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Karcher Pressure Washer K2 VS K4 VS K5 VS K7

The Karcher Pressure washer has 11 different models across four categories (K2, K4, K5 and K7). The K7 is the most premium version that goes for averagely £500 and the K2 is the budget-priced. Within the different categories are different versions and these are (compact, full control, full control home and full control premium)

The primary distinction between the K categories is actually the strength (and type) of pump motor, which subsequently provides results that are different in terminology of optimum squirt pressure, flow rate (measured in litres per hour) as well as the common dimensions of the area you might cover in an hour (square metres per hour).

Karcher Pressure Washer K2 VS K4 VS K5 VS K7 (Compact vs Full Control vs Full Control Home vs Full Control Premium)

K2 (Karcher K2)

This includes a 1.4 kW air-cooled motor which could offer an optimum pressure of 110bar. The flow rate is actually 360 litres per hour and you’re looking at having the ability to cover approximately twenty square meters per hour. The K2 range is an excellent budget pressure washer for much more essential uses such as for instance smaller patio cleaning and automobile washing.

The K2 can be obtained in 4 versions: Compact, Full Control, Full Control Home and Premium Full Control Home models. All K2 designs have a 4-metre hose pipe (except the Premium Full Control Home which includes a 6m hose pipe). The 4-metre hose pipe is actually perfectly okay but you will need to keep shifting the pressure washer around when working on bigger areas.

The K2’s washers are pretty lightweight, weighing between 4.1 as well as 4.6kg. The lower end K2 Compact is actually the only model with no wheels along with a carrying handle. Although this does impact portability it also would mean that it is simpler to store (due to its smaller size). You can always snag a deal during Karcher pressure washer Black Friday deals 2021

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Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

The K4 has 130 bar pressure, also has cooled engine, it now includes several of these additional features: A LED display trigger gun, the house system design includes a T350 deck cleaner and a 1L container of 3-in-1 detergent cleaner. There’s in addition a brand-new stability foot at the bottom of the pressure washer that makes for an extremely stable item that will not drop over.

What is the Difference between K4 Full Control Home vs K4 Premium edition?

The sole distinction between the K4 Full Control Home and Premium edition is actually the inclusion of a high-pressure hose reel to keep the hosepipe tidier as well as much easier to handle on the pressure washer.

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The K5 Full Control

The K5 Full Control type from has a 25-foot hose, a Vario power spray wand, along with an onboard tank for detergent. The functionality of the machine is great, and it is all you will need for jobs around the house and yard. It has a water-cooled motor that produces pressure that equate to 40 times the pressure associated with a regular garden hose, giving an effective deep cleaning outcome which blasts away stubborn dirt as well as grime from any surface area.

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Premium Karcher K7 Full Control

The total house system includes a T450 as well as 1L container of stone detergent, making cleaning those bigger areas simple, there’s a strong telescopic aluminium handle that could be pulled up making it so easy to move it around. This K7 unit also includes a five-Year Warranty. This’s quarters most effective pressure washer also it’s ideal for every job thrown at it, from cleaning paths, the car and yard. It has a 10m hose which can in addition be wound up and saved on the rear.

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What is the big difference (K compact vs Full control vs Full control Home vs Full Control Premium Home)

Compact – these model editions can mainly be found in the K2 as well as K4 ranges. These are the fundamental versions without any extra cleaning system, fundamental spray guns and lances. They both use a basic suction tube for applying detergent.

Compact Home – only offered on the K5 (it’s probably the cheapest of the 2 K5’s). Once again a more essential model with regular spray gun/lances. Has suction detergent addition. 

Full Control – on the K2 as well as K4. The shift here’s the inclusion of the “Control” spray gun. The K2 has a G120Q edition and also the K4 a G145Q. Detergent application on the K2 is actually via suction but the K4 steps up to tank “Plug & Clean” in which detergent bottles can be fed to the washer directly as opposed to through a suction tube

Full Control Home – on the K2 as well as K4 and basically the just like the Full Control but has a “Home” kit. The K4 comes with a one litre detergent 3-in-1 stone cleaner and a patio cleaner (T350) while the K2 is accessorised with a deck cleaner and a patio cleaner (T150). 

Premium Full Control Home – once again, available just on the K2 as well as K4 models. What the separates the  Premium and Full control versions of the K2is the length of the hose (6m for the premium version while its 4 m for the full control). The other thing is how the detergent is fed to the washer, the premium version uses tank as opposed to the full control that employs a suction tube.

Premium Full Control Plus Home – solely offered on the high end K7 and K5 models. This particular edition has the best end G180Q Full Control Plus gun and also the 3-in-1 Multi-Jet. As this’s a “Home” version it likewise has the cleaning kit.The K5 is accessorised with a 3 in 1 detergent cleaner and a patio cleaner (T350) while the K7 comes with a stone 3 in 1 detergent and a patio cleaner (T450). 

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