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Best Karcher Window Vac Black Friday Deals UK 2023

Karcher Window Vac Black Friday UK Deals and Cyber Monday Sale are here. Find top Black Friday Karcher WV 6 vs 5 vs 2 vs 1 Window Vac Deals UK . Check it below:

Today’s deals:
Get 40% off Kärcher WV 5 Plus N Window VacView deal
Get 35% off Kärcher 16332220 WV 6 Plus N Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V, Yellow/BlackView deal
Get 33% off Kärcher WV2 Plus N Yellow Edition Window VacView deal

Best Selling Karcher Window Vac:

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  • Get 41% off Kärcher 16332220 WV 6 Plus N Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V, Yellow/Black
  • Get 38% off Karcher WV 5 Plus N Window Vac
  • Get 24% off Kärcher WV 1 Window Vac
  • Get 35% off Kärcher Window Vacuum Extension Set

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Karcher Window Vac are hand-held home appliances that clean windows by using a spray and squeegee before sucking the cleaned surfaces dry, therefore you do not get unsightly smears after cleaning. There are 4 base models in the Karcher Vac WV range – WV1, WV2, WV5, WV6 and WV Anniversary Edition and they all share the same capabilities.

All of them come with an easy-to-empty container, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and fairly impressive suction. All WV vacs likewise have a comparable style, yellow in colour with a curved neck and built-in handle. They are actually built to clean almost everything including shower screens.

You will find several important differences between the different types though. How long the battery lasts, accessories you’re supplied, working weight and nozzle width differ based on which WV model you purchase. There is also a good variation in cost between probably the cheapest and most costly choices.

Each unit also has different versions. The WV2, for instance, can be purchased in Basic, Plus, along with Plus N Yellow versions.

 Black Friday Karcher WV Black Edition Window Vac

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The WV Black Edition was initially released for the 10th anniversary of the company’s Karcher window vac, the updated Black Edition has a 35 minute run time, lithium-ion battery along with a slick black style.

Like most Karcher house vacuum cleaners, the Black Edition offers good cleaning performance. Glass , mirrors, tiles & worktops are actually left streak-free and clear, and the majority of water is actually sucked up with a single pass. There is additionally an easy-to-empty container as well as Karcher’s brand new “EasyFix” connection, which allows you to switch cloths without touching dirt.

Could it be truly an improvement to the WV2 though? Or perhaps could it be simply an unique colour?

Black Edition and the WV2 are definitely fairly similar, as they’ve exactly the same battery run time and time the charge can last for (run time), same noise level, along with both come with the squirt bottle kit. 

One of the key differences with the Black Edtion in comparison to the WV2 Plus N is that it doesn’t have a smaller suction nozzle. This nozzle is not provided with the simple WV2 either, nonetheless, which may make selecting the perfect model a little confusing.

Because of this, we suggest the WV2 Plus N for many individuals, as the smaller nozzle offers more versatility. And in case you want a swappable battery and edge cleaning process, then the WV5 is clearly the better vacuum.

In case you choose the trendy look of the Black Edition, nonetheless, then it is still a great option though (especially as it is usually on sale for under the WV2).


  • Run-Time / Charging Time: thirty five minutes / three hours approx.
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Dirt Water Capacity: 100ml
  • Removable Battery: No

Crucial Features:

  • Exact same capabilities as the standard WV2 (but no next nozzle)
  • Elegant black cleaner vac
  • Includes spray bottle kit

Black Friday Karcher WV 6 Plus N Window Vac

The Karcher WV6 Plus N has new features over earlier versions such as liquid silicone lip engineering that gives a sleek streak-free finish, increased battery life (100 mins) with an LED display, along with a much larger dirty water tank 50% more capacity than other models.

The WV6 is actually among the most complex Karcher window vacuums on the market, enabling you to rapidly cleanse all glass surfaces in the home. Windows, mirrors, bath screens, as well as ceramic hobs, will be cleaned on this Karcher, and when you become used to making use of it, cleaning will take mins.

Capabilities Of The Karcher WV6 Premium

Among the most innovative brand new features of the Karcher WV6 Premium is actually the fluid silicone lip technology. This brand new lip guarantees a much better cleaning performance with a streak-free finish. The WV6 cleaning lip gets right into the edges so there is going to be no unclean edges.

One of the leading improvements is the enhanced battery life. The WV6 Premium has a hundred minute run time, which happens to be a 185 % improvement over the Karcher WV5. This improved battery life enables you to clean up to 300m² on a single charge, which equates to around 215 windows.

Despite having an improved battery life, the charging time has been lowered to 170 minutes (2 hours and 50 minutes). There’s additionally a minute-by-minute LED sign showing just how much cleaning time the Karcher vac has, providing you with a lot more control.

