Beldray Steam Mop Reviews

Beldray Steam Mop To assist you with choosing your best Beldray Steam Mop, we have compiled a comparison chart drawn from UK customers reviews.

(See the comparison table below) of The Beldray Steam Mop 15 in 1, 12 in 1 and 1300w steam mops .

Meanwhile, Here are our best Beldray steam mop reviews we found for 2017:

Top 5 Best Beldray Steam Mops UK 2017

No.ImageProductSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)Customers RatingsBest Price
No.ImageProductSteam Time (mins)Heat Up Time(Sec)Cord Length (m)Customers RatingsBest Price
1Beldray 12 In 1 Steam MopBeldray BEL0448 Powerful 12-in-1 Multi-Functional Steam Cleaner202555.0
2Beldray 9-in-1 Triangular Red And White Steam Cleaner153054.5
3Beldray Steam Mop 1300WBeldray 1300 Watt Steam Mop203054.0
4Beldray 1500w Steam MopBeldray 1500 Watt Steam Mop203052.9

Beldray Steam Mop Reviews UK 2017

#1: Beldray 15 in 1 Steam Cleaner Reviews

#2: Beldray 12 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews

Beldray 12 In 1 Steam MopThe Beldray 12 in 1 Steam Cleaner provides you with a full gear to clean everything in your house: floors, carpets and upholstery to windows, mirrors and garments.

  • With 1500W power, this multifunctional steam cleaner
  • Has a water of 350 ml that heats in 25 seconds, to give you 20 minutes continuous cleaning time.
  • And by measuring only 114 x 31 x 21 cm, it can easily fit in the corner of your storage closet, being handy, easy and ready to use anytime needed.
  • The 12 in 1 accessories includes one angled nozzle for the least accessible spots, two mop heads for any kind of floor, one garment and upholstery cleaner, one carpet glider, one mirror cleaner, two round brushes: large and small, one scraping tool, one brushing tool and one accessory adaptor. These accessories can easily help you clean your entire home!
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  • It is perfect for people with pets.


  • It doesn’t include an accessories bag
  • Its handheld steamer is claimed to be a bit clumsy to move around with while cleaning showers.

Here is what Amazon Customers say about the this 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner.

#3: Beldray 10 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews

Beldray 10 in 1 Steam Mop The Beldray 10 in 1 Steam Mop is an improved version of the best selling Beldray 5 in 1 multi-functional cleaner. It comes with all the cool features of the 5 in 1 with some more added functionality. It is currently unavailable on Amazon.

  • The 10 in 1 multifunction steam cleaner performs ten cleaning functions from one device.
  • The 10 in 1 steamer has a detachable handheld steamer that cleans multiple surfaces and fabrics.
  • And it heats up in only 15 seconds to give you uninterrupted 15 minutes cleaning time.
  • It can refresh carpets, clean windows; clean most of your floor types (including laminate and vinyl).
  • It cleans grout, shower cubicles and worktops and
  • It can also clean taps and sinks.
  • Unlike other top of the range floor cleaners, it is relatively affordable.
    • Two microfibre cloths), a glass brush and cloth,
    • a garment cleaner,
    • a carpet glider for refreshing carpets,
    • a straight nozzle for blasting away hidden dirt in grout and crevices,
    • A copper and plastic brush for deep cleaning. The copper brush scrubs away stubborn seated grime and dirt.
  • A link hose, a plastic long brush, a dust and a bunch of cleaning cloths to clean all crooks and crannies.

#4: Beldray 5 in 1 Steam Mop Reviews

Beldray 5 in 1 Steam Mop The Beldray 5 in 1 steam mop is a 2 in one cleaning machine.

  • It has a detachable handheld cleaner that when combined with an assortment of accessory kit turns the 5 in 1 into a one stop multifunctional cleaning unit.
  • It refreshes carpets, cleans all sealed hard floors including laminate and vinyl flooring. It cleans grout, kitchen hood, hobs, oven, sinks and even taps.
  • The 5 in one cleans windows and shower cubicles.
  • It heats up in 30 seconds to give you 15 minutes of cleaning time.
  • This BEL0182 5-in-1 steam cleaner has a 3.8 star rating from the possible 5 star. This means that 78% of the people who bought it are quite happy with their purchase. These are the people who rated it as a 4 and 5 star gadget. That is not bad at all.


Unhappy customers however, seem to be complaining about: The cord length which is 5 metres long to be a bit short

  • Some also indicated that they had difficulties removing the handle and the cup container to the water tank. To them they had rather go for a more expensive cleaner like the Shark Steam Mop.

