Easy Way to Clean Grout on Floors, Showers, Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Tiles are lovely to say the least. They transform kitchens, showers and floors by giving them a glossy and fine looking finish that is appealing to the eye.

Tiles also protect your surfaces from dumbness because they do not absorb water. Tiles are easily cleaned by a swipe using an absorbent clothe. However cleaning floor grout- the white substance between tiles can be tricky.

  • You have to find and easy way to clean grout on floors, showers, bathroom and kitchen tiles to keep your surfaces looking sparkling and lovely.
  • Grouts has a habit of trapping grime, all kinds of dirt, mildew and even mould which end up disfiguring the beautiful and finish tiles give your house.
  • Cleaning grout and staying ahead of the game requires skills and tools. There are different ways of cleaning grout, some using homemade ingredients while others involve using gadgets.

Let us now learn different ways of cleaning all types of grout from ceramic tile grout to shower grout. Tile floors, showers, and back-splashes give your home a warm, natural appearance.

In general, tiles are fairly easy to keep clean and maintain, however, the grout in between can be a challenge.

The grout seems to be a magnet for dirt, grime, and mildew, but with the right techniques and the right supplies, you can have grout that looks great for years.

Easy Way to Clean Grout

There are numerous methods you can use for cleaning grout. From gentle cleaning with water alone to intense cleaning methods using harsh chemicals, grout cleaning runs the full gamut of methods. Let us explore the different ways of how to clean tile grout .

Home-Made Tile Grout Cleaning Remedies

easy way to clean grout on floors, showers, bathroom and kitchen tiles

Tile grout can be cleaned with just a brush, in most cases an old toothbrush and a bit of elbow-grease. You can take this a notch up and prepare a paste of baking soda and use it to clean grout. This method is usually effective with mild grout grime. With a good scrub, the baking soda will rejuvenate the grouting. You can also use lemon, bleach, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide which are effective to some level but involve a lot of elbow grease. In most cases, not all the residue comes off which can give unsatisfactory results.

Using Tile and Grout Cleaners

There are a bunch of best  grout cleaners in the market that are packages as sprays. Some of these commercial grout cleaners are effective at removing grout but you have to be thorough in your cleaning regime. You start by brushing the grout with a brush with stiff bristles then dust off the grout to remove any loose dirt. You then spray the commercial grout cleaner you have selected. Spray repeatedly because the spray is soaked by the grout.

Once you have evenly sprayed the grout, leave it for some time, at least 30 minutes to loosen the grime and any other seated dirt and grime. When all grime is loose, wash the grouting area and dry with a dry cloth. Using commercial cleaners can be effective but they take time.

Top steam cleaners that are multifunctional have a hand steamer that is used to clean work tops. Steam cleaners also come with a number of accessories including a rotating nozzle, a soft brush and hard brush. These accessories when combined with steam will remove any deep seated grime on your grouting.

Blast the grout with steam then attach the hard brush on the end of the steam mop nozzle and clean your grouting with the detail brush. This will lift off all ingrained dirt that cause discolouring of your grout.

Clean all the loosened grime by applying steam on the grouting area, then finish off by wiping with a dry absorbent cloth. This will leave your grouting looking like new.There is no waiting time, all this come be done in less than ten minutes on a standard room. In general it doesn’t take long and there is no elbow grease involved apart from the effort used to lift and use the cleaner.

Do and Don’ts When Cleaning Grout Lines

Do’s: Always brush the grouting area before cleaning to remove any loose dirt. Depending on the method you are using, try to reach all areas covered by grouting Wipe with a dry absorbent cloth to leave your grouting sparkling again. Don’ts: Avoid using bleach on granite and natural stone.

These are easily discoloured by strong bleach. Do not use bleach on grouting that is not white in colour. Coloured grouting will be discoloured and scorched by the bleach and leave you with undesirable results.

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