The dirty water container is actually bigger compared to earlier versions. It is able to keep 150mls of water that is unclean, which happens to be a fifty % increase. This enables you to clean for longer without needing to empty the machine.

The Karcher WV6 Premium is actually among the most complex on the market, as well as the assortment of improvements and characteristics will have your windows completely clean as well as streak-free, with little work.


  • Cleans more than 215 windows on a single battery charge
  • Liquid silicone lip technology for a much better streak free finish
  • Interchangeable suction heads of various sizes for more flexibility.


  • Requires a little bit of training to get a totally streak free finish

Black Friday Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vac

26% Off

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The Karcher WV5 Premium window vac gives you a run time of thirty-five minutes and recharges in three hours. It comes with a 100ml dirty water tank, interchangeable suction heads and LED indicator battery for seamless cleaning.

Capabilities Of The Karcher WV5 Premium

The Karcher WV5 Premium features a removable battery, hence although the thirty-five minutes run time is going to allow you to clean as many as thirty-five windows, you are able to constantly enjoy an extra battery charged so your cleaning isn’t interrupted.

There’s also a handy 3 stage LED battery sign so you always realize exactly how much cleaning time you’ve left.

The interchangeable cleaning heads are available in 2 sizes, 170mm as well as 280mm, which means you are able to clear some size of window and be certain of getting directly into the edges. The manually adaptable advantage instruction program actually helps with edge cleaning and also suggests you are able to clear hard to reach areas like shower screens, and tiles.

The WV5 Premium includes a spray bottle package as standard. This includes a spray bottle, specialised microfibre along with cleaning detergent cloth.

While the Karcher WV5 does not have as big a water capacity and battery as the WV6 does, it’s still a really good vacuum for windows. It’s somewhat cheaper compared to the WV6 making it perfect in case you’re on a budget. It still has the excellent suction power and streak-free finish that you’d anticipate from a Karcher.


  • Cleans more than hundred windows on a single battery charge
  • Edge Guidance system to thoroughly clean right into the edges
  • Interchangeable suction heads of various sizes


  • Might have to utilize a cloth to get a totally streak free finish
  • Small h2o tank – have to empty often

 Black Friday Karcher WV5 Plus N Window Vac

Karcher WV5 Plus N is the most feature-packed WV vacuum cleaner. It includes all of the functions of the WV2 Plus N, like the 2 blade sizes, powerful suction and 35 minutes run time but gives some beneficial extras.

One of the more significant additions is actually the removable battery. The WV5 is actually the sole WV window vacuum to include things like the feature, which enables you to swap the battery and continue washing (you’ll have to purchase another battery though). The edge guidance feature, which is successfully an adaptable roller so you are able to get right up to the corners of frames, is actually another nice addition.

The WV5 Plus N also offers a more sophisticated charge indicator. Rather than a basic LED, there is a 3 step charge amount on the handle which means you are able to easily estimate just how much run time is actually remaining. Additionally, it does an outstanding job of cleaning up.

When you are searching for the most effective cleaner and do not care about having to pay a little extra to get it, then the WV5 Plus N is actually the one to get. It ties with the WV2 Plus N for versatility and run time, but gives several essential characteristics for power users.

Note: While the WV5 is actually better to the WV2, for the majority of folks the WV2 is actually “good enough.” The WV5 is actually really worth the additional money in case you would like a removable battery or perhaps edge guidance system.


  • Run-Time / Charging Time: thirty-five minutes / three hours approx.
  • Weight: 0.65kg
  • Dirt Water Capacity: 100ml
  • Removable Battery: Yes

Crucial Features:

  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • Edge guidance function & two blade sizes
  • 3-stage charge indicator

Black Friday Karcher WV2 Plus N Window Vac

Karcher WV2 Plus N Yellow offers the greatest sense of balance between affordability and efficiency. It is an improved version of the Black Edition. It is not the least expensive – that title goes to the WV1 – but has a 35 minute run time, 2 blades and superb window cleaning performance.

As with all of the WV range, the WV2 Plus N Yellow is actually ideal for cleaning up tiles, shower doors along other surfaces around the house. It is reasonably lightweight, contains a spray bottle system and is very simple to empty.

Karcher has just recently upgraded the WV2 to experience a 35 minute run time. This equals the WV5, and that is another reason why we suggest the WV2 for many individuals. The lithium-ion battery also means it does not lose suction power as the charge runs out.

We are big fans of the WV2 Plus N Yellow. For the majority of households, it offers the greatest quality of any style in the WV range. In the event you do not require a replaceable battery or perhaps edge assistance system, it provides much better value as opposed to the WV5.

