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H20 Steam Mop Accessories: Best Thane Microfibre Replacement Pads

Have you run out of the Thane h20 x5 steam cleaner and mop accessories or are you looking for insights as to what H20 steam mop accessories do the Thane steam cleaners come with? Then keeping reading to the end to find out.

H20 Steam Mop Accessories

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1. X5 Steam Mop Pads

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This Thane microfibre replacement pads composed of 6 microfibre H20 X5 Mop washable pads. With a 4.5 ratings out of 467 customers reviews these Thane microfibre pads for H20 mop are worth the investment.

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2. Handheld Accessory Bag

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H2O Mop X5 – Elite Hand-Held Accessories Pack by Thane Direct is full packed handheld cleaners accessories consists of a shoulder strap, scrubbing cloth, nylon brushes for kitchen, toilet and bathroom cleaning in addition to the storage bag as the picture below shows. 

3. X5 Mop Cleaning Kit

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This good looking H2O X5 – Super Cleaning Kit – Cloth Pack compose of two velcro pads, blue and white. It also comes with three clothes: one dusting cloth, one window cleaning cloth and one cloth for garments. 

4. Replacement Parts : Cleaning Brushes

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H2O x5 Steam Mop – H20 Authentic Genuine Jet Nozzle and Brush Set are also one of the replacement parts, composed of metal, nozzle and nylon brushes for cleaning taps, kitchen and bathrooms and all things cleaning real that need a brush. You can also get these cleaning brushes accessories at Amazon.

5.Scents Triple Pack

Ever heard of the Vax steam detergent that is designed not only to kill 98% of bacteria for 7 days and leave your house smell nice; the scents triple pack is almost designed for the same purpose. However the scents triple pack is not for killing bacteria but rather it is for removing odours leaving your upholstery, carpets, soft furnishings and floors smells good for long. 

Check the H2O Steam Cleaner Detergent Scents - Pack of 3, Oriental Blossom.

What is the Perfect H20 X5 Steam Mop Pads?

So you have bought your versatile H20 x5 steam cleaner and are taking your brand new cleaner through the paces. Well what you will realise is that for you to put your gadget on steroids, you need replacement pads .

The ultimate Thane steam mop replacement pads consists of an assortment of steam cleaner heads and cloths. With these you can plan how to divide and conquer all dirt in your living spaces.

The clothes you get are reusable and friendly to the environment. Once you have used the handheld to deep clean your surfaces, you can use these X5 Mop pads and cloths to keep your spaces spotless and free of grime.

The floor heads will help you elongate the life of your gadget. Mop heads provide a safe way to deeply sanitize and polish your floors leaving them gleaming and sparkling. They battle grime and dirt, they trap both loose and deep seated dirt to give you a clean finish that is devoid of streaks. The Best H20 X5 Steam Mop Pads Include the Following:

  • One coral cloth that is a good absorbent for the tool that cleans windows
  • One microfibre cloth for the floor head
  • One proper absorbent coral cloth for the floor head
  • One good absorbent coral cloth for the duster
  • One microfibre cloth for the garment steamer tool

The Coral cloths and replacement pads are tough and super absorbents. They are reusable, you can just toss them into the washing machine and you are done. Rinse and repeat the process for best results. Microfibre cloths can be used for most types of sealed hard floors. Microfibre clothes and coral pads are friendly to the environment and if you set out to use clean microfibre pads and cloths in your cleaning, you will always get dazzling streak free finish whenever you use the H20 steam mop. Of course, you should always vacuum before cleaning. This x5 cleaning kit will make your cleaning a delight; they make cleaning fun, easier and provide value for money. Your results will speak for themselves. Give us your thoughts about the H20 X5 Steam Mop Accessories.

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