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iRobot Roomba 980 Amazon Prime Day Deals

It is the time to be on the lookout for Roomba 980 Amazon prime day because chances are you might get a good deal that will save you money. iRobot 980 Roomba is one of the latest high end robot vacuums by Roomba. They are next level compared to what is currently in the market in relation to features and functionality.

2019 Discounts and Offers

23% off iRobot Roomba 981

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest sales periods in the year. There are millions of products on offer and the discounts are quite tempting because it is very common to get get between 30%-60% discounts. The Roomba 980 has had a few deals since early last year so we suppose there will another major Roomba 980 deal this year.

To figure out what kind of deal for the Roomba 980 to expect, let’s explore previous deals

2018 Deals

  • In last year’s in the USA, you could save $100 on the Roomba 980 when the price fell to $799 from $ 899. Not too shabby given that you could make a decent 100 dollars.
  • For Black Friday  the 980 was reduced to $598 from $799 which was such a decent deal that could save you close to $200
  • Much later in the February Spain deal posted on hotukdeals, you could get a decent discount on the Roomba 980 when the priced dropped to the equivalent of £550 down from £800. That was a tantalising offer in which you could save a tidy sum of £350.

Based on the above previous sales we expect that there will be a good discount on 2019 for Roomba 980.

Why you need Roomba 980?

The Roomba 980 robot vacuum has many quality features but the only problem is that it’s a bit expensive. A brand new one goes for £800 or $ 900 in the USA. This price range is relatively high so the best way is to look for offers to get it at a more discounted price.

  • Its Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via the iRobot app on your smartphone remotely and by voice commands like Echo, Google Home and Alexa.
  • It has ten times better suction that other Roomba models and most models in the robot vacuum market.
  • It has a long lasting battery that can last up to 120 minutes after auto-charging.
  • It can clean both hard floors and carpets, it has a boost feature that revs up the suction power when cleaning carpets

How to Get It?

To get a piece of Amazon Prime Day you need to sign up for Prime membership. This is a subscription based membership that cost £79 a year or £8 a month.

If you have never tried Amazon Prime, there is a 30 day free trial you can take advantage of to see whether it is good enough for you. There are other benefits of subscribing like next day shipping, steaming videos, free access to thousands of Kindle books or TV shows.

If you are signed up you get access to all the top offers thirty minutes before the general public see them. There are also lightening deals that have very good discounts on them. If you are not a member you may still access them but chances are prime members could have snapped them up. Nevertheless there are still some discounts that last up to 2 days which you can take advantage of.

Why is iRobot Roomba 980 the Best Robot Vacuum

  • What makes the Roomba 980 above other robot vacuums is it’s ten times better suction that can effortlessly clean high pile rugs better in comparison to the competition. It automatically doubles its suction power once it lands on carpeted surfaces.
  • Unlike the 960 Roomba, the 980 runs on a different motor and battery that can last up to two hours when fully charged. This is enough to clean all possible areas in a large house.
  • It uses infra-red sensor to sense where obstacles are so that it can avoid them.
  • It also employs “drop-sensing” technology to ensure in does not fall, especially when cleaning stairs.
  • It has a dual work mode, the small room mode (30 minutes cleaning) that is activated by pressing once on the button and the big room mode that can give you upwards of 50 minutes cleaning time.
  • It has a low profile (9.2 cm) which makes it easy to clean under your sofa and other tight spaces.
  • It also has two brushes on the side to clean up dust and debris in corners and along side edges. The brushes are also good for detailed cleaning.
  • It models a methodical mode of cleaning that ensures no area of space is left unclean.
  • It has the ability to over doorsteps up to the height of 1.6 cm so that it doesn’t get unnecessarily stuck.
  • It has a camera fitted on its top fitted with a sensor that enables it to recognise where it is and the surrounding area. This helps it to steer clear of obstacles on its way and pick the best cleaning route.
  • It intuitively auto-recharges itself when the battery runs down and has the memory to go back to continue cleaning from where it left.
  • Like the 960, it uses the brushless system of cleaning that cleans pet hair without tangling on rollers and as such, it is easy to maintain. The HEPA is ideal for people with allergies, it also ensures clean air is released on its cleaning path.

iRobot Roomba 980 Amazon Prime Day Deals.