Russell Hobbs Steam Mop Reviews

 Russell Hobbs Steam Mop Reviews: Floor Cleaner, Steamer, if you have been finding it hard to get rid of caked in stains, then the Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Steam Mop is here for you.

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  • This Russell Hobbs steam mop – stick runs on a 1416 watt motor power that heats up the tank in 25 seconds to give you 15 minutes of continuous cleaning.
  • It comes with a carpet glider to help you refresh your carpets.
  • It is suitable for a wide variety of floor types ranging from tiles, carpet, sealed wooden, sealed laminate and even vinyl flooring. It is large enough to hold the required amount of detergent for a full cleaning session
  • It comes with a two year warranty. In case of any defects on delivery or efficiency, you can always contact the manufacturer.
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  • Other customers think the Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G is relatively expensive.

However considering the level of technology in it and how efficient it is, the price is not too bad. You just have to give it a try and see how it performs on your floors.

Last update on 2024-04-19 at 15:26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Steam Mop Reviews

The Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G mop is a perfect gift to the market as it combines both steam and detergents for effortless cleaning sessions.

  • The horse is long enough to enable you to clean without leaning too much.
  • Furthermore, it comes in a white attractive color symbolizing how clean your floors will be after the cleaning.

Ordinary cleaning mops make it difficult to clean floors. Most floors are expertly designed to comfortably add beauty to houses. When stained, the whole look of your house is destroyed.

A good number of stains can be cleaned easily. However, there are other unique stains that call for uniquely designed mops to be effectively cleaned out. This is where the Russell Hobbs steam mop comes in.

The specially designed Russell Hobbs detergent easily dislodges stubborn stain. This, coupled with high octane pressurized steam will make all stains to cave in.

Key Features and Specifications

The Russell Hobbs steam mop comes with a number of features liked by many customers.

  • It has a 380ml cleaning water tank enough to clean a standard room.
  • An 5m cable long that gives you room for covering greater distances during cleaning sessions. You don’t need to frequently change sockets to reach those hard-stained areas in a room same as the #1 best steam mop, Vax s86 sc steam fresh combi.
  • Handle trigger – the trigger is found on the handle to give you maximum control while easing through tough areas.
  • A triangular shaped mop head – ensures you reach those hard to reach areas of the house.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It comes with a clear manual on how to use. Well the word manual may make one feel like it’s too complicated. The instructions are short and clear on how to attach pads after connecting to the socket. Every person who has used this white product appreciates how easy it is to assemble and use. You won’t be an exception!
  • A fast heating period; It’s quite incredible. Plug into the socket and give it about 30 seconds to heat up. The Russell Hobbs has a super-fast preheating period as compared to other mops in the market. Sturdy and efficient; Well, you already know that the Russell Hobbs steam cleaner has two tanks, but you don’t know that the two can work separately. Well, you can choose to use the steam alone. You probably know that most stains can be removed by use of steam alone.
  • it comes with two year guarantee.


  • 2 x Microfibre Mop Pads
  • 1 x Measuring Jug
  • 1 x Carpet Glider
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet
  • 1 x Cooling Tray

How To Use The Russell Hobbs Steam Mop?

Simply attach microfiber pads to the floor head and give it about 25 seconds to heat. After the light comes on, move it forwards and backwards over the stained flow. For more stubborn stains such as greasy corners and slabs, simply hold on for about 10 seconds before you continue moving it as before.

You will be amazed at how shiny and fresh the floor will be. If the water tank was full, then be sure of a 15 minute cleaning session . In case you need to refill, then use the water cup to fill either the water or detergent tank to avoid spillages.

Overall Verdict

The Steam Mop Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G is fairly priced yet it offers more or less the same feature like other high end cleaners in the UK market. You can be rest assured that your floors will be left sparkling and free of germs/bacteria.

  • It works seamlessly on almost all sealed floors- laminate, vinyl and sealed wood.
  • It heats up really quickly and has a long power-cord for ease of use and convenience.
  • It is durable and is also backed by a standard one year guarantee by Product Care UK who are renowned for quality customer care.

There is everything going for this Russell Hobbs steam mop. It is currently not available on Amazon.

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