Abode Steam Mop Reviews

The Abode Steam Mop Reviews ranging from the Abode asms2001 to to the Abode adsm4001 steamer. If you are looking for the best budget steam cleaner then the Abode is the one to go for.

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1. Abode ASM2001 Steam Mop Reviews

Abode Steam Mop

The Abode ASM2001 steam mop is one of the best floor steam mops. The other one is the Abode adsm4001.

  • The Abode steam mop asms2001 is of 30 x 125 x 20 cm size, lightweight weighing 1.8kg and of 900watts motor power.
  • It comes in 2 colors:blue/white and black.
  • Has 5 metre cord length; a bit shorter length compared to our #1 top rated Vax steam fresh combi of 8m length.
  • It features 3 corner mop head: The three corner mop head is what you need to clean those hard to reach areas.
  • Has automatic steam cut off feature: When you put your steam cleaner into an upright position the steam stops automatically.
  • Includes a 0.45 litres water tank that heats up in 60 seconds to give you 20 minutes cleaning time.
  • It is usually ready for use within 60 seconds and when full, it can provide you with 20 minutes of continuous cleaning time.
  • Suitable for steaming sealed wood, tiles, sealed laminate, sealed vinyl flooring and for refreshing carpets.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

Its handle is claimed to be a bit flimsy. However, if you don’t put too much weight on it; it works fine. Alternativelly, check the top rated Vileda steam mop.
Detailed Abode ASM2001 Steam Mop Reviews

Abode ASM2001 Steam Mop Review

The Abode steam mop asm2001 has received an average customer rating of 80% and 3.9 star rating out of the possible 5.

  • It has also been ranked #48 among the top rated steam mops in kitchen and home appliances.
  • Most customers have also expressed their satisfaction for the product.
  • This cheap but quality steam mop is lightweight, weighing about 1.8kg. Within 40 to 60 seconds, the mop can preheat a full tank of water that will give you up to 20 minutes of steam cleaning time.
  • If you want to clean your hard floors, just attach the mop pad and then fill it up with water and detergent over a sink. Plug it to a socket, turn it on and within 60 seconds you will be ready to start cleaning your floor once the light is on!
  • When cleaning just move the steamer forward and backwards across the floor to operate it.

The mop is brilliant when it comes to removing ingrained dirt. Its high temperature steam helps you to remove stubborn grease, kill household germs and remove grime from carpets and floors thus giving you a thorough cleaning experience.
When packaged the box contains:

  • One instruction booklet
  • A carpet glider
  • Two machine washable pads
  • One steam mop.
  • One water cup.

The steam mop pads are simple to remove and attach, they are washable by machine too making them reusable again and again.
To remove the pads, first ensure that the appliance has cooled down then peel the mop pads away from the base, pop them in a washing machine and let them dry before attaching them back for reuse.
You can easily acquire these pads from online stores like the Amazon.
No doubt the Abode asm2001 is worth it for its price. It is very easy to use, does what it says on the box and it is very cheap.

2. Abode ADSM4001 Steam Mop Reviews

The Abode ADSM4001 Steam Mop, 1500W Pro+ Detergent steam cleaner was awarded a Which? Best buy in October 2013, so it has marks of quality written all over it.

  • It is of 24 x 25 x 70 cm size, weighing 6kg, powered by 1500watts motor and of white in color
  • Its 600ml water tank heats up in 40seconds to give you a 15 minutes cleaning time.
  • Features 8metre long cable length. Long cord length when compared to the bestselling Abode asm2001 of 5metre long. This allows you to reach far areas in your house without having to change sockets
  • Comes with a double tank technology: a 550ml water tank and 150 ml tank for cleaning solution.
  • It is suitable for steaming sealed floor like sealed wooden floors, sealed laminate floors and the sealed vinyl floors.
  • Comes with a solid 3 year guarantee for the peace of your mind.

Cons Here are some of the few niggling issues you may want to know about

  • It has no handheld cleaner.
  • It is currently unavailable on Amazon.
  • Not durable especially if living in hard water area despite the fact that it has its own water filter .

On the other hand; Filling the Abode steam mop adsm4001 is a very easy task since the water and detergent tanks are detachable. Thus in order for you to steam clean your floors just attach the mop, fill the appliance with water and detergent in their respective tanks, and plug the appliance to a socket , switch it on and give it at least 40 seconds to heat up and you will be good to go once the light comes on.
With the steam release trigger, you have full control over the detergent and steam flow; simply move the stick forward and backwards across the floor to operate the trigger.
Package Includes:

  • One Abode detergent adsm4001 steam mop.
  • One instruction booklet.
  • One cooling tray.
  • One carpet glider.
  • Two detergent bottles 500 ml each.
  • Two washable pads.

This Abode pro+ detergent steam mop has both coral pads and microfiber pads available. You might want to know what the difference between microfiber pads and coral pads is. Well they are both synthetic and therefore machine washable.
The coral pads are thick with finger like texture. Coral pads are super for high traffic areas and for cleaning grouting while microfiber pads are not so thick but they are good absorbents. They are normally used for daily cleaning.
They easily fit to the floor head unlike coral pads. Microfiber pads need to be quite clean before you use them to clean your floors. They are machine washable and you can just toss them into the laundry washer at 40 degree centigrade.
Dirty microfiber pads will leave streaks on your floors and not give you the finish you quite desire. The good thing about microfiber pads is that they last longer than coral pads. However coral pads provide superior cleaning power on grouting and high traffic areas than microfiber pads.
The Abode Steam Mop ADSM4001 is quite easy to assemble. There are no screws to fiddle with here. You only need to fix the handle to the body and you are done in a matter of minutes.

  • Thissteam mop features a dual tank smart technology that will enable you to either use hot vapour only to clean or use a combination a detergent and steam for a total deep clean of your surfaces. All this is controlled by a trigger located at the handle of your cleaner.
  • The V shaped floor head effortlessly accesses those tight spots and hard to reach places like corners or table legs for an all round complete cleaning experience.
  • It has a vapour release trigger that allows you to spot clean if need be.
  • It features detachable twin tanks and a cooling tray for easy cleaning and storage.

Ideally the steam should be sufficient for sprucing up your surfaces. However for stubborn stains and seated dirt the detergent gives an extra powerful burst that dismantles caked in dirt.
As already mentioned the steam cleaner comes with a cooling tray for easy storage. This cooling tray is convenient for placing the cleaner when having a break in between your cleaning session.
The Abode adsm4001 steam cleaner comes with the usual one year automatic guarantee that will cater for any mechanical and electrical faults. However, in order to lock in the three year guarantee you have to register your gadget with the manufacturer within four weeks of purchase
So what is the bottom-line?
There is a lot of great value associated with the adsm4001. The Abode steam cleaner adsm4001 has been ranked #88 among the Amazon best sellers in the steam mops category. It has also received an average customer star rating of 80%. This indicates that 80% of customers of this gadget are quite happy with their purchase.
These are very high customer satisfaction rates by any standard. You should definitely get value with this steamer. Buy with confidence, this cleaner will not disappoint. There is nothing to lose really because not only do you get three years guarantee and a quality cleaner on the best price tag.

  • You can also use the steam alone setting to sanitize and refresh your carpets, all you need to do is just pop the carpet glider over the mop and you are good to go!
  • It has super fast preheating time of between 30 and 40 seconds. When it is full tank, it can allow you to do cleaning for 15 minutes. (more features below)
  • Weighs only 3 kgs and should be easy to move about the house.
  • This Abode ADSM4001 also comes with a carpet glider for refreshing your carpets.

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