Quick tip: If you are having problems with the handle the easiest way to fix this is by pressing the handle down and then release the button.

When going through the 5 in 1 steam cleaner reviews, only 2 of the 56 people who reviewed it complained of water residues. 98% of the customers said that it did a decent job of drying the floors quickly. All said and done, the 5 in 1 is a fairly decent cleaner. It blasts grime and dirt away with ease and it is relatively affordable.

You see, contrary to what some may assume, floor mops are not meant to release ultra powerful pressure jetting out at high velocity like pressure washers/cleaners but they release pressure like that of an iron. This pressure is sufficient enough to dislodge caked in dirt and leave your floors dry almost instantly.

For deep seated dirt, you may need some elbow grease and probably cleaning several times for the best results.

Beldray 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Steam Mop – Green Reviews

This Beldray 5 in 1 green is basically the same cleaner as the red 5 in 1. The only difference is the colour. I guess there are some people who are more inclined to the colour red compared to green. If green is your preferred colour then you can go for the green cleaner.

However you will pay three quids more than what you could have paid had you chosen the red one. The other thing to consider is that on the Amazon page, the red floor cleaner has more reviews than the green one. This is not to downgrade the green 5 in 1 but it seems that more people have bought the red 5 in 1 than the green one.

#5: Beldray Steam Mop 1300w Reviews

Beldray 1300w Steam MopThe Beldray steam mop 1300w is quite cheap. It is a basic cleaner that cleans and dries floors quickly. It also kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your floors.

  • It has a 180 degree swivel head that makes cleaning easy. That means the gadget glides intuitively around tight corners or awkward hard to reach spaces like under the table and sofas without the need of you twisting your arm.
  • Very little elbow grease is required unless there is deep seated grime on your surfaces.
  • The 1300w comes with a range of accessories that aid you to clean with ease and leave your surfaces sparkling.
  • It also has light indicators to monitor your water tank level.
  • You can easily take the water tank off and refill it from your tap.
  • The microfibre pads fit with Velcro and it can be used on all floor types by adjusting the variable control (manually).
  • The 1300 watt steam cleaning machine releases constant pressure once you press the on button. You don’t have to keep pressing for the pressure to jet out. It dries floors quickly.
  • For better results wash the microfibre pads/cloths before use so that all the dust will be absorbed. The replacement pads can be bought from Amazon.
  • It is a fairly priced cleaner that will give you value for money.

Click to read what Amazon Customers say about the1300 watt steam mop.

#6: Beldray 2 in 1 Steam Sweeper Reviews

The Beldray 2 in 1 steam mop and sweeper ,1500 Watt, sweeps and mops from the same machine.

  • It is great for pet owners. You can sweep pet fur and any other dirt and then clean your floors from the same machine.
  • The sweeper has variable floor control.
  • It has a decent sized tank (700ml) that is easy to fill. That means a decent amount of cleaning time without refilling the tank.
  • It can sweep carpets and floors. It has a 135 ml dust capacity and so can sweep a fair amount of dirt.
  • This sweeper heats up in 30 seconds and is suitable for most hard floors including laminate.
  • You can vary the cleaner settings to the required level suitable for your floors. All you have to do is turn the dial on the variable control to match your floor type. In case of doubt refer to your user manual.

The Beldray 2 in 1 Red and White Mop and Sweeper has a 5000 rpm (rotation per minute). What this means is that the sweeping blades in this sweeper rotate at least 5000 times in a minute to swap all the dirt on your floors. For this reason this cleaner is a pretty respectable sweeper. All the fur that can at time seem hard to remove will be sucked by this super rotating sweeper.

#7: Beldray 1500w Steam Mop Reviews

Beldray 1500w Steam Mop The Beldray 1500w steam mop comes in three forms: plain cleaner 1500w, the colour coded 1500w orange cleaner, and the Lime green and Orange 1500w cleaner.

  • All the three 1500watts steamers are basic straight forward floor mops.
  • The thing that separates the colour coded 1500w from the plain cleaner 1500w is that the Lime green and Orange 1500w cleaner removes odours and smells from your surfaces in addition to cleaning your floors.
  • The 1500w orange steam mop is the cheapest of them. It is also the one that has sold most. It dries floors quickly and kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on your surfaces. However,
  • Its reviews are not great. It has an overall customer rating score of 2.9 stars out of 5.