Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors UK (2024 Reviews)

The best dust mop is often the simplest. Dust mopping hard floors is actually among the most crucial steps in any sort of floor cleaning maintenance plan. Since dust mopping is often completed dry, it also allows for the floor to be cleaned while the region is now being used.

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In addition, not all hard floors do well when constantly cleaned with damp mop. Constant moisture cleaning where there is a crack can quicken decay and rot. Here below are our select top dust mops in the UK.

Dry mops save floors from the continuous soaking caused by damp mops while giving a much quicker and effortless clean experience for you too. The cleaning is actually made by a few dry mops or those that are spray enabled such that a liquid is sprayed onto floors as you clean to ensure that you are able to target precisely the places that will need a lot more detailed cleaning.

In many cases dry mops are well suited for both light dusting and rigorous scrubbing to cover for all your mopping needs, be it fast daily sweeping or perhaps deep scrubbing the floors to dismantle caked in dust. Dry mops may be used either totally dried out to sweep off dust or perhaps with as much liquid cleaner as is actually necessary to complete the task at hand. Some dry mops will be dipped in a container of cleaning material like a conventional mop, while others are actually intended just to be rubbed over liquid which is actually dispensed or perhaps sprayed.

Whatever dry mop you pick, it’s incredibly important that your dry mop is actually simple to use  and can easily clean all of the spaces you have to clean. The very best dry mops are able to work when the floor head is pressed down their head straight and wide, or perhaps turned ninety degrees to squeeze into corners. Some mops are actually rounded while others are actually rectangular. Take into consideration what spaces you be cleaning and just how you would like moving the mop. Does the mop provide plenty of pressure to actually scrub? Does it feel effortless and light moving across your floor?

 Basic strategies to Reduce Dust On Floors

As you are able to see from the list above, dust mops are actually a fantastic tool for making clean dusty floors. Nevertheless, in case you do not wish to invest a great deal of time cleaning dusty floors, below is a couple of suggestions to help reduce dust:

Don’t Let Dirt Pile Up

Although one of the greatest methods to avoid dusty floors is cleaning regularly, it may seem as a hassle. In case you allow dust and dirt to accumulate, it slowly accumulates and spreads to other surfaces to develop a mess that is much harder to clean. Therefore, the rule of thumb should be to clean and dust as regularly as you can. We recommend dusting two times a day .

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Remove Objects From The Floor

Dust is actually notorious to dust off because it has small particles that settle on objects. In case you’ve a great deal of items  on your floor surfaces,  they easily become dust magnets.  This added to human and pet traffic that disperses the dust particles all over the place, it is crucial that you clear the floor spaces you intend to mop to avoid dust settling on them and thus compromising your dusting efforts.

Dust Everything

It does no good to make your floors appear spic and span in case you do not take care of the various other aspects in your living space. In case your ceiling fan is actually filled with dust or maybe it is your piled up on your window curtains, it’s bound to fall on the floor. Therefore, take proper care of those things first, then move on to cleaning the floors.

Don’t Use Feather Dusters

When you are dusting the house, it is not enough to simply brush it off. You have to make use of cloths along with other cleaning aids that attract dust and also hold it in its fibres. In case you just feather dust the house -, the particles move from one region to the next.

Brush the Pets In Case You Have Any

In case there are pets in the house -, dust is not the only issue you’ve. Hair and fur is able to build up into a mess, therefore it is better to deal with the problem beforehand. Make sure you brush your dogs and cats regularly to help reduce shedding.

Which should you purchase?

In most cases a mop with microfiber cannot be beaten by any other group mop, So look out for mops that have high quality microfiber pads . They are simply effective and efficient.

Dust mops aren’t intended for picking up dirt in the exact same way as normal wet mop does. Rather, they sweep the dirt along. This results in a stack of dirt along the front edge of the mop. The larger debris is actually collected toward the top edge as well as the finer particles are actually trapped farther back in the mop. The best strategy is to sweep or vacuum first before dusting.

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