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Vax Steam Mop Pads : Top Rated Microfibre Cleaning Pads

Vax steam mop pads? We have you covered. Here below we have assembled a number of the most highly rated top 5 best Vax microfiber replacement pads reviews and current prices.

1. Vax Genuine Total Home 8x Velcro Microfibre Multi-Coloured

The Vax genuine total home 8x velcro microfibre multi-coloured come in a pack of eight multi-coloured Velcro Microfibre cleaning pads

  • The Velcro Microfibre Multi-Coloured are suitable for cleaning a wide range of hard floor types.
  • They come in four different colours; two per colour.
  • They can be re-used by tossing then in the washing machine. Wash at temperatures below 40 degree centigrade. For more information check the user manual.
  • They are easy to wash and use
  • They give you the choice of using different microfibre pads for different rooms. You can use a different colour for toilets and another for the kitchens.
  • They are going for a good price for such a long lasting pack.


Frequent and recurring washing tends to makes them look like limp rags.

2. Vax Genuine Velcro Microfibre Cleaning Pads (Type 1)

Two Vax genuine velcro microfibre cleaning pads suitable for cleaning high traffic hard floor surfaces.

They are mainly used with an upright steam mop that does not need to be tilted at angles or bended.

  • They leave your floors looking smooth and streak free.
  • They can be reused by washing them in a normal washing machine at temperatures below 40. For further information make reference to the manufacturer’s user manual.
  • They can be reused by simply washing them in a washing machine.
  • They are thicker than ordinary microfibre pads like the ones supplied when you buy a new steam mop.
  • They usually leave floor streak free.
  • They are relatively cheaper at Amazon than in most high street stores.


Initially this Vax genuine velcro microfibre may not fit perfectly well to the steam mop floor head. However once you apply some pressure, the mop pad does stay on.You might need to use at least two microfibre pads because they tend not to absorb enough, but with two, the microfibre removes all the dirt off the floor.

3. Vax Genuine Coral Cleaning Pads (Type 3)

The Vax genuine coral cleaning pads (type 3) comes in a pair (Two)

  • They are quite suitable for high traffic floors and stubborn stains.
  • They work seamlessly.
  • They can be recycled several times by washing them in a washing machine at below 40 temperature. For further information, check the user manual.
  • They clean grouting really well and leave them looking like new. They seem to have a way of getting into the grouted spaces quite well.
  • They clean a treat especially on high traffic floors. They work better that the microfibre pads supplied when you buy a new cleaner.
  • They do not shrink even with frequent washing.


  • These Vax genuine coral are commented by most customers as not durable
  • They at times do not fit squarely to the floor head.

4. Vax Genuine Microfibre (Type 2)

Two microfibre cleaning pads are supplied.

  • They can be used on all floor types.
  • They work well with most mops.
  • They leave your floors with a streak free and smooth finish.
  • They can be reused by machine washing them at <40C.
  • They fit with ease and work well.
  • They don’t come off easily from the mop.


  • These pads may leave streaks if not properly cleaned.
  • This Vax steam mop pads are not any better than the microfibre supplied with a new mop.