Note: There’s also a fundamental WV2 Plus version. The primary difference is actually the simple model does not include things like the small 170mm blade.


  • Run-Time / Charging Time: thirty five minutes / three hours approx.
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Dirt Water Capacity: 100ml
  • Removable Battery: No
  • Crucial Features:
  • Great balance between performance and cost
  • 35-minute battery life

Black Friday Karcher WV1 Window Vac

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The most affordable WV vacuum cleaner is actually the WV1. While it does not include a lot of the features located on the WV5, it offers excellent value for money and is actually ideal for smaller homes.

Let us begin with the similarities between this particular style and the WV2. It has exactly the same fundamental design, 100ml unclean water tank and then LED charge display. The 250mm cleaning head does a great job of leaving other surfaces and streak-free windows, even though the lithium battery does not lose suction as it gets lower on charge.

There are many key differences between the WV5 and WV1 though. The WV1 just has a 25 minute run time and no choice to swap the electric battery, therefore it might not be the best choice for making clean a lot of at the exact same time. Additionally, it simply has a sole 250mm cleaning head – the small 170mm head is not provided.

Even so, the WV1 is actually a great cleaner that offers excellent value for money. Additionally, it charges faster, as it regains full battery in hundred minutes as compared to 185 minutes in other WV versions. In the event, you do not require the advanced features or maybe longer battery life of the Wv5 and WV2, the WV1 will not let you down.


  • Run-Time / Charging Time: twenty five minutes / hundred minutes approx.
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Dirt Water Capacity: 100ml
  • Removable Battery: No

Crucial Features:

  • The least expensive WV model
  • Nonetheless provides superb cleaning performance
  • Slightly lighter compared to the others on this list

Black Friday Karcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition

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The Karcher Window Vac Anniversary Edition was launched in 2018 to celebrate ten years since the first Karcher window vac was launched. It’s a lot of the same capabilities as the Karcher WV5, with a smooth brand new look along with a budget price.

The Anniversary Edition has a thirty-five minute run time, 100ml unclean water tank as well as an LED battery indicator.

In comparison to the WV2 , the Anniversary Edition provides ten minutes more run time, thirty square meters more washing area per charge, weighs fifty grams less and also includes an extra suction head, all that for only £5 more.

Additionally, it requires twenty-five minutes less to charge completely than the WV five premium version, which is much more costly by fifteen pounds.

What’s more, it has two interchangeable cleaning heads along with a spray bottle package, which contains a spray bottle, microfibre cloth as well as cleaning solution. While it is not as complicated as the newer WV6, it’s nearly half the cost making this a really good budget option.


The Karcher Anniversary Edition window vacuum has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery power with a run time of thirty-five minutes. It is able to manage forty % longer run-time compared to the WV2 (previously reviewed), as well as has an amazing cleaning time of thirty-five minutes. This enables you to clean up to 105m² of glass, which equals around thirty-five windows. 

You will find two interchangeable suction heads included with this particular Karcher anniversary, in 170mm as well as 280mm sizes. This means you are able to clean quickly and also clean right up to the edges.

It has LED indicator which will come on when the battery has to be charged, and the electric battery has a 185 minute (3 hours) recharge time. The ultra quiet operation of 50dBs guarantees little disturbance. The Anniversary model comes with a 200 ml spray bottle, microfibre cloth and cleaning detergent.


  • Cleans more than hundred windows on a single battery charge
  • Edge Guidance system to thoroughly clean right into the edges
  • Interchangeable suction heads of various sizes
  • Its run time is 40% more in comparison to the popular WV2 


  • Might have to utilize a cloth to get a totally streak free finish
  • Small h2o tank – have to empty often.

Karcher Window Vac Accessories

There are many accessories readily available for the Karcher window vacuum including replacement pads, belt holders, additional battery chargers and liquid.

Extension pole

Nevertheless, probably the most helpful accessory is actually the extension pole set for cleaning window panes.

The set consists of two extending poles; one with a separate one which has a washable cleaning head connection. Each pole is actually 1.2 metres in length but may be given to 1.9 metres. Your Karcher could be properly installed on the base plate and attached with the rubber strap.

These good quality extension poles allow you to clean hard or taller to reach ground floor windows and are actually perfect for cleaning conservatory glass. In case you’re trying to use on 1st floor windows then you’ll certainly have to have a step ladder to attain greater access. The Karcher cleaning pole set comes with an RRP of around £35 so can make a fantastic buy in case you plan to routinely clean up.

Karcher Window Vac Black Friday Buying Guide

The presently available models are actually: WV1, WV2 Plus, WV2 Plus Premium, WV5 Premium, Anniversary and wv6 Premium Edition. 

Karcher window vacuums are actually common in the UK, and their performance, as well as feature set, make them difficult to beat.

