Kärcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

The Karcher K2 Full Control Home pressure washer is actually a cheap home-friendly substitute for a huge jet washer.

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Reasons To Buy

  • Simple to create and change nozzle heads
  • Adaptable pressure
  • Easy and light to move about

Reasons To Avoid

  • Short nozzle heads and power extension cord.
  • Uses a great deal of water
  • Not appropriate for serious cleaning patios 

Last update on 2024-05-24 at 08:52 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Kärcher K2 is actually perfect for weekly and simple jobs, like perhaps cleaning your bike each weekend, or possibly washing down patio furniture. See how the K2 Full control compares with the premium and compact version here.

Key Features

  • Waterflow – 360 l/h
  • Pressure – 110 Bar
  • Hose Length – 4m
  • Motor – Air-cooled
  • Watts – 1400 Weight – 4.5KG
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Offered with this particular K2 Full Control pressure washer entry design is actually the Vario Lance, Dirtblaster and a four-metre hose. As an entry-level version the specification reflects this, the main figures are actually the 110 bar pressure driven by a 1400 watt air-cooled motor, producing a water flow of 360 l/h. 

The water flow on this particular unit is actually very low at 360 l/h, therefore the quantity of water being forced out is not as high as some other types in that very same price range, which means that cleaning an automobile could have a bit longer. You can also check out for discounts and deals for the K2 pressure washer during Black Friday Karcher Pressure Washer deals.

This particular unit today has twin wheels on the base allowing one to very easily move it around, there’s an adjustable handle for quick-moving which drops down for small storage, the same as a travelling suitcase. There’s also on-board storage for the high-pressure gun, high-pressure hose, total command lances as well as 5m power cable.

Performance and motor 

In terms of entry-level and budget jet washers, this particular K2 is absolutely a product you need to think about. It’s perfect for small patios in addition to patio furniture cleaning and automobile. This K2 design features a 1.4 kW motor with 110 bar optimum pressure so, while not the most effective in the Karcher range, it’s perfect in case you are seeking to get rid of a bit of dirt and grime off the patio or even decking. The flow rate is respectable at 360 litres per hour (or maybe six litres per minute) though you will want the better versions in case you have to clean bigger parts in a hurry.

Complete Control Click Vario Power lance

This particular Karcher K2 has a complete Control lance which has 4 adjustable pressure options which could be changed based on what surface you’re cleaning. The four settings are hard, medium, soft, and mix. Mix is actually probably the lowest setting and it was created for blending detergents working with the suction tube. With regards to cleaning then you make use of the three other settings. Soft is actually perfect for woodwork, medium may be used on the car and hard is actually for stubborn stains, perhaps on your automobile or maybe patio and driveway. It does not include the LCD screen located on the K4/K5/K7 Full Control models however the Vario Power lance is nonetheless a helpful addition in case you’ve various kinds of cleaning job to perform in a single go.

Also provided is actually a Dirt Blaster lance which rotates the water nozzle so you get as much water energy as possible to a certain location of stubborn dirt or perhaps grime.

Terrace Cleaner:

This pressure washer includes a patio cleaning application as well as a 500ml of 3-in-1 Deck and Patio Cleaner to help you get started out. Although this’s just the fundamental T150 terrace cleaner (the superior versions are actually much larger and also have adjustable control) it also does an excellent job of cleaning up patios and decking without getting walls (and anything else) covered in moss and grime.

Additional features 

The look of the unit complements the majority of the Karcher pressure washer range and has twin wheels along with a telescopic handle on the top. Since the unit has a small design and is actually simple to move around on the wheels it offers a great deal of freedom in phrases of just how much you are able to clear in one go.

For detergent addition, many K2’s use a suction tube device that feeds from a soap bottle positioned near to the jet washer. It is an alright program in case you do not intend on using detergent too often. When you do, like for automobile cleaning, then we’d suggest you check out one of the K4 types with the Plug along with the Clean detergent process as this’s easier to work with.


Karcher K2 Premium Full Control Car has a built-in detergent tank, 6m pressure hose pipe, decent enough pressure as well as a number of accessories for cleaning your patio and automobile. It is budget-friendly and can do most outdoor cleaning in your domestic space.

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