Shark Steam Mop Repair : How To Fix & Repair A Broken Shark Steamer

If you are looking for a way to repair your clogged Shark S3901 or the Shark S2901? then we can walk you through a home made guide using a broken Shark steamer. Have you ever filled your shark with clean water then plug it in and after waiting for a few minutes for it to heat up, it fails to produce steam? Most people out there never use distilled water with their shark mops.

The solution of using only tap water may work for most people for several years. However, this is a time bomb that could make your mop malfunction any time and plunge you into repair mode. This is because tap water leads to the build-up of mineral residue that may clog in your gadget.

A lot of solutions have been posted on the internet on how you can fix your Shark mop in the event that it breaks down. We will look into a few ways to get your gadget working again. However first check the video below to get a hint on what needs get done.

Shark Steam Mop Repair

What happens in the event that your steam mop clogs?

One well-known solution involves unclogging your mop. This is achieved by soaking the internals of the mop with CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust). This is exactly what unclogs most nozzles.

Fill the tank with a mixture of half solution of the Calcium, Lime and Rust to water and allow it to marinate for hours. In some cases, you have to marinate for at least a day in the event that your mop is clogged. This will clear the residue that is clogging your gadget.

How will you fix the Shark mop if it wouldn’t release any steam?

If your steam mop malfunctions, it is advisable that you stop using the mop and try to find out what is wrong with it. Mostly, if your steam mop is not able to let out steam, then chances are that it may be clogged with mineral residue or that its tank is empty. Many are times that steam mops run out of water during cleaning.

This is because, depending on the area that you are cleaning, the shark tank may not be able to hold enough water to clean the whole area. Mineral residue occurs if you use hard water in the machine to clean.

It is recommended to use distilled water at all times to do cleaning in order to avoid steam mop repair issues. If this happens, just follow the steps below to solve the problem: Here is how to fix a steam mop to turn your gadget around. Turn off the steam mop and unplug it from the power source.

  • Turn the cap located on the tank counterclockwise to remove it.
  • Fill its filling flask with distilled water then pour it in the tank.
  • Repeat this step until the tank is filled with water. (Usually the filling container is included in the shark steamer kit.
  • If you cannot locate it you can use a liquid measuring cup).
  • Return its cap on the tank and rotate it clockwise to tighten it.
  • Plug the gadget back to the power socket then turn it on.

If your steam mop does not produce steam quickly. You can continue to depress the steam button to push the distilled water through the steam mop. This strategy needs patience and attention to detail.

Unclogging your Gadget

What happens is that this process will remove any calcium residue that is trying to clog the steam mop. If you are utterly unable to unclog your steam mop at this point. You can call for a professional. Remember not to use your steam mop on unsealed ceramic floors or even wood.This normally triggers steam mop repair issues. Just stay with sealed hard surfaces for the durability of your steam mop.

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