Best Spray Mop UK for Hardwood Floors UK (2024 Reviews)

Getting the best spray mop for your hardwood floors can keep your floors in top condition and radiantly clean. Spray mops are increasingly becoming conventional especially if you have non carpeted surfaces. Their value comes in handy when you have to tackle  spills and messes that cannot be removed by dusting. Cleaning can in most cases feel like a chore but if you have a decent enough mop, you easily breeze through your cleaning tasks and actually achieve stellar results,  Here below are our select top microfibre spray  floor mops.

Best sellers:

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Best Spray Mop (Microfibre) UK

Rovus Spray Mop- Best for Hardwood Floors (Laminate and Vinyl)

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This is one of the lightest spray mops around, it weighs only 6 grams which makes it quite portable and has a sizeable tank (350 ml) to clean a standard room. You can use any cleaning solution of your choice

Key Features:

  • It comes with a in-built spray tank . The floor head is padded with microfibre cloths that are ideal in cleaning dusty particles on your floors including pet hair.
  • The attached microfibre is certified BPA free and thus is friendly to the environment. They are are also machine washable which makes them economical to use because all you need to do is toss them in the washing machine and they will be ready to be used again- no need to keep buying replacement pads often.
  • It has a full circle swivel steer handle that gives you wiggle room and flexibility to clean hard to reach areas like around table legs and below sofas. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with the purchase.

2. Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop

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Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop with Extra Microfibre Refill Pad, Removes Over 99% of Bacteria with Just Water is arguable the most popular brand in the UK when it comes to mops and buckets. Their spray mop is packed with features to make your mopping effortless. It is quite lightweight and only weighs 0.68 kgs and an in built 200 ml spray bottle. It spray is located just above the floor head and uses high quality powerzone microfibre cloth for maximum effect. The Powerzone midrofibre pad is considered quite effective in attracting germs quickly. Because it gives control of regulating the amount of water released in the spray, it is perfect for laminate flooring and most hardwood flooring. As you already laminate floors do not thrive in very wet conditions.

Key Features

  • Ability to regulate the spray using the trigger spray and hence suitable for all hardwood floors
  • It comes with the cutting egde Powerzone microfibre that attract dirt in order to keep your floors dirt  free.
  • It’s lightweight and flexible to use.
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3 Vorfreude Spray Mop

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It has a tank to last quite a bit (700 ml), It is not as lightweight as the top two  but it is still below 1 kgs which is still quite portable.

 It comes with microfibre pads that are easily washed in the washing machine for re-use. You can use both lukewarm and cold water to clean. It has an ergonomic handle and has Velcro which is easy to affix the microfibre cloth on.

Key Features

  • It has a full circle swivel stick steering handle for effortless convenience and flexibility
  • Can be used with both warm water and cold water including cleaning solution.
  • Its economical to run because the microfibre can be rewashed several times  without wearing out.

So What Makes the Spray Mop So Effective?

Perhaps we will understand why by examining how they work. The concept is really simple yet effective. The microfibre cloth attracts dust particles and other debris and a jet of sprayed water is released to the surface to clean in detail areas that need targeted cleaning such as spills or caked in dirt. The wet spray loosens the dirt and makes it easy to clean. Advanced mops like the Vileda 1-2 have a variable trigger that enables you to control the amount of wet spray you release.

Factors to Look for When Choosing a Mop (Buying Guide)

Floor Type; It is crucial that you choose the appropriate mop for your floor type. This is simply because some floor types are delicate and may not thrive under certain conditions. For instance laminate floors could succumb to miniaturization is exposed to wet conditions for a long time.  In case you are buying a spray mop that comes supplied with a cleaning solution, you should consider whether that cleaning solution is compatible with your floors.

Floor Head Material

Microfibre pads are considered the best in trapping dust because of their absorbent nature and durability. They also work well in delicate floors floors like laminate. They do not leave streaks or scratches. You also want to buy a mop that comes supplied with one than one microfibre clote  (the more the better) so that you don’t have to spend more in buying replacement pads.

Cleaning Pad/Floor head

Wide cleaning pads cover the house quicker due to the wide strokes that cover a large surface. You might want to choose a mop with a wide pad in case you have bigger spaces to clean.

Swivel Steering

Cleaning often involves working in tight spaces like under furniture. You therefore need to consider this and look for mops with swivel steering which makes it easier to navigate all spaces.

Portability and Storage Space

Obviously portable mops are easier to use , so check to see if the net weight of the mop is something you are happy with, this is even more crucial for professional cleaners who spend hours working with mops.

Cleaning Liquid Supplied

Check whether the cleaning liquid is the right fir for your floors. In case you are buying for a big institution like a hospital , it will be wise to consider one that gives you more cleaning liquid.

So What is the Best Spray Mop in the UK

As discussed above, those mops that have microfibre pads are actually some of the best around. Vileda Spray Mop is the most popular however Rovus Spray Mop is also quite good because it comes with a guarantee. All in all it all boils down to your spec if needs `.                                                                       

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