You will find a variety of various types in the Karcher window vacs range, even though they’re all somewhat similar, you will find a number of variations to them that will decide which one is actually right for you.

The presently available models are actually: WV1, WV2 Plus, WV2 Plus Premium, WV5 Premium, The Anniversary and wv6 Premium Edition. This useful guide is going to run through every one of the differences between the styles to ensure that you are able to quickly see which one you need.

Battery Life And Run Time

The Karcher WV6 currently has probably the longest battery life, providing you with as much as a hundred minutes on a single charge. The WV5 and also the Anniversary Edition have a run time of thirty-five minutes. The WV2 designs have a run time of twenty-five minutes, while the older WV1 features a battery life of twenty minutes.

The WV2 models are actually probably the quickest to recharge from flat, taking 120 minutes in comparison to the WV5 that takes three hours to fully recharge. Despite having a long run time of 100 minutes the WV6 only takes two hours and fifty minutes to completely recharge.

Dirty Water Capacity

Unlike most Karcher window vacs that generally have a standard 100ml unclean water tank, the WV6 Premium design has a fifty % increase in capacity, providing you with 150ml of unclean water storage.

Suction Cleaning Heads

The WV2 and the WV1 Plus come with one suction nozzle, even though the majority of the designs are available with 2 as standard. The WV1 suction head width is actually 250ml, and the WV2 Plus suction head width is actually 280ml.

The additional 4 models are available with the same 2 suction heads, with widths of 170ml and 280ml.

Noise Level

All the Karcher window vacuum cleaners have an ultra quiet operation, with the optimum interference made sitting at 50dBs. The one exception to this’s the older WV1, which produces 53dBs of sound.

Maintenance And Cleaning

All of the designs are easy to empty and keep. The dirty water tank just detaches from the vacuum frame and you are able to unscrew the lid and put the contents down the sink. There’s no need to touch the dirty water.

The suction heads are actually not hard to eliminate from the vacuum, and they could be rinsed under a tap to clean them.


Karcher window vacuums are actually all little and weigh a bit less than one kilogram, making them incredibly simple to make use of one-handed.

The WV1, WV2 Premium Plus and also the Anniversary Edition are actually probably the lightest, weighing just 0.6kgs. The WV2 Plus and also the WV5 Premium weighs 0.7kgs, while the more modern WV6 is actually probably the heaviest, weighing 0.8kgs.

Karcher Window Vac Reviews: Final Thoughts

As you are able to see from the reviews, there’s not much to select from when you are looking at Karcher vacuums. All of them have very similar performance levels, and they’ll all leave your windows completely clean as well as streak-free.

If you would like probably the best, then opt for the WV6 Premium. It’s the newest and most innovative Karcher window vac, it’s a very long 100-minute battery life, as well as the dirty water capacity is actually fifty % bigger compared to earlier versions.

In case you’re on a budget however want excellent Karcher efficiency, then the Anniversary Edition is going to be ideal for you. It’s an amazing thirty five minute run time, interchangeable suction heads, along with a decent 100ml water capacity. At the time of writing, it’s nearly half the price tag of the WV6 Premium.

Cyber Monday Karcher Window Vac Deals UK

  • Today’s Deal (images & prices below):
  • Get 28% off Kärcher 16332200 WV 2 Plus Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V, Yellow/Black
  • For new Karcher window vac deals, check it here.

Black Friday Karcher Window Vac Deals UK

Missed Black Friday deals on Karcher window vac:

  • Get 33% off Kärcher 16332210 WV 5 Plus N Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V, Yellow/Black
  • Get 46% off Kärcher Window Vac (WV2 Plus N Yellow edition) deal is over
  • Get 39% off Kärcher WV Black Edition Window Vac, 10 W, 240 V, Black/Yellow deal is over

Even though this Kärcher Window Vac is 10% lighter and shorter than the previous model, its battery has a run time of 25-minutes. With this run time, you can clean an area of up to 75 square-meters for every charge. You can use it to remove liquids from shower screens, mirrors & tiles; condensation as well as spills from worktops and floors. Some of the accessories that come with this Karcher Vac includes: a narrow suction head, a wide suction head, spray bottle, Karcher WV2 , charger, microfiber cleaning head, instruction manual, and others.


  • The battery life may not be able to do all the windows of the house.
  • The manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution is quite expensive.

Pros of the Karcher Window Vac

  • It’s fast & efficient.
  • Cleans and dries at the same time.
  • Its battery maintains charge for some good time.
  • Produces drip-free, streak-free cleaning results.
  • Easy to assemble

Which is your best Black Friday Karcher Window Vac Deal UK & Cyber Monday Sale so far?

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