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Do you need to use a steam cleaner detergent in your steam mop. Well the answer is not straight forward as yes and no, However, the ideal answer is that you do not necessarily need to a detergent because steam mops are capable of killing 99% of all germs on your surfaces thanks to the blasting hot vapour jetting off your steam mop. The vapour is sufficient but some people feel the need to completely sterilise by using detergent. As we know detergents are not good for the environment so you are better off not using them. In some cases especially if you have pets in your house, you might feel the need to use a detergent. Well you not alone, the manufacturers of Vax steam mops and Karcher Steam Cleaners feel the same way. They actually have specially designed detergents that work with their steam mops. Here below we review the different Vax steam detergents in the Market:

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Vax Steam Cleaner detergent

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Vax steam detergent  is a genuine and environmentally friendly formula that comes in 500ml or 1 litre sized bottles suitable for all Vax steam mops.

There are a total of five different types of detergents:

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Vax Steam Detergent

The best  Vax steam detergent you ultimately buy depends on your taste and need. If you are just after a lovely scent that will keep your domestic spaces fresh then the citrus burst 1 is a top contender as the vax detergent of choice. However the Vax lime zest steam also gives your spaces a fresh spring scent that is lovely.

If you have pets then the vax pet detergent should be your “go to” steam cleaning detergent of choice. Why? Because the vax pet is specially designed with pets in mind.

It will sort out any issues to do with odors and be both good to your pets and general fragrance of your house.

Vax detergent is hygienic, effective and also environmental friendly.

  • It is designed to erase dirt and grease from all hard floors. This detergent is proven to be 99% effective since it clears all harmful bacteria present on household items for even up to a week.
  • This formula is safe for cleansing all surfaces such as tables, sinks, floors, cabinets and so forth. It is also guaranteed safe to be used with pets and children around.
  • The product is also biodegradable in that it can easily be broken down by bacteria or other organisms and therefore 100% environmentally friendly.
  • By using this specially designed product, your floors and surfaces will not only be kept free of 99% of all possible bacteria and germs but they will be properly sanitized and germ free for up to 7 days.

Research has also proved that when you clean with the vax detergent, your cleaning will be averagely 37% better than when using and ordinary cleaner without detergent. Indeed this is stated clearly in the user guideline of this quality cleaning solution. It has been scientifically been verified that this cleaning solution actually cleans better than any other vapour cleaner.

It comes together with guidelines on how much detergent to use when cleaning your household. The detergent is also designed for cleaning pet waste and also has a fragrance that eliminates bad odors.


The Vax steam detergent works so much better compared to other cleaning systems. It is ideal for cleaning after your pets and kids leaving your floor bacteria and germs free. The detergent cleans stone floors exceptionally well. It can be used to clean carpets as well. It leaves wooden floors free from marks of substances such as spilled milk or any other fluids. Also, once you are done cleaning it does not leave the floor slippery, it dries up immediately. It doesn’t leave behind any residue on floor tiles.

Vax Steam Cleaner Detergent Citrus Burst 1l

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Of all the different types Vax Steam Detergent Citrus Burst 1L seems to be the most popular of the five (currently, unavailable on Amazon though. Alternatively check, Vax Vax Steam Cleaner 500ml Steam Detergent Citrus B. Genuine Part Number 1913162701, Watt, Bar ). Most customers are pleased with the citrus fragrance. It would be perfect for Vax to have a variety of fragrances.

The citrus scent was a quite an outstanding addition when used to clean domestic spaces. The detergent produces a sweet scent once cleaning is completed.

The citrus burst 1 eliminates bacteria that causes bad odor. The detergent cleanses floors better than just by mopping with plain water because it would be difficult when scrubbing stubborn stains from the floor with water only.

Where Can I Buy Vax Steam Mop Detergent

Detergent for steam cleaner by Vax can be purchased on Amazon as a 500ml bottle, 1 litre bottle either as one single bottle, two or even three bottles at once. You can also buy it from the manufacturers website but you will find that it is relatively cheaper at Amazon than when you buy from the manufacturer.

Overall Verdict

Whereas cleaning using jetting hot vapour is the most hygienic and effective way of sanitizing your spaces, getting this specially designed formula will further improve your overall sensitization levels. As already indicated, the cleaning solution by this manufacturer will keep your spaces free from germs and bacteria for seven days. You will also get that lovely scent that to accompany your gleaming floors. Try this cleaning solution and you will be happy with the results.

Check the Vax Vax Steam Cleaner 500ml Steam Detergent Citrus B. Genuine Part Number 1913162701, Watt, Bar, .

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