Pressure Washer K2 VS K4 VS K5 VS K7

(Compact vs Full Control vs Full Control Home vs Full Control Premium). The Karcher Pressure washer has 11 different models across four categories (K2, K4, K5 and K7). The K7 is the most premium version that goes for averagely £500 and the K2 is the budget-priced. Within the different categories are different versions and these are (compact, full control, full control home and full control premium)

The primary distinction between the K categories is actually the strength (and type) of pump motor, which subsequently provides results that are different in terminology of optimum squirt pressure, flow rate (measured in litres per hour) as well as the common dimensions of the area you might cover in an hour (square metres per hour).

K2 (Karcher K2)

This includes a 1.4 kW air-cooled motor which could offer an optimum pressure of 110bar. The flow rate is actually 360 litres per hour and you’re looking at having the ability to cover approximately twenty square meters per hour. The K2 range is an excellent budget pressure washer for much more essential uses such as for instance smaller patio cleaning and automobile washing.

The K2 can be obtained in 4 versions: Compact, Full Control, Full Control Home and Premium Full Control Home models. All K2 designs have a 4-metre hose pipe (except the Premium Full Control Home which includes a 6m hose pipe). The 4-metre hose pipe is actually perfectly okay but you will need to keep shifting the pressure washer around when working on bigger areas.

The K2’s washers are pretty lightweight, weighing between 4.1 as well as 4.6kg. The lower end K2 Compact is actually the only model with no wheels along with a carrying handle. Although this does impact portability it also would mean that it is simpler to store (due to its smaller size). You can always snag a deal during Karcher pressure washer Black Friday deals.

Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

The K4 has 130 bar pressure, also has cooled engine, it now includes several of these additional features: A LED display trigger gun, the house system design includes a T350 deck cleaner and a 1L container of 3-in-1 detergent cleaner. There’s in addition a brand-new stability foot at the bottom of the pressure washer that makes for an extremely stable item that will not drop over.

What is the Difference between K4 Full Control Home vs K4 Premium edition?

The sole distinction between the K4 Full Control Home and Premium edition is actually the inclusion of a high-pressure hose reel to keep the hosepipe tidier as well as much easier to handle on the pressure washer.

The K5 Full Control

The K5 Full Control type from has a 25-foot hose, a Vario power spray wand, along with an onboard tank for detergent. The functionality of the machine is great, and it is all you will need for jobs around the house and yard. It has a water-cooled motor that produces pressure that equate to 40 times the pressure associated with a regular garden hose, giving an effective deep cleaning outcome which blasts away stubborn dirt as well as grime from any surface area.

Premium Karcher K7 Full Control

The total house system includes a T450 as well as 1L container of stone detergent, making cleaning those bigger areas simple, there’s a strong telescopic aluminium handle that could be pulled up making it so easy to move it around. This K7 unit also includes a five-Year Warranty. This’s quarters most effective pressure washer also it’s ideal for every job thrown at it, from cleaning paths, the car and yard. It has a 10m hose which can in addition be wound up and saved on the rear.

Kärcher K 7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure Washer, Pressure: max 180 bar, Flow Rate: 550 l/h, Area: 60 m²/h, Water Filter, Weight: 17.8 kg, High-Pressure Hose and Gun, Multi Jet Spray Lance

What is the big difference (K compact vs Full control vs Full control Home vs Full Control Premium Home)

Compact – these model editions can mainly be found in the K2 as well as K4 ranges. These are the fundamental versions without any extra cleaning system, fundamental spray guns and lances. They both use a basic suction tube for applying detergent.

Compact Home – only offered on the K5 (it’s probably the cheapest of the 2 K5’s). Once again a more essential model with regular spray gun/lances. Has suction detergent addition. 

Full Control – on the K2 as well as K4. The shift here’s the inclusion of the “Control” spray gun. The K2 has a G120Q edition and also the K4 a G145Q. Detergent application on the K2 is actually via suction but the K4 steps up to tank “Plug & Clean” in which detergent bottles can be fed to the washer directly as opposed to through a suction tube

Full Control Home – on the K2 as well as K4 and basically the just like the Full Control but has a “Home” kit. The K4 comes with a one litre detergent 3-in-1 stone cleaner and a patio cleaner (T350) while the K2 is accessorised with a deck cleaner and a patio cleaner (T150). 

Premium Full Control Home – once again, available just on the K2 as well as K4 models. What the separates the  Premium and Full control versions of the K2is the length of the hose (6m for the premium version while its 4 m for the full control). The other thing is how the detergent is fed to the washer, the premium version uses tank as opposed to the full control that employs a suction tube.

Premium Full Control Plus Home – solely offered on the high end K7 and K5 models. This particular edition has the best end G180Q Full Control Plus gun and also the 3-in-1 Multi-Jet. As this’s a “Home” version it likewise has the cleaning kit.The K5 is accessorised with a 3 in 1 detergent cleaner and a patio cleaner (T350) while the K7 comes with a stone 3 in 1 detergent and a patio cleaner (T450). 

We will update this Black Friday deals on Karcher pressure washers as more offers keep coming in.

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